Early Start and Final Builds


Choosing your destiny:

-- Apprentice friends looking for an adventure

-- Are excellent at slap games

-- A somewhat meek appearance

For the Exploration Mode i like using Adaptive Exploration so I'm not "locked" into a specific area based on my level

Difficulty and starting region is your choice. I like doing expert combat, experienced survival and limited saving.

Starting Set Up

First we start:

Brute - Main tank

-- Starting weapon: mace / shield

-- Utility: Taunt

-- Traits: Brawny, Thick-Skinned, Lazy

Archer - Range Glass Cannon

-- Starting weapon: Bow (duh)

-- Utility: Aim

-- Traits: Nimble, Quick, Lazy

Ranger - Bloody Blades

-- Starting weapon: Dagger (ya don't say?!?)

-- Utility: Run

-- Traits: Bloodthirsty, Quick, Lazy

Swordsman - Off Tank

-- Starting Weapon: Sword / Shield

-- Utility: Wrath

-- Traits: Strong, Bloodthirsty, Lazy

Horse - Cargo Hauler

-- Starting weapon (??): Hooves (lol)

--Utility (non, duh)

-- Traits: Brawny, Stocky, Depressed (or or the -3% crit if its an option)


As you play the game you will gain knowledge. You spend these points to purchase party wide perks. I suggest starting in the Knowledge tree in this order:

Run (1 point)

Career Plans (2 points)

Endurance Training (2 points)

Rationing (1 point)

Frugality (1 point)

For Money (1 point)

Delving into the other trees like tinkering and cooking can be helpful once you get a source of income established. These are to help improve your camp and make meals, ect. ect. I do not recommend going in the trees before you have done the 6 others first.

Party Progression:

Brute: Select Cook for profession (Constitution). Raise Willpower to 15/16 first, Movement to 14~18 second and everything else in Constitution.

L2 - Destroyer

L3 - Valorous Duel

L5 - Opportunism

L8 - Temperance

L10 - Intervention

L12 - Class Specialization: Cruelty

Archer: Select Alchemist (Dexterity) or Thief (Dexterity/Critical Hit) for profession. My preference is Thief for lock-picking and stealing items early game. Raise movement to 16~18 first, Willpower to 15/16 second and everything else in Critical Hit.

L2 - Valorous Victory

L3 - Hunter

L5 - Precision

L8 - Thrill of the Hunt

L10 - Lone Wolf

L12 - Class Specialization: Reinforced Arrows

Ranger: Select Tinkerer for profession (Critical). Raise movement to 16~18 first, Willpower to 15/16 second and everything else in Critical Hit.

L2 - Valorous Victory

L3 - Cutthroat

L5 - Deadly Contract

L8 - Cold Blooded

L10 - Unstoppable

L12 - Class Specialization: Poisoned Weapon

Swordsman: Select Miner for profession (Constitution/Strength). Raise willpower to 15/16 first, Movement to 14~16 second and everything else in strength.

L2 - Fighter

L3 - Valorous Duel

L5 - Counter-attack

L8 - Hardcore Training

L10 - Intervention

L12 - Class Specialization: Daring

Party Time

Adding more mercenaries to your party!! You can have a total of 10 members to your party. Take your time in adding them and try to get members with traits for their roll. Getting someone with the negative trait of drunkard is okay as its the only negative trait (If I'm remembering correctly) that can be taken off. When camping don't give them alcohol and it will go away eventually. You'll have to compensate for the negative happiness in a different way. I like having 1 main tank, 1 off tank, 2 archer, 2 rangers and 1 pugilist (new with DLC). from there it's just whatever i decide to fill with. Maybe a spear-man and a warrior.

Other builds for added mercenaries

Spear-man: Strength based damage dealer so I suggest Woodcutting for profession (Strength/Critical Hit). Try to look for strong, bloodthirsty, cooperative, tormentor to maximize damage output

L2 - Valorous Support

L3 - Harpooner

L5 - Team Spirit

L8 - Preparedness

L10 - Alacrity

L12 - Class Specialization: Sweet Spot

Warrior: Strength based damage dealer and off tank so I suggest Angler (Willpower/Critical Hit) for profession. This will help get the 15/16 willpower cap. Traits to look for are strong, bloodthirsty, brawny, confident, and quick if you want to get the 16~18 mobile damage dealer out of this merc

L2 - Executioner

L3 - Valorous Duel

L5 - Recklessness

L8 - Battle Cry

L10 - Second Weapon (can become and off tank if needed)

L12 - Class Specialization: Madness

Pugilist: Dexterity based damage dealer / off tank (??) so I suggest Thief (dexterity/critical hit) or Alchemist (dexterity) based off what other mecs on your party already have. Traits you should look for with this class are instinctive, nimble, opportunistic, bloodthirsty, quick (for 14~18 damage dealer movement) and confident (for 15/16 willpower cap)

L2 - Valorous Audacity

L3 - Bruiser

L5 - Personal Challenge

L8 - Stance Mastery

L10 - Unstoppable

L12 - Class Specialization: Changeover

There are many other paths you can take with each class. These are just the builds i like to play and recommend for people to try.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3116636121					

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