Tips for Monster to not get bullied

Tip 1

Many monsters play the game like its DBD, they can just run into a teen and will never get punished. This is not true, Teens will often run to other teens that have weapons to set up for an ambush, remember that. If a teen has a weapon, you should use your characters defensive ability to push it. For W.A.R.T., its his armor, for Werewolf, its her howl, for Doll Master, its either pushing with a doll, or teleporting away then attacking with a doll.

Tip 2

Remember where you're getting ambushed from. There are many places in the 3 current maps that are extremely easy to setup at and perform an ambush, the most common being The Courtyard in Hotel and Highschool, and Lobby or Test Chamber in Facility. Always be careful following a teen into these areas if you know other teens have had enough time to make weapons. (Weapons can take 35 - 42 seconds to craft, there are a few exceptions but just remember those numbers.)

Tip 3

The game is not over until its over. I have had many times where I have a terrible start and come back for the win. In this game the tide of the game can change in a heartbeat. All that has to happen is a quick little misplay and the game could be favoring either side, just play safer as you lose stigmas.

Tip 4

DO NOT OVER-EXTEND. Majority of the time that you take a stigma mid-chase is because you over-extend and get punished for it, this game is all about game sense and decision making, knowing when you can push, and knowing when you need to play defensive.


Hopefully these tips can help you, many initially think this game is teen sided but refuse to try to get better and just drop the game. This game is what I believe to be the most balanced asymmetrical game out there right now, you just need to understand how the power balance works. Good luck in your future games and see you in the Beyond!


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