Additional Translated Stuff for TUNIC

Additional Translated Stuff for TUNIC


This guide features all the text from miscellaneous stuff from the game translated into English (or more accurately, transliterated ). For brevity, I only include text that isn't already in English (spare a few things). If you find any mistakes, or if there's something I missed, feel free to leave a comment below (PLEASE [spoiler]SPOILER[/spoiler] TAG SUCH COMMENTS, OR ELSE THEY MAY BE SUBJECT TO DELETION).

Needless to say, but spoilers below! If you haven't beaten the game or worked out its puzzles on your own yet, I strongly recommend doing so before reading any of this. The satisfaction of doing so is well worth the effort.

Instruction Booklet


UI Stuff

Pause Menu: Naptime

TAB menu, top to bottom:




Single Use


Whenever you try to pick up a glowing white piece of paper: Take Page ?

Whenever you try to pick up a key of any kind: Take Key ?

Whenever you try to pick up the Lantern or Magic Dagger: Take Light ?

Whenever you try to pick up the Shield: Take Shield ?

Whenever you try to pick up the Sword: Take <Sword icon> ?

Whenever you try to pick up the Orb: Take strange device ?

Whenever you try to pick up the Magic Scepter (or anything else): Take this ?

Whenever you receive a general thing: Found an item !

Whenever you receive or assemble a potion bottle: You found a flask !

Whenever you receive the Shield: A Shield ! Finally !

Whenever you receive the Lantern or Magic Dagger: You found a Light !

Whenever you receive the Gun: A gun !?

Whenever you receive the Old House key: <key icon> to Old House

Whenever you find or revisit a secret: Congratulations !

Whenever you try to use a key: Use key ?

Whenever you view one of the three key slots in the Sealed Temple without the key: "Questagon <colored key> goes here "

Whenever you try to buy a thing: Buy for <price> <money icon> ?

Whenever you can't buy a thing: Not enough <money icon> ...

Whenever you try to use an inactive checkpoint:


The altar has no soul.

Whenever you look at the hexagonal design in the Interior of the Eastern Vault:


Use Key ? (this line only appears after defeating the boss in the area)

Fairy Spring when nothing has been found: No Souls returned ...

Well when no coins have been inserted: Just a well ?

Well when coins have been inserted: Wishes made : <number of coins>

Whenever you try to start a challenge during the gauntlet: Light the candle ?

Whenever you try to make an offering at an altar (UI title): Risk an offering to the Heir ?

Whenever you try to make an offering at an altar while you're a ghost:


These gifts are false . Seek The Hero's Grave

Whenever you try to Share Your Wisdom a second time:

Choose your fate, Ruin Seeker.

Share Your Wisdom and be free ?

(Don't ask me why that one doesn't appear the first time :P)

> As an added bonus, there's also a bit of Tuneic that plays during this message: "Share?"

Place And Boss Name Subtitles


East Belltower: The First Bell the Hero Struck

East Forest: Ruins of Fortress

Path to Hero's Grave: One of Many Ways to the Hero's Grave

Guardhouse 1: Guardhouse One

Guardhouse 2: Guardhouse Two

Lower Forest: Ruins of Fortress

Beneath The Well: Flooded Lair Beneath the Surface

Dark Tomb: Who Is Enshrined Here, If The Hero Lies in The Shore ?

West Furnace (area underneath the West Bell): Drawing Light from Deep Below

West Garden: The West Edge of a Great Palace

West Belltower: The Second Bell the Hero Struck

The Eastern Vault: Main Floor

Beneath the Eastern Vault: A Secret Cave They Have Forgotten

Interior of the Eastern Vault: Be careful

Ruined Atoll: Library Annex

Frog's Domain: They Venerate a Strange Relic

The Southern Vault: <no subtitle>

The Great Library: <no subtitle>

The Quarry: A Great Hole of the Earth

The Monastery: <no subtitle>

Inside the Ziggurat: <no subtitle>

The Hidden Vault: <no subtitle>

??? (special area inside the Ziggurat): Gate to The Far Shore

Old Burying Ground: <no subtitle>

The Cathedral: Here It Started

The Far Shore (fast travel area): A Space That Is Not Here Nor There

??? (The Shopkeeper): Hole In Time


Guard Captain: Captain of the Guard

Garden Knight: A sleeping guardian, one of many

Siege Engine: The last functioning war machine

The Librarian: The thieving scholar who seeks the Cross but does not understand

Boss Scavenger: The queen of those who pick the bones of this land


Mailbox: Empty ...

