Starbase - Scale of the Universe

Starbase - Scale of the Universe


The currently charted star system contains:

Eos, a gas giant, 11,000 km in diameter

Various moons

An asteroid belt 2,200 km wide (edge to edge) and 600 km thick (from top to bottom)

The asteroid belt density will increase at the center (200/km3 to 2000/km3 approximation)


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Asteroids come in various sizes, containing an exterior shell and an interior core that are both made up of usable materials. Asteroids can be broken apart and mined on-site, or hauled entirely to a station for refinement.

These are the current asteroid sizes found in the galaxy:

Safe Zones

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Moons listed below were discovered in closed alpha, and will be changed for early access release

Eos has ten moons, the closest being around 20000km (55 hours at 100 m/s , 37 hours at 150m/s) from the asteroid belt. The largest moon is thought to be 1000km in diameter. Planned features such as player built stations, mining lunar rocks, and warp gates will turn moons into important hubs in future updates.


A flat, gray moon dotted with many mountains. It is believed to be the closest moon to the home station at about 20,000 km, and was the first to be explored. It's exact size and distance is unknown. It has since been given a green atmosphere, and is currently the only moon with city structures and a warp gate. Ships approaching the lunar surface should be built to withstand gravity.


A grey moon covered with valleys and hills. It is believed to be either the second or third closest moon to the home station at about 34345 km, and was the second to be explored. Its diameter is about 236.6 km[1].

First explored during the Closed Alpha on the 23rd of June, 2020, by Some1Gee. The voyage took 63 hours, and covered an estimated distance of 34,345 km. Some1Gee safely landed his ship, dubbed Snoopy 2 named after the real life Lunar Excursion Module of Apollo 10 that was fired off into interplanetary space after completing it's mission. Some1gee planted a flag and explored Artemis, naming the crater he landed in Endeavor Crater. This marked the first time a moon other than Elysium was reached.


Revenite is a grey moon first explored during the Closed Alpha phase of Starbase on March 20th, 2021 by Cashmere Captain [NVΛ]. It is believed to be about 34560km from the Elysium warp gate and to be the third moon to ever be explored.


Mati was first reach by Walord on March 21st, 2021. It is about a 4 to 5 days travel at 150 m/s, but it's a rough estimate.


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