About Warlocks faction reset

About Warlocks faction reset

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Unique Reward : Global Spell

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As we know, special reward was given on each factions reset.

Waste from Bolier, Dark Mana from Obelisk, and Energy (and gift) from Chest.

Then what is the circle prepared for us? ..wow, the spell.

Selected spell is not go away on reset, perfect.

Warlock Contracts

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(4e140 -> 3e130 -> 2e120 in Scientific notation)

Activate Magic Circle

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This is how did i activated Magic circle

First, did the Chest reset for Gift.

Then did 3-days-long run with Spellset :

1 : Energy circle, Swamp ritual, Red flower.

2 : Animal Instincts, Empty Skull, TIME CONTROL.

3 : Key to the chest.

And do the boiler reset to swap Swamp ritual to Ark.

Flow of long run :

1. ~e1500 gem

Should create Dagons with Swap ritual.

Progress to e1500 gems, and give gift to lilith.

2. ~Billions waste

Plant Bubonic fungus (second mushroom) to reach Kelpies.

let your first bubonic rot away, then harvest other normally.

ive planted ~50 bubonic, to ~40 billion waste.

3. ~Ruby mushroom

Then build up drowner and plant Ruby mushroom (fourth one).

Plant Bone mushroom (third) as many as you can meanwhile,

except 2 (or 3) essense for ruby mushroom.

4. ~7th spell

Now just have to long wait until 7th spell (key or candle) afforable.

Around the end of run, each of soruce gives me :

1. Recycling Raw Mana : ~70 powder

2. Recycling Dark Mana : ~30 powder

3. Ark of the Drowned : ~70 powder

4. Candle spell : ~70 powder

If you have Contract R of Undead so can grow up ruby mushroom twice,

Ark spell isnt really nessessary thing. additional ruby mushroom can cover it.

So can be done in one run. just select candle instead of key.

* It is good to check before the long run, how your prestiges are strong.

like : select does spell and check you can buy 1 Gaal, to give the gift to Lilith.

This was my contracts set

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2583919175					

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