Monster guide (all you need and extra information)

Monster guide (all you need and extra information)

New To The Field

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Welcome to the Beyond, to eliminate any confusion or expectations on gameplay, do be aware that many skills from other Aysm games like Dead by Daylight will most likely not transfer the games are too different.

Another thing to note is yes the teens can KILL you, that is their primary goal, while yours is to knock down or kill all teens. There is also no time limit, however it is not recommended to waste too much time as that will allow all 4 teens to become armed. This will in turn make your job insanely challenging, but not impossible. What do I mean by that? well each monster has 3 abilities that can be used against armed teens, while different in gameplay and how they work. They can give you similar results regardless of who you are playing.

For a quick run down on all monsters abilities I recommend you take a watch of this Video here from Nivala, it will explain the monsters abilities and how they work in under 4 minutes.

Lastly, don't give up. Try your hardest no matter how tough or how hopeless it may seem, if you keep trying and pushing your own skill in time YOU can be the one crushing these pesky teens.

Remember you don't need to down them all the time, one hit will cause the teens health to decrease, they can only recover this with items that are limited in the match, roughly four hits without a teen eating a candy bar will get them into critical, meaning the next down is a kill. A counter will appear next to teens showing how many hits you dealt to that one teen.

Outsmart Your Target

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"Face the teens, even if they are armed.

Victory is at hand if you make them question your next move."

Outsmarting may sound a really tricky task as monster, however using your abilities and movement super well. Will allow you to get those pesky teens even while armed, lets start off with combat.

When should you consider entering combat? well I deem combat as 2 or more armed teens are trying to attack you, this in turn is the combat stat of the game. During combat you have to be careful and out move your enemies, break their formation, or make them follow to YOUR ambush. Using your movement and defensive abilities against these armed teens should help you, but there are times when the heat is too much and fleeing is the best choice of action. You should be scared of the weapons but outplaying them is your main goal.

You can watch a Youtuber and TTV who plays VHS named TZboom watch my gameplay and speaks of how things could of been dealt with in mistakes, or victory's during combat.

Disclaimer the video is dark due to failed upload, but I was lazy to fix it.

Outplaying armed teens comes with experience its highly possible for you to fall in matches many times to learn how to face these weapons and outplay armed teens, Victory is your goal, but defeat is a great teacher.

Pro Tip, during your normal patrols pan the camera to peek into hiding spots, you never know you may find a teen hiding here, lockers are unlikely for teens to hide, however if you KNOW they are there but can find them, check lockers you never know. You may find a teen hiding in one.


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"During the grand opening of REPLICORP, a cutting edge scientific research facility, a terrifying truth emerges from beneath its Utopian surface."

W.A.R.T is considered as Easy from the game itself, while that is true, W.A.R.T can be shutdown easy if not careful. W.A.R.T also has a high skill ceiling, due to his leap and tactical gameplay one can do.

The Three abilities W.A.R.T has is a Leap, Armour, and Echolocation all of which will be explained separately. However be warned, while playing as W.A.R.T if your tail is exposed into enemy fire you can still take damage. If you are being attacking and trying to seek cover past a door backpedal instead of trying to walk forward past it as this can lead to a banishment. This can be tricky but with practice you can get out of trouble from weapons like the sword, raygun and even the cross.


The Leap allows the W.A.R.T to jump a short distance after some time focusing will slow them down for a second. The Leap can be used to travel the map faster, duck for cover, or lung at your target. It has a cooldown of 7 seconds by default, you can fake a leap to make teens fire early and waste their shots, or look like your about to leap at them but quickly duck for cover. Using the leap strategically can make teens waste shots, or throw their more unique weapons like firebombs and slingshot which has two shots but can cover the ground.

Landing after a leap sends out a shockwave around you that staggers and slows hit teens.

Acid Armour

Acid Armour requires some time of being unharmed and you will be extremely slow when deploying, but once deployed you have 12 seconds of taking a weapon worth of damage before it goes down. If a teen breaks it, you will flinch meaning you can not attack or use abilities for a few seconds, however the teen that broke your armour will lose their weapon. This does mean you can go down if two weapons are in play, a good idea is to use the armour to waste a weapon and back off, or to push past other weapons to the one that can kill you. You can use leap after a teen stopped attacking but you will still be slowed, wait for the damage to deplete fully then leap when a second is left. This will allow you to leap forward to max distance, this can throw teens off as they may not be ready for you to jump at them.

The Duration of your armour before expiring can be found below your enrage bar.


Echolocation can be use to locate where teens are, and can be seen through walls. Keep in mind echolocation will show where they were when it was sent out, so its highly possible the teen will no longer be there once you arrive. However this can let you learn where teens are roughly and if an ambush is nearby, this can allow you to reposition or flank the ambush to get a hit, down, or even a kill.

