YOLOL Editor

YOLOL Editor

This is an Editor for the YOLOL programming language of the Game.

It is great to get better with the language or if you want to emulate your YOLOL Code to find Errors or Preview the the ingame Conditions of your written Code.

Visit Editor[yolol.humanengine.net]


Code Editing

Syntax Highlight

External Variable detection and renaming

Open Code from File or from online stash

Download Code or save to online stash

Multiple Chip supportCode Testing

Start, Pause and Stop Execution of the Chips

View External Variables Change

Live Edit

Multiple Chip SupportCode Sharing and Community

Share Code as link or embed

Submit Code to Community

Browse through and open Community CodesDevices

Add Devices to Code

Set Custom Name and Description of Device

Assign External Variable to Device Field

Go to the Wiki Page of the DeviceSettings & Help

Enable/disable character limit

Show/hide Copy Button on Line

Set Custom Syntax Colors

View the Editor Manual

Feature Video


YOLOL Editor image 29
YOLOL Editor image 30
YOLOL Editor image 31
Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2622475688					

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