Adfundum - The second adventure

First Part:

1. Find the key in the book and grab the golden falcon statue on the bookshelf to your left.

2. Open the cabinet door by the desk with the key. Iside you find a matchbox, a paper wit a key on it and a button to open the drawer obove it.

3. Inside the drawer you find a note where you can see how to set the two golden jackal statues on the cabinet. You also find two small golden switches to open the second drawer.

4. Set the jackal statues and put on the golden falcon in the middle of the cabinet. Now its open and you need the white crystal.

5. Go to the bookstand and push both secret switches. One gives you a small golden key. The other one switches on the UV light and you can read the secret numbers whritten in the book. The engraving on the bookstand tells you to take the 4 number in the first row and so on. Solution: 8 4 7 3 .

6. Now go back to the second drawer and type in the numbers to open the last door. Inside you find the solution U N L O C K on the notepad for the last riddle on the cabinet. Don't forget to grab the yellow dagger.

7. Now you also can grab the blue dagger from the cabinet. Don't forget to take the third paper with a key on it.

8. Take the stone goblet from the middle glassdoor by the desk. Look carafully on it and you see a small ring you can pull. Now you have the first half of the sphere.

9. Take all six books from the two bookshelfs on the left and don't forget the third paper with the key on it.

10. Go to the bookshelf on the right and set the six books like the engraving on his left tells you. It opens and you have the second half of the sphere.

11. Place the two hals in the fireplace and enjoy the show.

Second Part:

1. Go to the statue of Amenhothep and put on the Sphere to the right scale. A new way is open when you go back from where you came.

2. Look careful on the first painting and you find a gear. Use it a litle bit later on your left side to turn a statue on the other side. Take the gear with you again.

3. Turn on the valve and use the small golden key to open the glass dome. Take the blue crystall and the fourth paper with a key on it with you.

4. Go back to the statue of Amenhothep, take the fifth paper wit a key on it and set the sphere on the left side of the scale. Now the other path is open.

5. Take the last paper wit a key on it. Whe you combine them you find the key: 4 2 5 .

6. Open the small chest to your right an you got a key.

7. Now it's time to use the matches on the fire pit. After the fire burns put in the white crystal an you get a red one for it.

8. Follow the way and uste the gear again to turn the statue on the other side. Also turn the valve an put the blue cristal in the container on the wall.

9. Go back to the scale and uste the sphere for the last time to go to the other corridor again.

10. Now put the red crystal in the container.

11. Use the key on the chest and pull the handle on both sides to open it. You find the red dagger in it.

12. Go back to the Amenhothep room an put the dagger with the right color to the light/crystals in the stone ornaments in the middle of the room.

13. When all three daggers are in the right stone ornament the statue of Amenhothep mooves forward and you get the green dagger. Insert it and congratulations, you finished the second adventure.


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