Deciphered newspaper articles *SPOILERS*


Even though your character says you can only read the newspaper headlines, the articles themselves are actually also readable. This is because the articles (and indeed, every word in the game) are written in English with a character set that corresponds 1:1 with the Latin alphabet, and encoded with a slightly modified Caesar cipher. I do not fully understand how the modifications to the Caesar cipher work yet, though. The articles contain some pretty heavy-duty spoilers, so if you haven't beaten the game yet, I'd advise you do so first.

These translations are presented as is with any grammatical errors. Words in brackets are my best guess as to what the words should be in English, and question marks means even though I'm pretty sure I got the word right, I'm not 100% sure. Each newspaper has two articles, so the line provides distinction for the top article (the one connected to the headline/picture) and the bottom article.

Right Newspaper

WAR END (day 13, month 5)

The long battle had come to an end. The sea, which had been consumed in flames, regained its tranquility. The revolution had successed[succeeded]. Many people died, but tyranny(?) and corrupt politics died. A new era is dawning.


The number of war dead is still being counted. One of the most serius[serious] problems today is the food problem. Poverty is accelerating in urban areas. Poverty is not as high in mountainous areas and more and more people are moving to the countryside.

Middle Newspaper

BOYLE DISAPPEARS (day 15, month 5)

The revolutionary armed forces headquarters is rebuilding its internal administration. However, since the leader, Sir Robert Boyle, is still missing, there seems to be confusion in the headquarters. Where did Boyle disappear to? On the other hand, the death of the former king's child has yet to be confirmed as the revolution turns into a violent war. More mysteries will be left in the future.


The revolutionary guard will be rationing food. This is a measure to combat the growing poverty in urban areas. It is a measure to combat the growing poverty in urban areas, largely due to the lack of an established internal government and the stagnant...

Left Newspaper

HUMAN DISAPPEARANCES (day 13, month 5) [this date could be a mistake as it conflicts with the article below]

Three weeks have passed since the end of the war. While the number of casualties has not yet been fully confirmed, the number of missing living people has been increasing.


The current number of missing persons is over four six one eight[4618]. The number of confirmed war dead is over six two three[623]. They are still clearing away the rubble and searching for the missing and the searches in Area A has been completed.


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