Trade Goods tables

Trade Goods tables

Basic Prices

Trade Goods tables image 1

Prices at start of game without any bonuses:

Distance Profits

Trade Goods tables image 4

Price is going up as you are moving away from item source (Orange):

(Ofc you can sell anywhere on the road to mobile mechants )

Path Bonuses

Trade Goods tables image 8

From what I was calculating with 10% on buy and 10% on sell side, I discovered that selling bonus is up to 14%.

Of course you can increase your margins through food even more

Afterwords ( If That Is Even A Thing )

I know there are already tables here, but I was missing New_Asthel and I created it in way where is more readable for me what makes profit where.

I will try to update tables with food bonuses in 1st May week.

Feel free to correct me ( Values in Bonus Table are calculated not just taken from game - so I know about 2 instances where price is off by 1-2 Krowns )


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