Echolocation is seen as Yellow bubbles and will have arrows on the border for those you don't see.

Now I gave the rundown of the W.A.R.T abilities and how you can use them, if you want to learn more about the W.A.R.T give this guide from A_Random_N3rd a watch as it may have some tricks I missed out, it will also get into the mutations of the W.A.R.T abilities.


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"An ancient feud between Werewolves and Vampires reignites in the high school hallways when a bold new Coven arrives in Pine Bluff. On the eve of the equinox Supermoon, the battle for immortality begins. For one student, High School really can be hell."

Werewolf is a special case of a monster, Werewolf is fast, power in weak teams, but struggles in high matches. While high matches may not be an issue for your first few games, or should be... Anyways lets get to learning the Werewolf.

Like W.A.R.T Werewolf has 3 abilities however are massively different on how they act. These abilities being Berserk, Howl and hunt same warning as the W.A.R.T you have a tail that is a valid hitbox don't have it exposed when seeking cover.


Berserk is your movement ability only requiring a second to activate, doing so will increase your base movement speed by 24% this also goes with your lunge and vaults. Becareful the increased lunge can mess you up big time completely missing your target and possible you get banished if they don't have a weapon or don't fight back after missing you do recover faster, the effect will last for 12 seconds. Using berserk is personal preference, however I recommend using berserk to quickly get to where you need to go, or swiftly move around open areas when teens are armed. Teen may not be able to aim correctly if you circle around them fast and get closer and closer.

Your Tension track is increased slightly when in berserk it will also have a 3 second delay after hitting a teen.


Howl is your defensive ability, one of the fastest ability to use to stop weapons, it will disable many actions similar to the scream you send out after getting a hit the distance is 30 meters and they are disabled for roughly 8 to 9 seconds there is no way to extend its ranged or the duration. Use howl when there is no other way to get to armed teens, you can also use howl to deny crafting, healing and even reviving. Don't rely on Howl alone as a common tactic teens use is other armed teens are out of range from you and unaffected by howl itself. This will allow them to run to that teen and stop you, you can use Howl against armed teens when you are extremely close to ensure a hit, down or even kill.

You can tell who is affected based on a bunch of wiggle like animation around the teen, it won't stop weapons that covered the ground.


Hunt is a special tracking ability, it acts like a game of hot and cold, your indication is a heartbeat and your screen becoming more reactive when closer to a teen. This also counts down teens, it will detect teens in lockers when active your character will lower to the ground, growl, and your global audio can become more quiet, however audio for tracking and weapons are still clear to listen to. You can use hunt during a chase as it can allow you to discover an ambush that chose to wait for you to walk by.

Keep Hunt ready, your berserk can allow you to quickly move around, its best to use hunt if you found no one after walking across the entire map.

At the current moment, sadly there is no Werewolf guides I could find to help you out, however you can watch a TTV called AsheruSwiftwind for some Werewolf gameplay, if they are live you can ask for types if you are interested into playing Werewolf.


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"An old Victorian Inn, The Dollmouth, undergoes a restoration before anyone realizes it was built on ancient burial grounds for things best left dead and forgotten. Raising the foundations means raising the old innkeeper and his violent creations. A group of wealthy guests are invited for the first stay. But will they survive to tell the tale?"

Dollmaster is special in that he doesn't just have 3 abilities, but 4. OH BOY, however commonly the new fourth ability will not be used when near teens, Unless you want to be chad I will explain all 4 but note that 3 abilities will be spoken of more then the special fourth.

Doll Trap

Doll Trap is your fourth special ability, it has no cooldown and can allow you to place a doll in the highlighted location after a second of channeling. Once placed you can control this doll or leave it, teens that get near the doll will cause its icon to become yellow, if they run past it. The doll will set off allowing you to control or teleport 50%, be warned teens may trigger it in order to attack you, when the alarm runs out the doll will return to you ready for deployment.

When Controlling a doll, Doll Trap will become a leap instead, allowing you to have a leap similar to W.A.R.T

Doll Possession

When you placed down a doll, you can begin to possess it so long as its not on cooldown, doing so will allow you to take control of the doll, leaving behind the master. During this you are on a time limit until you are forced out of the doll, however you can possess another doll during controlling one to refresh the timer and drop that doll. The doll can be attacked by a weapon requiring a stigma worth of damage, when destroyed the doll will be lost. This also will stun the master and reveal you to all, however the weapon used against you will be destroyed.

When controlling a doll, the master gives out a song when controlling said dolls. You can also be attacked being forced out, nearby weapons will have the Screen's border react to alert you.

