[Semi-Spoiler] Trunic Rune System - Reference for reading the ingame text

[Semi-Spoiler] Trunic Rune System - Reference for reading the ingame text

My Take On Making A Reference Sheet For The Writing System Of Tunic 🦊

[Semi-Spoiler] Trunic Rune System - Reference for reading the ingame text image 1

Made it for personal use while learning with some friends, but wanted to share the wisdom. Hope it can be of some help to others! 💖Huge thanks to Farris and KayosLance for helping with this guide and just being wonderful people. 💗

Additional thanks to The Sojourner for spotting some details that needed correction!

Hi! I hope others can make use of this as a guide for reference after learning Trunic script, or if you're here early on and don't mind "spoiling" the learning experience, I hope it helps you read through the ingame text!

As a side note, I am not a native speaker of English, but consider myself fluent (given I've now lived for over half a decade in a country that speaks it lol) and have been speaking English for over 15 years now.

As a result though, some of my notation symbols for the phonemes might be odd choices and are not compliant with the English International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) standard. However I do believe there is a method to the madness in the whole thing and hope it can still be helpful to others.

I've always struggled with teaching to other non-native speakers such as my family, but Tunic's deconstruction of the language makes for a clever compartmentalization of every (or almost every) possible sound used in English. In turn this has made it a little easier for me to explain certain pronunciations and quirks of the language after the brain-teaser exercise that picking up Trunic was.

Happy rune reading!

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