Alazar - Inquistion interrogation answers

Alazar - Inquistion Interrogation Answers

This is a simple guide with the questions/answers to the Inquisition interrogation on Alazar.

I just started the Alazar region and encountered an inquisition patrol at the border post between Vertruse and Alazar which came rushing to me and started and interrogation.

If you get 2/3 correct answers you gain +50 reputation but if you fail you either pay, hand over a companion or fight them also there are very bad answers, like saying that Saint Jeru does not exist, which ends the interrogaton and leaves you with only two choices; hand over a companion or fight.

If you hand over a companion you have three days to go to the inquisition camp and pay them to free your companion, after three days they kill him/her :(

These are the questions and their respective answers:

What weapon did Saint Eleor wield? A shield

What is the most important day of the year? The Light festival

According to the writings of Saint Jeru, what is the worst sacrilege? Slavery

Are Tules real? No

What is the particularity of the church of Gosenberg? The plague-ridden

Who runs the abbeys? The abbots

Why is Saint Jeru our guide? Guided

Where do people's souls go after death? To the Light

Which of these saints does not exist? Saint Eleor

I reloaded the game several times till the questions repeated, but you can text me if you find new questions. Hope do you find this helpful ;)



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