Nokker's Teens Gameplay tips (Survivors)

The Tips!

Your "Blood marks" have a very short fade timer on it. Do not let it hinder you from hiding as most killers will not see it though it may vary

When A killer hits you. Running a short distance beginning to walk to a safe corner or behind a door away from the killer gives you one of the best chances of escaping the chase instead of running. When running the Killer will hear you almost constantly thus having a pinpoint where you are unless you change floors. Changing floors in some areas of the game currently screws up audio occlusion thus muting your footsteps.

When you are crafting. As soon as you hear the terror radius of the killer. They will hear you crafting. Hopping off the crafting bench as soon as you hear the slightest bit of music can be just enough to save you the life you need to win the game / avoid the chase. Hell, they might not even know you're there.

Generally sticking with your team, Communication or even just good pings can be the defining strategy that can win you the game.

If your team can afford it. Try to spread out your use of stigmas. A team with a Fire, Holy, Cursed stigma load-out ready is better than 3 Shock stigmas at the ready. Basically. Keep a colorful load-out ready unless it would be the last stigma that would banish the killer

Sometimes when you get hit by the killer. Hiding directly below their feet (Known as the penis-tech from Dead by Daylight) Can be all you need to escape a chase from the Killer

Sometimes. When in a chase, Running and then walking around obstacles can be all you need to escape a chase from a Killer as most have to resort to sound or game knowledge when they do not see the Survivor

Try to remember that, Not everyone will have the same play style as you or have the same experience as you do and you should learn not to expect it to be that way. Some people will not listen in voice chat also. Whether its from inexperience or they just don't have the same ideas or strategies as you. Learn to adapt to other players and work together. At the end of the day. You can't win without them and they can't without you. Remember to have fun. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide on my Survivor tips


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