Silent Thunder Gamemode Guide and Rulebook

Silent Thunder Gamemode Guide and Rulebook


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Ruleset Edition - V1

Silent Thunder is a ruleset intended to be played with the mod of the same name, found here

Some members of the community may be familiar with the Silent Hunter ruleset that is sometimes played in fight night events on the Discord server. While Silent Thunder is extremely similar, the addition of custom mechanics changes some of how it can run, requiring a new ruleset.

Additionally, this guide will provide scenarios -- which are sub-gamemodes



Silent Thunder is a game of positioning, risk-taking, and stealth. To this effect, some of the safety nets standard Nebulous provides are removed to increase the danger of engagements and heighten tension when a torpedo is fired. Similarly, many elements of detection are removed. There are slight differences in allowed equipment across two ‘classes’ as of the current version, those being submarine and surface ship.

All vessels:

No individual ship may exceed 800 points

ALL point defense turrets are banned

The only missile you can use are S3 (Pillum) missiles

You may not use EO guidance

AMMs are not permitted, except when on a torpedo (Pillum) body.

Fire Control Radars (Bullseye, Pinpoint) are prohibited

You may only use DIRECT avionics package (To be changed with ‘boomer’ ballistic missile submarines)

The E70 ‘Interruption’ and E71 ‘Hangup’ Jammer is prohibited.

All other jammers and countermeasures are allowed

You cannot use Mattock Mines.

Beam weapons are not allowed

Rockets are not allowed


Any radar that is not the AN2200 Sonar Module are prohibited

Hull must be one of the following: Sprinter, Tug, Raines, Keystone

Hull must use one of the Submarine drives (SD series). You may stack drives as long as they are also SD series.

Can only use S3 Pillums offensively.

Surface Ships:

Any radar that is not the AN2200 Sonar Module (2x2) or ZDR15 Sensor Suite (3x3) is prohibited.

You may only bring a maximum of 6 torpedoes.

You may use any amount of B-29 ‘Lancer’ Depth Charges

Hull must be one of the following: Raines, Tug, Keystone, Monitor, Vauxhall

RPF/Bombshell type rounds are prohibited

Grapeshot is also prohibited.

Cannot use submarine (SD series) drives.


Some of these scenarios utilize game modes plus, found here

Convoy Raid

As the war churns onward, material and personnel must continue to flow to the frontlines and where they are needed. The enemy, knowing this, has sent convoy raids at the lines to disrupt the flow.

Annihilation game mode

TEAM A - ESCORT - 3k per player

You may only use surface vessels

One player must bring 5 lineships with only a reactor, drive, rapid DC, and a basic CIC, formed into a line formation (bow to stern).

Team A wins when the convoy retreats from the enemy side of the map, or Team B is destroyed

TEAM B - RAIDERS - 1600 points per player

You may use only submarines

Team B wins when all the cargo vessels are destroyed/disabled or Team A is destroyed

Bloody Thermocline

Two submarine packs encounter each other at the thermocline, a bloody knife-fight ensues.

Center Control [Game Modes Plus]

100 VP

BOTH TEAMS - 1600 points per player

May only use Submarines

Win when the enemy is destroyed, or capture centerflag twice.

Communications Splice

Tapping enemy communications lines is a boon in war, pick a splice device from the dropoff and smuggle it to the enemy facility.

Flag Delivery [Game Modes Plus]

BOTH TEAMS - 3k points per player

TEAM A - Attackers

May only use submarines

Win when the enemy is destroyed, or the package is brought to the station successfully

TEAM B - Defenders

May only use surface ships

Win when the enemy is destroyed, or time expires

Combined Arms

An active surface ship battle rages overhead, while submarines lurk in the dark.

Control Gamemode

BOTH TEAMS - 3k points

May utilize submarines and surface ships at their discretion.


Silent Hunter, but with Silent Thunder mechanics

Annihilation or centerflag gamemodes

One ship per player

Submarines only


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