Armchair Admiral's Acronym Almanac.

About Missiles

Missile Bodies:
Missile Seekers:Missile Penetration Aids (Pen Aids, PAs):Specific Missiles / Seeker Combinations

Size 3 hybrid: S3H, SGM-H3, Atlatl (less common)

Size 2 hybrid: S2H, SGM-H2, Cyclone (less common)

Size 2 missile: S2, Tempest (less common)

Size 3 Torpedo: S3T, S3, Torp, Mace

Size 4 Container missile: Container, Box

Size 1 missile: S1, Riposte (specific)

AMM: Anti Missile Missile

Command Seeker: command, CMD, coms seeker (not common)

Active radar Seeker: Act, AR (not common), ARS(not common), radar/radar guided

Steerable active radar Seeker: Sact/s-act, SAR

Steerable extended Active radar Seeker: EACT, SEACT, SEAR/SEARs

Semi active seeker: SAH, semi,

Anti radiation seeker: ARAD

Anti radiation seeker set to JAMMING: HOJ

Electro Optical Seeker: EO

Wake homing seeker: Wake, fart sniffer

Decoy dispenser module: D/-D (usually after a seeker/seeker combination)

Clusterdecoy: why the ♥♥♥♥ would you?

Hardened skin: N/A, HS (not common)

Cold gas bottle: CGB

Absorbent radar coating: N/A, ARC (not common)

Self screening jammer: SSJ

Boosted self screening jammer: BSSJ

High explosive shaped charge warhead: HEI

High explosive Kinetic penetrator Warhead: HEKP

High explosive blast fragmentation warhead: Blast frag, frag

High explosive blast fragmentation enhanced lethality warhead: EL, Blastfrag EL

SAK: originally a specific missile build, now refers to a cheap S3H equipped with cruise guidance, weaving terminal maneuvers, guided by an Anti radiation primary seeker and an extended Active radar secondary seeker (ARAD/SEAR) - (ARAD/EACT).

WAK: originally a specific missile build, now refers to a cheap S3H equipped with cruise guidance, weaving terminal maneuvers, guided by a steerable extended Active radar primary seeker and a Wake validator. (SEAR/[WAKE]) - (EACT/[WAKE])

Thunderhead: an active radar guided cruise missile (act) - (RADAR)

Gale: a Semi active guided direct fire missile (SAH - RADAR)

Squall: an anti radiation, home on jam direct fire missile (ARAD - JAMMING)

Squale: (squall + gale) a missile using an Anti radiation, home on jam primary seeker, with a backup Semi active homing seeker. (ARAD - JAMMING/ SAH - RADAR) (HOJ/SAH)

Hurricane: a command guided direct fire missile (CMD)

Mace: a command guided, direct fire torpedo (CMD)

Riposte: a command guided, direct fire anti missile missile, equiped with a fragmentation warhead (CMD)

Killjoy: (knows as KJs) Size 2 anti missile missile (seeker: none), it uses a self screening jammer module to lure away missiles using ARAD(RADAR) and ARAD(HOJ).

About Ships

Ship Hulls:Hull ConfigurationsFleet Archetypes:

FFL: Sprinter class Corvette

Clipper (subclass): Shuttle, Tugboat

‌FF: Raines class Frigate [FFG:missile Carrier Frigate] [FFE: Escort frigate]

‌DD: Keystone class Destroyer [DDG: Missile carrier Destroyer] [DDE: Escort Destroyer]

‌CL: Vauxhall class Light Cruiser

‌CC: Ocello class Command Cruiser

‌CH: Axford class Heavy Cruiser

‌BB: Solomon class Battleship

‌LN: Lineship class Bulk Freighter: [MDLN (Mass driver LN); PLN (Plasma LN)]

‌CLN: Lineship class Container Liner

‌MN: Monitor class Cargo Feeder

Railstone: Railgun equipped DD

Beamstone: Beam equipped DD

Beamford: Beam equipped CH

Surrender CL/CH: “i call it a surrender CL because it shoots all its missiles then surrenders and finds another lobby”

Revolver: A lineship class bulk freighter that rotates to expose freshly reloaded guns

triple threat: A lineship equipped with plasma, 250mm, 100mm armaments

obelisk: a liner that engages both broadsides at the same time using turreted armament

DAD: Fleet that aims at retention of control points and filling in holes in the team composition

Cap Fleet: Fleet that aims at the capture of control points

Throw Fleet: A bad fleet, that could potentially ruin the game for the team

Yub Nub: now commonly synonymical with a missile spam fleet

Anchor fleet: usually an hard to destroy target, serves as the centerpiece around which the team rotates

Forehead fleet: a fleet built to charge head first into the enemy

About Components


Ammunition Elevators: AE

Rapid-cycle Cradles: RCC

Energy Regulators: Ereg

Small Energy regulator: sEreg (not common)

Focused Particle Accelerator: FPA

Track Correlator: TC

Adaptive Radar Receiver: ARR

Actively Cooled Amplifiers: ACA

Mount Gyros: Gyros

Missile Programming Bus/Array: Bus/ Bus Array

Basic CIC: Basic

Reinforced CIC: Rcic

Auxiliary steering: Aux; Auxsteer

Analysis Annex: Annex

Gun Plotting Center: GPC

Plant Control Center: PCC

Reinforced Magazine: R-mag

Bulk magazine: Bulkmag

Rapid DC Locker: Rapid

Small DC locker: SDC

Large DC locker: LDC

Reinforced DC locker: RDC

Damage control central: DCC

Small workshop: SW

Strike planning center: SPC

Intelligence center: Intel, IC

Battle dressing station: The useless compartment

Damage control complex: DCX

Citadel Magazine: Cmag, Xmag


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