Psyker - Bulletproof + Elite/Specialist Killer (Damnation)


Melee (Force Sword):

- Perks: +8% Melee Damage (Elites) & +4-12% Increased Melee Damage (Specialists) more damage against elites/specialists because they are the most dangerous opponents + you also have a damage bonus against the majority of all opponents (there are a total of 18 elites/specialists). Only 7 enemy types (mostly the horde enemies) are not elite/specialists (excluding the two bosses)

- Blessings: Deflector to block any melee + range dmg & Exorcist to reduce peril so that you can use the alt attack more often against elites/specialists

Range (Lightning Staff):

- Perks: +10-25% Damage (Flak Armoured Enemies) & +10-25% Damage (Unyielding Enemies) because the staff does extra damage, especially against armored enemies. With the second perk you also increase your boss damage while there are still elites/specialists and you cannot use Brain Burst.

- Blessings: Focused Channeling because you are often attacked from behind and have to reload again. With the blessing you can easily cast your secondary attack against elites/specialists & Warp Flurry to cast your secondary faster (with the blessing you can also neglect the charge rate as a stat. All other stats on the Lightning Staff are more important)


- Blessings: 3x +10-25% Max Health if your toughness is gone, that you don't go down immediately + you have no additional wounds to go down. With the extra life, your available bars are longer and you don't die on the first down if you have already lost too much life before.

- Perks: 3x +5-30% Toughness Damage Reduction → self-explanatory, 3x +6-12% Corruption Resistance → complements with your maximum life not to go down immediately, 3x +6-12% Revive Speed (Ally) → c'mon you know why

Talents: Essence Harvest to gain toughness with every Warp Charge, Wrack And Ruin to aoe-soulblaze enemies after a elite/specialist kill with Brain Burst, Psychic Communion to gain Warp Charge just for fighting with your mates, Kinetic Deflection (the combination of the Force Sword's Deflector blessing and the talent ensures that you gain Peril for blocking instead of losing Stamina. So you can block a lot more attacks), Kinetic Flayer all attacks have 10% chance on hit to Brain Burst the target (the talent complements each other perfectly with Wrack And Ruin → you can use it to fight in melee against any elite/specialist and have the chance to instakill him + an aoe dmg for everyone else after the kill), Ascending Blaze soulblaze every enemy in front of you (provides the necessary support when fighting against hordes)

Alternative (NOT YET TESTED): Kinetic Shield instead of Kinetic Deflection → combined with the 3x +5-30% Toughness Damage Reduction (when maxed stat) you should no longer take ranged dmg. Then you can also replace the Deflector blessing (Force Sword)


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