Short Guide to Creating Voice Packs

Short Guide to Creating Voice Packs


Voicepacks are an essential but somewhat unnoticed part of nebulous. Unless there are specific lines people prefer or severely dislike, they are often not thought about and serve mainly as a subconscious status update tool.

Creating your own voice pack can be a lot of work, mainly on the voice-acting end. While I cannot speak to good techniques, I recommend eating green apples or other sour items before voice-acting. This can remove moisture from the mouth and reduce the noise created by opening or closing the mouth in a clip.

But you're not here to hear my crappy voice-acting advice, you want to know how to put it into nebulous.


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The first thing to note is that voice lines must be in .wav format. While you can name them anything, it is recommended procedure to name them (event) (panic-state)-(number) as this keeps things organized and easy to find within unity.

Once in unity, you need to create two things.

Voice Callback Line - containing all the lines for a specific event

Voice Callback Set - containing all your Voice Callback Line(s) to be grabbed by a ship

From here, it's as simple as adding all the voice lines you want to their respective Callback Line, adding those to the set, and then bundling them together as detailed in the main modding guide.

In the Manifest file, make sure you have


<Entry Address="[YOUR CALLBACK SET HERE]"/>


Additional Notes

Some additional things to note

Voicepacks are randomly selected. I do not know how to force a ship to take a specific voice line. As such, making specific voice-packs pertinent to a single ship may become awkward or unhelpful when grabbed by a different ship.

While one line is playing, all lines from other ships cannot play. Keep this in mind when making long lines. It may block important callouts from other ships being played for the player if it's too long.

As always, feel free to ask questions or seek assistance on in nebulous modding channel. Most importantly, have fun with it.


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