Veteran callouts


Are you tired of not having any coherent communication techniques to serve the Emperor more efficiently? Fear not, reject, I have just the right thing for you.

Introducing: enemy callout codes as used in-game by the veteran, so you can spot those pesky Traxis-Ones in style before they obliterate your entire crew.

Known Codes



Enemy Code Notes Scab Sniper Traxis-1 Gunner Traxis-3 Mauler Traxis-7 Shotgunner Traxis-12 Spotted by Trapper Traxis-77 Pox Hound Sigma-Minoris-33 Poxbuster Gamma-315 Sometimes adds "bomber". Heard this couple times with no bomber present, so fairly certain that's the poxbuster *Get ready for a horde* Defence pattern 2-12 Heard on diff4 right before a horde hit us, "Defence pattern 2-12, bring them down"

Map objects

Object Code Notes Medicae Station Regulation Zeta-112

Abilities Ability Code Notes Volley Fire Bastion-220 combat stance Veteran's main ability (potentially with sustained fire perk, need to check that)



Enemy Code Notes Bulwark Traxis-20 Heard this once in game by a female veteran. Was something along the lines of "Traxis... ugh 20 i think", but i am not exactly sure i remember any of this right, was a tough game lol Demonhost Omega-Minoris-?? Spotted by Mutant no code Can hear the vet say "it feels wrong without a code" from time to time Unknown Sigma-something-something lol Unknown Traxis-something lol

Also: the zealot is secretly a heretic saying "Blood for the Emperor, skulls for the Golden Throne". Keep an eye on these guys.

Upd: Check out AlexJordanVO on twitch and youtube. He is the voice actor behind veteran's "the professional" voice and he's been playing Darktide with people in-character, it is perfect

Will be updating the list as stuff comes up in game. Have fun slaying heretics in style


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