Basic Modding Guiide


This is going to be a rough start of a guide, but atleast if you are savvy enough to learn Unity and Bepinex, of course that C#. Then you will be able to getting moddin on the way by just lookin a the source code !

Few things this mod does an example:

: Gets the player gameobject and interacts with it by making its local scale Y bigger (LeftControl enables / RightControl disables)

: Patches the bootPC where it doesn't load at all

: Pressing the Down Arrow key, will create a canvas element that says "TEST" woot

: Number 8 on the keyboard will load an empty weed terrain scene, perfect for testing.

Requires bepinex on unity game:

This is a base mod source code that you can compile using visual studio and then use that .dll to make yo own mod

SEE THE REPOSITORY FOR FULL GUIDE, requires DEPENDENCIES .dll from main game to compile



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