City Map

City Map

City Map

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I made this map because I got lost. The far side of the map starts to become forest and rocky areas with nothing in it and just continues until water. So the whole map is a giant island. So I decided to cut off the map after the last part of the city. Little arrows in certain parts indicate you can jump like a madman to get over things. It should be everything relevant for now.

The proportions and many parts may be slightly off, but for the most part I tried to chart the buildings and which alleyways you can enter. Most of the insides of the city blocks are just dead area but it was fun looking around. I didn't put locations for the doobie vendor and the street bench vendor guy because at some point they disappear.

The two halves, insert nicely on two smart 16:9 TV monitors. I hope it downloads without much quality loss and shows up nicely for others. I named things what i felt was close to the In-game title, nothing is exact but I attempted to be close.

I made this right around the Fourth of July 2022 patch. Map may be invalidated with future updates. Let me know if anything is off or was missed. I'm just a irl burnout, be kind, thanks!


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