Jobs and Staff

Jobs and Staff


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Shop Promoter

Will roam in front of your store and hand out freebies to the selected customer class.This brings customers into the store and increases reputation and addiction levels.

Make sure to stock the promoter with adequate smokes, as handing out unsuited smokes will actually decrease the reputation.

Minimum requirements:

Burnouts: Doobie Tourists: Joint Local: Blunt

Influencer:uHigh Pods (can start with Dollar Joints, for the first 6 influencers).

Handing out higher smokes (e.g. Blunts to tourists), will increase reputation and addiction gain.

XP gain: average

Skill point benefits:

Able to target higher customers (0:Burnouts, 5:Tourists, 10:Locals, 15:Influencers).

Equip in staff inventory:

Smokables (Doobies, Joints, Blunts, Pods).

Sales Staff

Will stand behind the counter and sell to customers.

This job is also a great position to place someone you want to level up for another job.

XP gain: high

Skill point benefits:

Faster sales.

Equip in staff inventory:


Merch Manager

Will stock shelves and counters with merchandise.

You can assign a preferred product by highlighting the counter/shelf and pressing X followed by Z. This helps organize the shop, makes sure to always stock a variety of merch for service rating boost (more $), as well as makes sure to always stock the high-profit merch on counter areas. Merch sales at counter spaces are drastically increased.

XP gain: average

Skill point benefits:

Runs and stocks faster. Higher accuracy for preferred merch locations.

Equip in staff inventory:

Merchandise (Bongs, Rigs, Grinders, Packed smokes).


Takes care of your weed setups. Plants seeds, waters, harvests, and cures mold and mites.

Does NOT use Quality/Speed boosters. Does NOT replace broken pots or broken setup components.

XP gain: average

Skill point benefits:

Runs and farms faster.

Equip in staff inventory:

Seeds, Cure sprays.

Security Guard

Protects your shop. Will automatically attack thieves, snitches, rival drug dealers and degenrates.

XP gain: low

Skill point benefits:

Faster & stronger.

Equip in staff inventory:

Melee weapon.


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Staff management can be accessed from any PC from the DO-er App.

As you progress in levels, more staff is unlocked. The following is a list of available staff and their stats:

Image Staff Lvl req. Hire salary Raise per skillp. Maxed job salary Promoter Sales Merch Farmer Security MICHELLE 200 $1 $ $2 0 0 0 - - ANITA BATH 9 $1 $1 $1 2 - - RANDY "BOB" ANDE 1 $220 $20 $20 2 - 0 JERRY MANE 22 $27 $2 $2 2 2 - JENNIFER FRENCH 1 $0 $0 $0 - STEVE SAMSON 0 $0 $0 $120 ASH BLUNTS $10 $0 $20 1 JIMMY WANG 7 $2200 $200 $200 JENNY TAYLA $00 $00 $00 WAYNE KERR 71 $100 $00 $200

Staff is essential in running your shop and should pretty much be hired as soon as available.

Leveling Up your staff

While high, staff gains experience for each action they take (making a sale, handing out freebies, restocking something, etc.) It is imperative to make sure staff has access to smokes, either by being handed them manually (talk: "Smoke this") or better by just placing a bunch of smokes into their inventory. Note that they cannot smoke packaged smokes, only individual smokes. They will automatically smoke if they are becoming sober.

Each staff has different potential in different roles, and since experience is gained slowly and increases the salary per skill point spent, one should spend some time thinking where they want that employee to work longterm, before randomly assigning skillpoints.

A great example is "BOB" who is the earliest available staff to be able to man security. However, his security potential in the long term is abysmal with a starting stat of 0. So a great strategy would be to place him onto security but spend his skill points into promotion or merch instead. This way, once better security is available (Steve & Wayne), he can be used according to his strengths without wasting precious skill points and money.

Recommended positions. These are my recommended positions and quantities for each role and staff member based on their individual potential as well as alternative staff strengths and the general job stat benefit. (E.g. having a 1 stat merch manager is a waste due to diminishing returns in that position)

Promoter (-) Sales (2) Merch (1) Farmer (1-2) Security (2) Burnout/Tourist/Local:

Influencer - One of:

One of:

Early on:

Early on:


Staff get paid once every real life hour.

Assigning skill points to a staff member on a role they aren't working on or will work on in has no benefit. Instead it's a gigantic waste of money. For example, applying skill points beyond security on Wayne will waste tens of thousands of dollars per hour without any benefit whatsoever.

Resetting & Firing Staff

Resetting staff skills

If you feel like you screwed up and want to reset your staff skills, hit them with a melee weapon. They will run away and lose all acquired levels and skills and can be hired once again after a short period.

Putting a reset staff member on the cash register for a while is a fast way to regain experience.

Firing staff

While every staff member is useful, and eventually all should be employed simultaneously, if you want to temporarily fire a staff member you can do so in the DO-er app on any computer. Staff can be rehired later and will not lose any skill points.

Closing Words

This guide is a WIP. I realize that some of the information can also be found in the Official Guide, however I found it to be unsatisfactory and too surface level in terms of jobs and staff with a lot of information missing, thus this guide. If you found the guide helpful please feel free to rate it appropriately.


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