The Evil House

The Evil House

Here I only explain the necessary process to escape the house. I deliberately do not go into more detail about secrets and easter eggs so as not to spoil the joy of searching for others.

Tip: Since there are a lot of objects, I placed rubbish bins in some rooms. These are all connected to each other and you can put the items in them and take them out again at any time.

Start exploring in the hallway and grab the lighter from the drawer under the phone. Now it's off to the kitchen. Open the drawer under the cutting board and push the red cloth aside. You see E H B and with the information on the pinboard you get the numerical code 5 8 2 . Now open the padlock with it and take the screwdriver. Now go into the closet, take the fuse from the shelf and read the note that was in one of the broken vases. Now open the fuse box with the screwdriver and set the fuses as follows 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 .

Now go to the door next to the stove and knock 5 times. Arrived in the dining room, you first switch on the light. Take the UV bulb out of the lamp and light the wood in the fireplace for a romantic atmosphere. Now go to the big glass door and take the crowbar with you. Now you can go to the first floor.

When you get there, go to the bathroom first. Take the wind-up key from the toilet and the candle by the bathtub. Now go to the end of the hallway and after the painting has flown towards you, you will see an X on the wall. Adjust the four statues so that they are all facing the X. Now a small door opens underneath and you can take another candle with you.

Now use the crowbar to remove the boards on the door. In the children's room take the note under the bed and also the teddy bear sitting on the bed. Now open the closet. You open the box inside by using the switches 1 4 2 push. Take the spade key and now go to the desk. Look at the lamp, take the bulb out of the socket and replace it with the UV bulb. Now you can read the hidden text in the diary. Now turn to the small box next to the door and push it aside. Crawl through the narrow hallway to get to the master bedroom. Take the music box from the box and use the winding key you found in the toilet. The music box will open and you can take out the heart key. Now take a close look at the pictures and you can see the time in the background 09:10 recognize. By the bed you can take a USB from the right box and pull the dagger out of the corpse.

Now go back to the dining room on the ground floor and sacrifice the teddy bear in the fireplace. After it burns, you can pick up the minute hand and put it in the big clock. Now set the time 09:10 from the 2 pictures in the master bedroom and you will receive a piece of paper with the code 4 7 1 2 for the office. When you get to the office, take all the books from the shelves with you. You open the book Nekronomicon and turn the pages until you find the club key. Go to the desk and take the record from the middle drawer on the right. Don't forget the note with the numbers from the drawer on the left. Now insert the USB (open it first) from the master bedroom into the computer. Now you can see an image on the screen showing the correct arrangement of the images with the seasons on the first floor. If you look closely at the picture behind the desk, you can see runic marks in both corners. Now set the drawers of the desk like this and the picture will release the vault.

Go back to the dining room and put the record on the gramophone. You will receive a small golden key with which you can unlock the box under the stairs and you will receive another candle.

Now go back to the first floor and arrange the seasons pictures as you saw on the computer screen Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring . Flick the switch and the stairs to the attic will come down. Once in the attic, open the box with the dagger from the master bedroom and take out the doll's head. You now put this on the manequin doll and get the key for the basement. You open the box next to it with the Sodoku combination 5 7 1 3 9 that is on the note from the office. Bravo, another candle for you. Finally, take a look through the telescope and note the constellation of the stars. Now it's back to the office and you can enter the star combination on the wall. You will receive the code 15 40 10 30 for the vault. Open it and take the blood sample and the key to the living room.

But first we go to the basement. There you replace the blown fuse for the heating and switch the oven on again. In the box on the wall you will find the instructions for the heating system. Don't forget to take the piece for the Ouija board with you. Now turn the hot water valve 2x counterclockwise and the cold water valve 3x clockwise. Then you set the 5 pressure valves so that they are all at 50%. All you have to do is turn up the SECOND and FIFTH from the left. You finally have it warm in the house again and, more importantly, hot water. Make your way upstairs, but stop by the office and use the Ouija board. The answer is ASMODI . But now quickly into the bathroom. Once here, you ONLY turn on the hot water and wait for the mirror to fog up. Jot down the grades for later and unlock the door to the living room. This is where you collect all the books. Don't forget that next to the couch. Now place the books on the shelf in such a way that the name ASMODI results. Now the book counter is active and the shelf moves. Now take the voodoo doll and the last candle from the secret chamber.

Now it's back to the dining room. Open the piano and play the melody you saw in the mirror. IMPORTANT: If you made a mistake, close and open the lid of the piano first to reset! You get diamond key and are ready to use all 4 keys you found in the basement on the stone slab on the wall. Done, the wall opens and you can enter the ritual chamber. The 4 stone tablets inside tell you how to place the candles. Starting from the beast's mouth (pentagram at the bottom) it is Black, Red, White, Green, Blue clockwise. When the candles are in place, light them with the lighter. Now put the voodoo doll in the middle. Open the test tube with the blood and pour it on the voodoo doll. Now it's time to run, exit the basement and follow the footprints to the front door. It opens and you can leave the house again.

Congratulations and thank you for playing my escape room! I hope you liked it!


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