Walkthrough for "Don't Touch The Balls"

Walkthrough for "Don't Touch The Balls"

This Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for "Don't Touch The Balls".

Do not use the walkthrough unless you are totally stuck.

Consider playing a map with a friend - a fresh pair of eyes can notice something you've missed.

Hints are hidden in spoilers . Mouse over them to see the contents.

Some hints contain further explanation inside them hidden in a nested spoiler


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Silver Ball

Look at the ball in the room to the right from the entrance

Its pedestal isn't bolted to the floor

Move it out of the camera range and pick up the silver ball

Rules Sign

After you pick up a ball you can write down a new rule on the sign

Doing this is optional


There are two keys behind a glass

Beak the glass

Press T to throw the ball

White key fell down. Pick up the black key

Open the room behind the titanium ball (it's the smallest one)

Pick up magnets

There is a digital lock behind the iron ball

Use magnet on the digital lock

Pick up hammers

Do Not Read Further If You Haven't Done Everything Mentioned Above!

Iron Ball

The ball is heavy, but you can move it.

You cannot touch it, but you can touch something connected to it.

Use a magnet on the ball.

Pull the ball out of the room and pick it up

Stone Ball

You cannot touch the ball, but you can touch any other shape

Use the hammer to break the ball

Medium Golden Ball

Look around the room

The camera is barely holding

Throw something at it

Throw a hammer or another ball

Small Golden Ball

The pedestal has a crack

You can use a hammer

Use it from the side facing the wall behind the ball

Titanium Ball

This is the smallest and lightest ball

You can move it with a hit of a hammer

Bronze Ball

Look on the ceiling

Wires from the camera lead to the door behind the small golden ball

To open the door you have to use brute force

To open the door you do not need the code

Use a hammer on the padlock

You can see eight boxes in the room, but there are nine cameras

One of the boxes is behind the door

Turn the switch off and pick up the ball

Copper Ball

The camera in this room is near the floor

You can block the view with a pedestal you moved before or with a pile of other balls

Large Golden Ball

Its pedestal is empty

From a note you can learn that the ball was moved to the storeroom

To open the storeroom you need white key

White key fell behind the cover after you broke the glass

Use a magnet on the key

Move it to the left, pick the key up and open the door next to you

The Box

The box is behind the sign with rules

Box has a lid with two circles on it. They are red and blue

Use magnet to open the box

Now you can put the balls there

You need to put all the balls in the box to finish the map

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