Orange means a kill weapon is by you, while yellow means a stun weapon is by you.

Doll Teleport

Doll Teleport allows you to teleport at any doll you are looking at. It is great for get away from danger or really catching the teens way off guard, however be warned teens will see the doll react before teleporting and when you do teleport. All nearby teens will get an audio warning if you appeared near them, if not a global queue will go off instead. It is highly recommended you don't teleport to dolls that has armed teens as this can and will get you banished, if you know its a stun weapon and only a stun weapon you can eat it if they didn't break your doll with the master or get a hit WITH the master himself.

Doll Teleport is locked when using Doll Possession, however its cooldown will still go down.

The Dollmaster is one of the hardest monsters in the game, and this comes down to map knowledge and doll placements, I recommend you don't play dollmaster when learning the game as Dollmaster can be the most punishing monster in the game. However if you do wish to learn more check out Blaze Immortal Dollmaster video as he can be a scary dollmaster to face.

You Only Grow Stronger

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"They may have banished you, but this only delays their end. Now you have less to worry about."

Even if you lost a stigma, its not over, with each stigma they take away from you. This is 2 stations less you have to patrol commonly and slow down on kill weapons. Yes it can stun you now, however playing it smart can allow you get to the kill weapon while ignoring or possibly pressuring stun weapons. Holy is commonly the hardest final stigma for teens to deal with as the 3 holy weapons does struggle at range and high amounts of cover. However ALL stigmas final can still be challenging for teens.

Its not over until you go down.

I won't leave you in the dark I will tell you about the 4 types of weapons, while its gonna be quick, you can try these weapons out in the training all and see what they do during the heat of the match.

Personal Range Weapons:

Personal range weapons are weapons like the flamethrower, cross, raygun and sword. while flamethrower and cross are close range while raygun and sword has an long range, all 4 can be used by the teen themselves at any time. They commonly require 1/4 of their ammo to kill you, cross requiring slightly more. They are effective and easy to learn be warned when facing these weapons.

Remote Weapons:

There are only two remote Weapons, Infernal eye and RC Flyer, these weapons are commonly immune to howl if the person that deployed them are too far, the RC Flyer can be destroyed but the eye can't. However the teen's body is left behind similar to Dollmaster controlling a doll, attacking them will cancel the weapon instantly.

Charge Weapons:

These weapons requires charges though special tasks, these weapons being Sacred staff, Shock Sphere and Enigma. However all three has different ways to charge, Sacred staff charges over time when a teen is not hurt or downed. If someone is hurt/down, they need to heal them to charge it. It has one of the longest range without mods and locks onto you.

The second is Shock Sphere, requiring charges from fuse boxes, they do require 3 fuse boxes, when this happens they can activate the weapon to no longer be attacked and slowly ramp up speed, howl will not work against the active sphere, however attacking another teen will force it to deactivate. When you hear a shock sphere flee and hide, they can't hear you anymore when active.

Enigma is the last charge weapons and requires to charge near your tension track, the closer they are to you the faster it charges. When charge it can lock onto you and has great distance, teens can equip a mod to increase its activation timer but increase its range as well. Enigma is one of the most powerful weapons to face when you still have the cursed stigma.

Area Denial Weapons:

These weapons are special, as each one is unique, however can deny ground, these being Holy slingshot, Firebomb, and Solar Flare. These weapons can not be howls or walked over easily as it damages you, solar flare requires player interaction, if you howl and the lights is greyed out. This means you can walk through without worry, but if it still has colour on its lines the teen that deployed it is unaffected and can activate it.

You can drain the solar flare by walking into the edge of its range and have the lines go red and stare at it, this causes the sentry to lose charge over time.

Firebomb has one or two shots but covers decent range, while Slingshot has two shots can be fired from any range, but covers a small amount of ground. If the slingshot hits you directly there is no escape.

Audio Is Your Super Weapon

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"We can hear you, you can't hide your footsteps or breathing from us."

Last but not least is your secret weapon, audio, monster has an ambiance sound, while in a chase the ambiance slightly increases in intensity. The game doesn't deafen you as monster with a loud chase music unlike other Asym games, so audio is your best friend, as monster. Teens are louder, listen for many sounds IE, crafting, healing, footsteps and even teens bumping into stuff throughout the room.

You are sensitive to sound, you hear sound much more clear then teens. Listen carefully and you will hear them, audio is a hard thing to explain as it comes with practice or listening to gameplay. However I recommend you play the game in a louder volume, but not too loud to where you actually deafen yourself. If your ears are ringing after say, a scream that is too loud, if its not its a good volume for you.


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