Save the Day! Hints & Guide


Thank you for taking the time to try my Escape Room - Save The Day!.

The Scenario

Earlier today, your security-conscious housemate Zach caught a train up North to the Insania LAN event. Halfway there, he realised he'd left his new OMEN laptop in his room. Distraught, he calls you for help!

You are travelling up by car later, so you agree to grab his laptop and take it with you. But; just as he is about to tell you where it is... he gets cut off. You've tried to call him back, but it goes straight to voicemail.

Can you save the day and find Zach's laptop?

Getting Started: The 10-digit Keypad

1) The wall-mounted 10-digit keypad has a three digit input

2) The keypad seems to be connected to the unit below

3) There are three items on the unit

4) Where might you find more of these items?

5) The SmartFridge requires an RFID card to open

6) The SmartFridge card is in the cupboard, under the basketball

7) Do you see cartons of milk, or cans and bottle of beer?

8) Count the number of milk cartons, green beer cans, and brown beer bottles in the fridge - in that order. Enter the three digits into the keypad

9) The code is 257

Games To Collect

1) There are five games to locate

2) The first three can be easily located in the room with a little searching

3) One is resting against the PC base unit on the desk in the corner

4) One is peaking out from under an armchair

5) One is in the top drawer of the desk

6) The next two are inside containers that you need to open

7) The first is in the container beneath the wall-mounted 10-digit keypad, behind the mouse

8) The final game is in the locked black crate between the bed and the armchair.


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