Adfundum - The third adventure

Welcome To The Dark

Take the torch out of the holder and light the fireplace. Now rotate it until the beam of light hits the mirror on the wall. Now turn the mirror so that it points to the one above it. The iron door opens and a red gem falls to the ground. Pick up this and the map piece from the skeleton. There is a loose rock in the wall opposite the skeleton. If you remove this, you will get a part of a key.

In the great hall now go to the banner on the wall and touch it. Another piece of card falls to the ground. Go to the workbench and take the screwdriver, the chisel and the music box. You can now break the second gem out of the iron door with the chisel. You can then use the screwdriver to loosen the screw on the machine on the wall and take out the gear wheel. Now insert the gear wheel into the compass and wait a moment until it stops turning. Then pull the small lever and a latch on the door in front of you will open. You can now use the two red gems in one of the skulls at the large portal.

At the left skull you can open the jaw and get a plant. Now use the key part to open the music box. It contains the second part of the key. Put both parts together and then open the door. Under the table with the deck of cards you will find another card piece. With this part you can now solve the riddle at the table.

Solution: King of Hearts

You will get a small silver coin.

Now use the door on the other side and you will hear knocks. You can use the map piece you found behind the banner to solve the Morse code. Pay attention to the correct order. Solution: BELIAL

The door will open and you will get the second gear.

Put it in at Kompas and the second lock will open. Go through the door and use the silver coin on the book stand to open it. Take the book, open it and you will get the third part of the key. Now go back to the room with the map and morse code and move the carpet. Look at the keyhole and assemble the key accordingly. Now you can enter the basement. When you get to the bottom, take the map part that is hidden behind the crate with you. Pick up the empty greenish bottle from the shelf and place it by the still. Now take the torch you found at the beginning and light the fire at the still. If the pressure is right, it opens and you can throw the red plant in. Turn the little wheel and the empty bottle should fill with red acid.

Use this to break the lock on the crate. Take out the 3 red gem and the ball. Go back to the main hall and give the orb to the guardian statue. Three birdcages come down from the ceiling and the stone tablet under the guard turns around. Now turn the birds as described on the stone tablet.

Solution: (directions like compass) eagle W - owl S - raven N

Now the cage that protected the lever rises and you can operate it. The rooms will shift and you will find a green plant. Use these as before to fill the bottle with poison. You now use this on the overgrown part of the map where you found the green plant. Take the map piece and now place everyone in the next room in the frame on the wall. A drawer will open and you will get a blue plant. With this you now produce the moonlight liquid, go back to the assembled map and use the liquid on both torches. Now you can read the text for the compass puzzle.

Solution: W - N - E - S – N (Do not activate any cardinal points in between)

You now have the fourth and last gem. Use it again on the skull and stand on the lighted platform on the ground. The gate opens. There is another keyhole on the right side. Assemble the key correctly and switches appear. the goal is to get everyone to the middle level.

Solution: Turn on switches 2 and 5

Now a lever comes from the ceiling and when you pull it it opens the path to the exit. Don't get hit by the swords and escape the room.

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