Deciphering Tips & All words

Deciphering Tips & All words

Why It's So Hard To Decode

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All of the words used in this game are based off English, and they don't change forms. For instance, 'go' will never change into 'went'. The words are mostly used to deliver the exact meaning the word carries.

Although they're based off English, the letters don't really correspond to each alphabet. In fact, it switches with every word. Let's take a look at the following picture for example:

You click the flower and the person says something that has five letters.

What's a five letter word related with flowers? Plant .

Notice the last letter looks like a V -- so in this case, the V shaped letter is a T .

But let's take a look at another word below:

It's a different object, and the protagonist says it's a shattered mirror .

Since the word 'this person' uses to describe the object also consists of six letters, you'll become certain that this IS a mirror .

But the V in this case becomes R , while the first word used it as a T .

The letters will almost always change forms. So how do you decode this?

How To Decode Properly With Caesar Cipher Method

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It's not that hard to understand how caesar cipher works. Basically it's a way to make a word seem unreadable by pushing the alphabets back, or forth. This game only pushes the words to the left, as in toward the letter A.

Take a look at the alphabet below:


The word " if " has the letters 'i' and 'f'.

Two letters before 'i' is 'g', and two letters before 'f' is d'.

Even if the word may say "gd" which may seem like a nonsense,

but if you push them off, it becomes 'if'.

If you go into the laboratory and click on the small chest sitting in the bookcase,

you'll get to take a closer look at the letters.

But looking at them one by one takes too much time, so here's a full list of the letters.

26 letters, as in 26 alphabets used for English.

Hey, didn't you say that the letters don't match the alphabets? Yup.

The alphabets above are placed there for decoding, though.

Let's take one word and practice with it.

The letters used in that particular word spells out 'i, f, b, e'.

It doesn't mean anything for now, but let's push them to the left and see if we get somewhere.

The new word spells out, 'h, e, a, d'.

...HEAD. That's what the person was saying!

But the letters will only move at the same pace until they hit the letter A. The word above only moved once to the left, so none of the letters had to go back to Z to keep going left.

Any letters that had to go further than 'A' has to go back to 'Z', but you have to skip that letter and go straight to 'Y' instead.

All The Words Switched To Alphabet(before Decrypt)

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Here's a list of images that have been censored so you can go ahead and decipher the words yourself! There's also a site that does the decoding for you, but you have to keep in mind that some words will look weird like 'v' being used instead of 'u', etc. This is because of that Z-skipping system in the game.

Caesar Cipher Site[] <- the site that will do it for you

just put the words in and decrypt to see the results on the left side.

I've put the number as '1' in there.

xlis / gieqj / rqh / yct

xlvii / ktzw / ilyh / wmc

xjbjs / imklx / cnn / cickp

qerd / loxyz / sjdy / pewx

tgf / eoxh / kviir / glssve

xlmw / wsqi / cfyjw / iodph

phdw / spxcvy / hvmro / irrg

iuuqotm / tpyyvy / vnuzu / errn

pcog / iruanky / lyqer / fpssh

erqh / ifbe / fshd / nkhg

tltvyg / cwomcpmz / epsri / ghdwk

psai / yttq / sgzkxogr / kwvciqvmz

fkdlu / mtaxj / uqfsy / lrudkx

ctwi / qierw / wjrtwi / fqhmjre

yjruqj / adu / codecksxe / wcupzo

xmqi / rsb / fcb / rtsym

ytife / fzxzddzi / stts / kcktotm

rmklx / ep / xkykgxin / kfnqawj

zcjjlzz / vkxlkiz / xipp / euhdn

xzwcmkc / hmwet / iq / ytahm

psso / ewmnbcdjw / jlyh / bwzzh

phhw / cfsy / ktwljy / yagxa

yzuv / xkskshkx / ymnsp / krsh

bemx / htrufwj / tvyupun / wpiit

owwlvqopc / zngtqy / lipps / mfuue

rutkrf / bevq / wqepp / bybgr

cjh / herkiv / qm / diw

pq / exw, / vr,

Every Word Translated Into English

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And here's the spoiler section. Enjoy!

Theo / Bozle(->Boyle) / One / Txo(->Two)

Three / Four / Five / Siy(->Six)

Sewen(->Seven) / Eight / All / Again

Manz(->Many) / First / Neyt(->Next) / Last

Red / Blue / Green / Yellow

This / Some / Xater(->Water) / Flame

Meat / Liqvor / Drink / Food

Cooking / Mirror / Photo / Book

Name / Clouhes(->Clothes) / Human / Blood

Bone / Head / Bodz(->Body) / Life

Memorz(->Memory) / Uogeuher(->Together) / Alone / Death

Lowe(->Love) / Tool / Material / Container

Chair / Hovse(->House) / Plant / Floxer(->Flower)

Xord(->Word) / Means / Record / Alchemz(->Alchemy)

Temple / Xar(->War) / Restraint / Pvnish(->Punish)

Time / Nox(->Now) / Daz(->Day) / Month

Todaz(->Today) / Tnlnrrnw(->Tomorrow) / Noon / Ewening(->Evening)

Night / Do / Research / Failure

Success / Perfect / Tell / Break

Prouecu(->Protect) / Disap(disappear) / Go / Touch

Look / Vndestuan (->Understand) / Give / Torrz(->Sorry)

Meet / Xant(->Want) / Forget / Suaru(->Start)

Stop / Remember / Think / Hope

Xait(->Wait) / Compare / Morning / Sleep

Goodnighu(->Goodnight) / Thanks / Hello / Happz(->Happy)

Lonelz(->Lonely) / Xarm(->Warm) / Small / Vsval(->Usual)

Big / Danger / Ok / Zes(->Yes)

No / But, / So,


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