Beginners guide

Simple List Of Things To Keep In Mind

In no particular order:

* Stick together at almost all times. There is almost never a reason to drift away from the objective or the team even if you happen to run low on ammo or want to open every box.

* Having ammo doesnt mean you need to spend it to pick of lone poxwalkers or stragglers. You will want these rounds available for when it matters

* If you want to pick up grimoires, its polite to ask the team if they want it at all.

* Dont overestimate yourself. Without your team you will get overwhelmed.

* Stick to difficulty 1 & 2 until you are ready to proceed. There is no need to rush Penances and stuff. A good level to start venturing into difficulty 3 is 15+ so you start getting some better weapons and useful traits.

* When facing a horde and someone already is facing the meat of the horde, its usually best to try to pick off enemies from the sides or even the flank. Think of it like 2 people holds the mid section, and the other 2 shaves down the sides and keeps an eye on the flank.

* Dont forget to block, push & dodge. Dont stick to only block/pushing or only dodging neither. You will get drained faster if you dont utilize your full kit.

* Look at the team portraits, you can see how much ammo everyone got indicated by an ammo icon that is either white = (good amounts) Yellow = (starting to run low) Red = (literary starving/completely out)

* Purple "health" means it cant be recovered unless you use a medicae station.

* TBC, feel free to give suggestions.


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