(Seriously, that's all it says. So sad, I know. )

Central Overworld sign: This way to "Town" (Ruins of Old Village )

Overworld Compass Rose:

We[st] Eas[t] Sou[th] Nor[th]

Nor[th] Sou[th] Eas[t] We[st]

Nor[th] Eas[t] Sou[th] We[st]

Nor[th] Sou[th] Eas[t] We[st]

Overworld central gate:

Short Cut

Overworld western gate:



Overworld secret area (where you get the hourglass ):


Eastern and Western Bells:

To ring a bell ,

you strike a bell .

Sign inside the Sealed Temple:

With 3 Keys we sealed the Heir .

A Key is no mere toy .

Seekers of Ruin, leave here .

Hero's Grave(s):

Here Lies the Hero

Pray to visit their grave

Sign to West Gardens: This way to West Garden

Library Chalkboard #1:



Library Chalkboard #2:


Library Chalkboard #3:

The Universe

How how how how how how how how how

Library Chalkboard #4:

??? (I don't know for sure if there's something to translate here...)

NPC Dialogue

Additional Translated Stuff for TUNIC image 124

By the Mailbox:

1) Hi ... are you new ?

2) Where is your home ?

By the Well:

1) Well, well, well ...

2) ...

3) ...sorry .

About that silly pun of yours, Andrew...

Inside the Windmill:

1) Have you heard the Old Hymn ?

2) Seek The Golden Path

3) ...

4) Sounds kinda silly .

By the statue:

1) So big ! Are they this big in person ?

Near the waterfall:

1) The CATHEDRAL scares me, but I've heard there's an INCREDIBLE TREASURE.

2) It's called the HERO'S LAURELS.

Standing by the fountain:

1) Have you found the HOLY CROSS?

Sitting by the fountain:

1) Trying a new look ?

Lying by the fountain:

1) I'm so tired ...

2) Zzzzzzzz ...

By the western doorway in the Overworld:

1) I ran a store, once .

People usually steal stuff though .

On the "bridge", Overworld, west side:

1) I used to visit the GARDENS, but it's scary now ...

By the shore:

1) Things are more beautiful when they are ruins .

2) Do you agree ?

By the path to Ruined Atoll:

1) What happened ...

I feel sad when I look at it ...

Outside the Sealed Temple:

1) Things are tense in there ... I think SOMETHING BAD happened .

Inside the Sealed Temple, kneeling:

1) Alas, alas, alas !

Should we have done a 4th KEY?

2) No ... They would have found that too ...

Inside the Sealed Temple, by the red key slot:

1) Someone took out the SIEGE ENGINE?

Impossible !

Inside the Sealed Temple, near the green key slot:

1) Who would do such a thing ?

Either a HERO or a FOOL...

On the way to the Cathedral #1:

1) Oh hi . I'm just taking a break .

2) Are you going to the SWAMP?

You're brave ...

Oh the way to the Cathedral #2:

1) Do you seek the CATHEDRAL?

Remember that you are nothing but a GHOST.

Old Burying Ground #1:

1) I don't think you can get into the CATHEDRAL without MOONLIGHT.

2) But then again, Heroes are surprising .

Old Burying Ground #2:

1) A BIG FIGHT was here a long time ago .

2) ...or last week ?

3) It's all ... blurry .

Fishing in the West Garden:

1) Fish fish fish !

2) I'm fishing for fish !

Near a dead Garden Knight in the West Garden:

1) This one is DEAD.

They used to be palace gairdes [guards?] ,

but now they are for flowers .

Dancing Ghost in the East Forest:

1) I'm dancing the dance of the HOLY CROSS.

In the Forest Fortress:

1) Hi . This way goes to The Hero's Grave

2) ...but there are some weird critters .

Interior of the Eastern Vault:

1) Wow ...

2) The SIEGE ENGINE was not enough .

3) Wow wow wow .

The Librarian:

1) Here to gloat ?             ...idiot .

2) You did it . You released THE HEIR, and now this .

3) Now you must either DEFEAT it and take its place ,

4) or find the HOLY CROSS and share its wisdom .

5) ...good luck with that .


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