How to assemble the Mountain Door Key

How to assemble the Mountain Door Key

Clipping The Manual Pages

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I know I'm not the first to do this - but I did it without googling and really enjoyed the experience. Thought I'd share the fruits of my labour for anyone interested in how to solve the last big puzzle of the game.

Like many of the smaller puzzles, the final door requires using the "Holy Cross" (cross-pad on the controller, or cursor keys on the keyboard) to enter a key sequence based on a hidden path.

Assembling the pieces

Manual page 49 shows a 5x5 grid of numbers. These numbers refer to pages of the manual. Within each indicated page, a part of the golden path can be found - all except page 9 which requires a little more work.

I took a screenshot of each page and clipped the relevant area, pasting them into the grid - which yielded the following - I've added some brushwork where the lines are faint:

One thing to be careful of is that some tiles have quite subtle perpendicular lines crossing the path - which are used to indicate a stop point requiring an additional keypress. Page 52 in the top right is a good example of this; the small vertical line crossing the path is barely visible.

Page 9 is particularly challenging:

This has no golden path piece! Instead, you should start the game, go to Load game, Cancel, Go back and by magic a new save file appears with a golden square with a question mark against it. Load this game and you are stuck with an overhead view of Fox in a single room with a golden path on the floor. Walk the room to find the Page 9 pattern:

Assemble The Path From The Collage

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With the assembled pieces in place you can read out the final path - which looks like this:

Input this path at the mountain door, and it will open!

Hope you have fun playing this great game.


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