How to change the "reload mods" bind

How to change the "reload mods" bind

Changing The Bind

How to change the "reload mods" bind image 1

How to change the "reload mods" bind image 2

1. Open Darktide local files

2. Open "mods" folder

3. Open "base" folder

4. Open "mod_manager.lua" with notepad

5. Press CTRL+F to open the search function and search for: BUTTON_INDEX_R

6. In the highlighted line, change the text Keyboard.button_index("r") to Keyboard.button_index("p")

It should now look like this

Now just save the file and you're good to go! your new bind is CTRL+SHIFT+P to reload mods! You can of course replace P with whatever you want but be sure you don't change it to a button that's defined anywhere else in the mod loader.

An easy way to do this is to search BUTTON_INDEX_(insert desired bind) in mod_manager.lua and if you don't see any results for your search it should be safe to use that key.

Anyway, enjoy your mods free of accidental reloads causing crashing issues or anything else! May the emperor be with you, soldier!


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