Hidden Customization Room

Where And What It Is.

Ok, so you may be wondering what this is... Well, it's the location of the customization room, which is not mentioned in the manual. Some of you may have found it already. Others, may not be aware it exists. So, here's some links to help you find it. Its entrance is hidden behind the trees near the circular stairway on the west side of the river near the start (this is blocked by a barred door, which you can open after getting to the area after getting the sword), where the head of the fox statue is in the water. The opposite side has a mirrored version of these stairs, but so far, this is the only entrance I know of to the secret room. Inside, each of the old-timey "privacy blinds" allows you to cycle through colors by walking behind it (left cycles one way, right the other), and the bell in front of the blind resets that part's color to default. From left to right, the parts are: Paws/nose, Fur/tailtip/"hair", Tunic/belt, and Scarf. There are a fairly large number of colors for each, so it may take a while to find a look you like. Happy hunting!

Psst. Wanna see something nifty?[cdn.discordapp.com]

It's down here, behind these trees.[cdn.discordapp.com]

And here's the room. You can stand on that spot in the middle to get a close-up look at your character.[cdn.discordapp.com]

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2836376732					

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