A vampire's guide to blood. (V 1.0)

What Is Blood?

Blood is one of the core mechanics of being a vampire. It sustains your undead form and prevents you from becoming a husk. However, being undead, you can't create your own blood and must drain it from other living creatures.

Blood does more than keep you from being overcome with a thirst for Kool-Aid, it can also provide various benefits such as gaining health on hit, boosting your resistances, and increasing crit chance.

There are two factors to take in consideration when draining a victim or capturing them; their blood type and percentage. Blood type affects what bonuses you get and the percentage is how pure that blood type is. The higher the number, the stronger the affects. Blood type is very important if you want certain buffs.

There are eight types of blood throughout the lands; Brute, Warrior, Rogue, Worker, Creature, Scholar, Mutant, and Draculin.

Brute is gained from tougher melee enemies and focuses on outlasting your enemy through attrition by gaining health every time they hit or kill an enemy with a weapon or Bite.

Warrior is gained from most average foot soldiers and focuses on martial prowess

Rogue is gained from ranged and evasive enemies and is about being a glass cannon, dodging out of the way of attacks and landing Crits.

Worker is gained from draining your average joe, the regular people with no training and is more utilitarian, getting the most out of resource deposits in as little time as possible.

Creature is found in animals and has an emphasis on surviving anything coming your way.

Scholar is a bit trickier to find and focuses more around spellcasting.

Mutant can only be found in GloomRot and is an interesting one, it focuses more on enhancing your form.

Draculin is only found in the Ruins of Mortium and enhances the aspects of a vampire, increasing your movement at night and even giving you another Bite attack.


Clarification: I won't be adding the final tier for reaching 100% blood as it all the same, a 25% bonus to the previous tiers. This means if a stat caps at 20% the bonus will give it another 5%


I- 6%-12% Primary attack Life Leech. This means you heal portion of the damage you deal every time you hit an enemy but only for the primary attack.

II- 8%-16% Increased primary attack Speed and gain 1 Gear Level. This will let you deal damage a little quicker the Gear level increase is small but oh so helpful.

III- 15%-30% Increased healing received. Heal self for 4% of your victim's health when striking a killing blow. The increased healing affects all sources, including the healing when you kill.

IV- 6% chance per relative health recovered to boost movement speed by 20% and damage of physical attacks by 20%. The bonus is amazing when things get crazy in combat but I wouldn't count on it as it won't activate every time you heal.

Brute is, as stated, meant to outlast their opponent, wear them down with attacks while you keep yourself healed. It's best paired with spells from Blood Magic to take full advantage of tiers III and IV. Storm and Unholy work as well, adding more damage to your attacks.


I- 10%-15% Increased Physical Power. This makes all your weapon attacks more powerful which is always nice.

II- 10%-20% Increased Weapon Skill cool-down recovery rate. What this means is it shortens the time it take before you can use a weapon skill again.

III- 6%-12% Reduced damage taken and 25% increased damage when striking enemies at full health. The first bonus helps you last that much longer and the second will help decide if you win or lose.

IV- 10% chance to parry an attack, reducing damage by 40%. Parrying an attack increases your own damage by 20%

Warrior encourages a more careful approach, minimizing damage while hitting as hard as you can with your skills.Any magic except Chaos and Frost are good choices. I don't recommend the two because Chaos relies on your magic stat and Frost actually protects the enemy a little when they are frozen.


I- 10%-20% chance to Critical Strike on Weapon attacks.This chance is added to the 5% you already have, meaning you start with a 15% chance that gets higher with blood quality.

II- 8%-15% Increase movement speed. This sounds amazing but, remember, your base speed is 4. This is much higher in wolf form, though and it can make a difference.

III- 15%-30% Increased Veil cooldown recovery rate. 100% chance to critcal strike on next physical attack after using veil. This means you can dash around more often and you have a guaranteed method of getting Crits.

IV- 50% Chance on Critical strike to expose victim's armor, increasing damage taken from all sources by 15% for 4 seconds. This essentially is condemned but without the chance to make a skeleton when you kill them. You shouldn't have any problems getting this with the myriad of ways you have to crit.

To sum up this blood, it's meant to hit hard without getting hit in return. A great choice for those that like to play rogues. I recommend Frost to give you better battlefield control or Unholy to deal more damage and get some allies.


