Noob Assist: Modding NEBULOUS

Unity Setup - Windows 10

Unity Hub

Download and install Go to

Select Download (not Choose your Unity + download ), download the software and run it.

Choose Skip Install, because other wise it will try to install a current version of Unity Editor, which is not what we want to use for Nebulous.

Go through the process to acquire a Personal License when prompted to do so.

Once is installed and running, do the following: Select the Installs tab on the left.

Select the Install Editor button.

Choose the Archive tab.

Select the download archive hyperlink, which opens the Unity Download Archive web page.

At that web page, select the Unity 2020.x tab, find the row for Unity 2020.3.19f1

Select the button.

That should automatically take you back to the program, and display all the optional components you can select to download with the editor. For this tutorial, you do not have to select any optional components.

In lower right corner of the screen, select the Install button.

After selecting Install, you should automatically go back to the program, and it will display the install progress for the editor.

Unity Editor Configuration

Unity Editor Script - ExportAssetBundles

You will add the script 'ExportAssetBundles' to Unity Editor, as you will need it for later in this guide.

But first, note the basic layout of Unity Editor:



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