[BETA & OPEN SOURCE] Achievement Unlocker

[BETA & OPEN SOURCE] Achievement Unlocker


Is it against Valve's policies/rules to use an achievement "cheat"? There is actually nothing in the lengthy User Agreement that specifically mentions achievements. Sure, you could assume a specific line or section covers achievements, but this is just an assumption. The word "achievement" does not appear in the agreement last updated June 2015.

This question appears all over the Steam forums, and none of these direct you to an official word. That is because there is no official word. It simply is not specifically covered in the user agreement.

Will Steam ban you? Reset your achievements? Who knows? If history tells us anything, then no, you will not be punished. I have used SAM (Steam Achievement Unlocker) and know of many others who have used it. There are plenty of stories in the Steam forums too. At any rate, use at your own risk.

Please check out the source code before deciding whether or not you want to install this mod. The code may be ugly, but it is safe. It can be found here: https://github.com/jbschwartz1/AchievementUnlockerSource/

Please play the game organically before altering the mechanics. The developers have put a lot of effort into making this game balanced and enjoyable. I believe it’s important, not only out of respect to the developers, but in the spirit of gaming, to play the game as the developers intended for a reasonable amount of time.

I have on several occasions, on different accounts, put hundreds of hours into the game. I find it fun and relaxing; however, I must admit that the early game grind got a little stale, so out of curiosity this mod was created. Below there will be a brief explanation on how to install the mod and the functionality therein. A special shoutout to Andreas Pardeike, without him this would be much more technically challenging, if not impossible. To learn more about Harmony, go to: https://github.com/pardeike/Harmony



1. A purchased copy of Weed Shop 3 from BestWeed Games[bestweed.games] or directly through steam.

2. A copy of UnityMono BepInEx Version 6 from GitHub[github.com]

3.1ENSURE YOU HAVE PROPER ARCITECTURE VERSION (x64 for 64-Bit and x86 for 32-Bit)

3. A copy of Weed Shop 3 Achievement Unlocker from GitHub[github.com]

3.1 At the link above, click "Code" and "Download Zip" to obtain the required files.


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1) Navigate to your Steam Apps directory (EX: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common)

2) Right click Weed Shop 3, click copy, and paste it into the common folder. You should now have two copies of Weed Shop 3. One will be named Weed Shop 3 – Copy. If you corrupt your game, delete the Weed Shop 3 folder and rename Weed Shop 3 – Copy to Weed Shop 3

3) Navigate to your Temp directory (EX: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Weed Games\Weed Shop 3 and copy the contents of this folder to a safe and easy-to-remember location. This is your Auto-Save data.

4) Extract the contents of BepInEx to the Weed Shop 3 root directory

5) Run your game, this is important because it generates the offsets for BepInEx

6) Once the game has launched, quit the game. Your BepInEx folder should look like this after launch.

7) Copy the AchievementUnlocker folder into your ../BepInEx/Plugins folder

8) Start the game! The plugin is now ready to use!

a. If you notice any errors with the game, simply delete the BepInEx folder and reapply the patch. If you experience continued issues, use the backup copy of the game referenced above.

Using The Mod

[BETA & OPEN SOURCE] Achievement Unlocker image 30


Control #1 : F10

Control #2: CTRL+P


Scroll through the list of items and click the UNLOCK button.


Scroll through the list of items and click the LOCK button.


Click the UNLOCK ALL button.


Click the LOCK ALL button.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2897451430					

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