i wish i knew

i wish i knew

How The Language Works

Caveman speech

The language works the same as the meme caveman speech, instead of saying "This is my bed" she says "Bed mine".

All the words match their English counterpart in length

So by example ?>&* could mean Fire, but could never mean Angry.

Fake language letters don't have the same meaning

Following the last example you would guess that ?=F, Wrong. ? can mean any word, both

?>&*=Fire and ?>*(%=Chair are valid translations.

Associated words are usually next to each other

So by example Dark would probably be next to Light on the word list.

Weird ♥♥♥♥ You Should Know

There are 2 exceptions to the length rule, one of the is VERY important so i recommend seeing the first spoiler.

Understand is shown as a 9 letter word instead of 10.

Disappear is shown as a 5 letter word(not sure on the size of this one) instead of 9.

For some unknowable reason the word Red covers both the color red and the color orange, i don't know why, it just does.

Now Get Out There And Show You Can Speak Like The Best Of Them!

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