I- 10%-30% Increased resource yield. This means you get moer out of the resource nodes you're whacking away at.

II- 15%-25% Increased damage against resource nodes. This will let you harvest nodes faster then normal.

III- 10%-20% Increased Mount gallop speed. While this is nice, I think they needed something to fill this third slot.

IV- 3% chance to instantly destroy a resource node and gain a burst of speed. While it's nice when it happens the chance is very low so I wouldn't count on it.

Worker blood is not recommended for combat and is best used for when you need to go on a farming run for a lot of materials.


I- 3%-15% Movement Speed. Increases how fast you are which can be handy but it's not that big of a boost.

II- 10-25 Increased Sun Resistance Rating. This will help when you are caught out in the day for whatever reason.

III- 8%-16% Damage Reduction. This will help on top of any other modifiers.

IV- 100% Increased Health Regeneration. You will heal twice as quickly when outside of combat. Useful if you don't have any healing aids.

Creature blood helps you survive if your task takes you into the daytime as well as heal from any

bad fights. You can't mind control animals, however you can capture a werewolf during the day for Worker and creature blood. I recommend Illusion to further weaken the attacks coming your way.


I- 10%-20% Increased Spell Power. This scales well into the late game, giving your magic attack that much more powerful.

II- 10%-20 Increased Spell Cooldown Rate. A great aid, letting you dish damage out that much quicker.

III- 5%-10% Spell Life Leech. This essentially means you heal everytime you damage an enemy with a spell. Best paired with multi-target and AOE spells.

IV- Chance to reset Spell Cooldown on cast. This is amazing as you have a chance to either dodge another attack, reapply a shield or attack again. Still. I wouldn't count on it everytime. It is random chance.

Scholar is a great choice for those that like to play as a spellcaster. That being said, don't ignore your weapon cause you won't always have a spell ready. I recommend either Chaos, Unholy, Illusion or Storm to go with this blood.



I- 25%-50% reduced Blood Drain rate. This increases how long you can go before needing more blood.

II- Increase All resistance Rating. This one is pretty good as it boosts your defenses further but not really necessary thanks to potions.

III- Increased movement speed while Shape-shifting. It's not bad but not needed as at this point, you should have a mount you can summon that's much faster than your wolf form.

IV- 40% Chance to convert the victim to a random Mutant when Killing them with a Bite. This essentially adds a new enemy to the fight if the target isn't already a mutant.

Mutant lets you go longer with needing blood but that shouldn't be a problem when you do reach GloomRot. that being said, the increase to all your resistances is not a bad option and the chance for more mutant grease isn't bad.


I- 10%-20% Movement Speed at night. This is really good as it lets you get around quicker when it's most optimal but if the nights are shorter than the day because of server settings then its usefulness diminishes.

II- 10%-20% Increased damage against enemies below 30% health. This is good against tougher enemies but it can also be detrimental if you're trying to capture someone with high blood quality.

III- 40%-80% Increased healing from Blood Mend. This helps if you really need to heal but you should have blood rose potions by this point and those heal over half your health.

IV- Grants 1 additional Bite and heal for 5% of your maximum health when killing an enemy using Bite. Bite has a long cooldown but this does help you in combat and lets you reposition.

Draculin is rather interesting however its abilities are situational and its effectiveness can vary. You can harvest it but you need to find a humanoid with this type of blood.

Best Method And Places For Blood Hunting

Finding high quality blood can hard. I know this, I spent several hours looking for scholar and worker blood. However, there are place you can go for better odds of finding that 90% or above. The combat bloods can pretty much be found everywhere, but I recommend vising military places like large camps or bandit mines/logging. Scholar and worker are more common in the towns and Silverlight City, and The Silverlight mine gets you good odds of finding Worker blood. I found two 98% there.

The best way to get around to find what you're looking for is to get a horse. They can be found everywhere in the Farmlands. It doesn't have to be the best horse, you just need one so you can move quickly while seeing their blood percentage with Blood Hunger.

Thanks For Reading!

That's everything you need to know about blood types. I hope this guide helped and thank you so much for reading! If there's anything I got wrong or missed please let know. Have a great day!

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