Top 10 Gameplay Tips for the Budding Vampire

Tip 1: Prioritize Your Harvest

Having a large garden in V Rising isn't just for the aesthetic appeal. It can significantly impact your gameplay, especially when it comes to what you harvest first. You see, there's a little thing called a 'seed cooldown' that's designed to prevent you from amassing too many seeds. So, if you have a field of roses and cotton, for instance, your choice of which to farm first matters. Harvest roses first, you get rose seeds. Harvest cotton first, cotton seeds are your reward. Always farm the plants you want most, FIRST. It's like choosing dessert before dinner.

Tip 2: The Rat's Treasure Trove

There's a secret stash tucked away in the silver mines. Hidden behind a blocked passage, there's a rat-only looting place teeming with chests. So, if you're feeling a bit ratty (pun intended), morph into rat form and plunder away.

Tip 3: Economise Your Coins

Listen up, because this is a game-changer. Early to mid-game, you should be spending your copper coins on forge and alchemy flooring. That's a given. But don't go on a shopping spree with the rest of your coins just yet. Instead, invest them in Miner Maces and Lumberjack Axes. Why, you ask? Because when you salvage these items, they yield 12 silver coins each. This little trick can catapult your Act 2 progression if you've stocked up on maces and axes.

Tip 4: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

In the servant mission, the -100 difficulty and +20% loot modifiers apply to the entire team, not just individual members. That means you need only one participant with that tag for all servants to reap the benefits. It's like the vampire equivalent of a group discount.

Tip 5: Bottling Blood

Here's a fun fact: you can bottle creature blood. Simply capture werewolves during the day (when they're in human form), and voila! They double as worker blood. It's like a 2-for-1 deal on blood.

Tip 6: Raid The Rich House

In Silverlight City, there's a posh house near the north entrance. This place is a goldmine, boasting a chest and about six cupboards. It's like a vampire's version of a shopping spree.

Tip 7: Blood Efficiency

Did you know that the blood percentage defines the range for the efficiency roll on servants? This efficiency not only boosts the fighting strength of the servant but also provides a loot bonus. The highest roll I've seen is 41 efficiency, which translates to 21% more loot. It's like a vampire performance bonus.

Tip 8: Spiderlings And Mutant Rats

Forget manual farming of silk and mutant grease. It's as pointless as a vampire in a tanning salon. Instead, try the new mob recipes in the vermin nest: Spiderlings and Mutant Rats. Once you try them, you'll never go back.

Tip 9: The Shroud Of The Forest

The Old Wanderer in the swamp unlocks the ability to craft a cloak variant that allows you to view the map while you're in the Cursed Forest. It's like a vampire GPS.

Tip 10: The Power Of The Bear

Here's a fun fact: Bear form can break large rocks without bombs. Who needs explosives when you have the strength of a bear? It's like having your very own wrecking ball.


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