About Arena

About Arena

Say Hello, Again

Sorry to saying, im korean and not good at english. but i hope it helps you.

If you have an any opinion, please feel free to write it.

* Arena is under develop. arena does not give any merit to main game until now.

About Arena

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You can unlock arena by summon hero in fourth page of grimore, at a cost of e350 dark mana.

Arena looks like this :

on the top, you can see hero who you summoned and enemy.

and quest (or skill), enemy info such as hp, reward.

on the left side of remains, some information about your hero.

when your hero leveled up, you can "Improve" hero stat here.

and you can accelerate hero attack by click Thunder icon.

and your equipment list on the right,

you can buy a chest and select a gear from chest.

first of all, enemy is not attack your hero, like clicker heroes or some else incremental games.

so the only you should focus is dps.

you can increase dps by three ways.

1. Improve your hero stat.

2. Equip gears from chest.

3. Temporal buff like skill.

so the game flow be like this :

Kill enemy -> Gather Gold -> Buy Chest -> Equip Gear -> Be stronger -> Kill More Enemy

Kill enemy -> Gather Exp -> Level up -> Improve Stat -> Be stronger -> Kill More Enemy

enemy and chest price grow fastly but not reward is,

you should reset to increase your exp multiplier to do better run, oftenly.

it can be done by "Rebirth" skill. explain in next section.

and some features are highly depend on random, so arena gives rougelike-like experience.

Quest, Active Skills

There is two quest now.

Once cleared quest, mean, learned skill will never reset.

> Quest 1

Goal : Reach level 5

You can reach level 5 when you killed 6th monster, without exp bonus.

Reward : Rebirth skill

Rebirth is used to increase your Experience multiplier. Cost 5000 Energy.

The multiplier is additively accumulating and this is the only thing that will not reset on Rebirth,

except cleared quest.

If you go Maingame reset, like boiler, arena also do rebirth reset without bonus.

> Quest 2

Goal : Reach level 10

You can reach level 10 when you killed 12nd monster, with 150% exp bonus

Reward : Megacrit skill

Megacrit buff your hero's critical chance 5 times, and critical damage 50 times

(it seems bug on tooltip)

> Energize, for example

And there is one more active buff, which unlocked from beginning.

You can click Thunder icon on the left of Attack bar, to increase attack speed 10 times.

It cost 1000 energy and maintain during 30 seconds.

Hero, Stats

> Stats

Your hero have four stat : Brutality, Elegance, Anger, Sorcery.

Sorcery is only stat which is not giving direct bonus,

but give indirect bonus by some gears, as said in tooltip.

Other stats will give bonus directly, and also indirectly by several gears.

> Direct bonus

Brutality : +3 Max Damage, +0.3 Critical Damage

Elegance : +1 Min/Max Damage, +0.01 Critical Chance, Hit Speed 1

Anger : +0.01 Critical Chance, +0.2 Critical Damage, Hit Speed 1

Sorcery : None

> Improve Stat

You can increase a hero stat by 1 with "SP", what 1 SP Given for each level up.

Cost is raising to 2 when the stat over 9. (i cannot checked yet when the cost will be 3)

Heroes are born with two favorite, which Better "Improve efficiency".

If some stat is favorite, you can improve stat by 2 with 1 SP. (until ~9 stat, of course)

You can overshoot stat with out additional cost, like : 9->11 cost only 1 SP, if Improve Eff is 2

Also there are some gears with Reducing SP Cost for certain stat, or increase Improve Efficiency.

Gear, Chest

Last Big-Element of Arena is Gear.

There is 7 slot as you see.

When you select same gear what you equipping, gear will be improve.

but if you select same-slot gear but not same gear, drop old one.

You can get gears by chest.

Chest can be bought with gold, what enemy dropped.

Each chest contain 3 random gears. and you should choose only one of them.

Gear list in chest can be refreshed with token.

but also the refresh cost is increasing, although it is linear,

You cannot made best-case easily from chest.

So you should made a choice, that is what i writing this guide, to help it.


> Damage per Second

(Minimum Damage + Maximum Damage) * (1 - Critical Chance (1 - Critical Damage)) * Hit Rate / 60 * Applied Vulnerability

(if you have no special effect from some gear)

> Exp requirement to level up hero

5n(n+1), where n is current level.

it will be 10 at level 1, then go 30, 60, 100, ...

> Monster Hit point, Exp/Gold reward

Hp : 2 * 5^n, where n is monster number

Reward : 10n (without multiplier)

> Chest cost

25 * 3^n, where n is bought chest

25, 75, 225, ...

> Chest refresh cost

5n, where n is refresh in this rebirth

free for first, 5, 10, ...

Gear List

* The list is not completed, welcome to report.

* The comment with italic is personal comment.

> Used shorten

BB : Brutality

EE : Elegance

AA : Anger

SS : Sorcery

MIN: Minimum Damage

MAX : Maximum Damage

CC : Critical Chance

CD : Critical Damage

HR : Hitting Rate, or Attack Speed, ...

Nx : multiply N times, where N is number

VUL : Vulnerability

(A,B) VUL : A% Chance to apply B% VUL, where A,B are Number

> Helmet

Loser's Hat

10x MIN/MAX, 0x CD

Hawk Helmet

10x CD when CC >= 1

Babarian Helmet

(+0) 0x MIN, 5x MAX, 2x CD

(+1) 0x MIN, 6x MAX, 2x CD

Power Crown

During energize : 2x CC, 5x CD, (10,10) VUL on hit

> Weapon

Battle Axe

(+0) 10x MAX

(+1) 11x MAX


5x MIN, 2x HR, guarantee to deal minimum damage

* suppose your damage is 30-10, damage will always 30 if the attack is not critical

Balance Blade

3x HR, averages MIN/MAX

* suppose your damage is 30-10, damage will always 20 if the attack is not critical

> Amulet

Blood Amulet

(+0) 3% chance to increase BB. capped by AA.

(+1) 5% chance to increase BB. capped by AA.

Water Amulet


Eye of Fire


> Armor

Plate Armor

0.3x HR, BBx MAX

Hermit's toga

Set current gold to 0, 0x Gold Gain, 5x Exp Gain

Berserker Armor


> Ring

Ring of Water


* it says multiply minimum damage twice in tooltip, but seems multiply both

Blood ring

+2 AA, -1 SP Cost to improve AA (minimum 1)

Ring of Greed

(+0) 5x Gold Gain

(+1) 6x Gold Gain

> Shield

Blood Shield

Deal max damage on crit, else deal 0 damage

Skull shield

10x MIN/MAX when the monster has 1000%+ VUL


(2EE,AA*BB) VUL every 3 second.

Clover shield

4x CC

> Boots

Magnetic Boots

Extend Energize duration 5 times

Heavyweight Boots

+2BB MAX, +1 BB Improve Efficiency

+3BB MAX, +1 BB Improve Efficiency

Sorcerer's Shoe

(10SS,SS) VUL on hit

Strategy / Tips

> Principled words

As you can see above formula,

dps producted by 5 attribute : damage, critical chance, critical damage, hitting rate, vulnerability.

each attributes also can classify, exclude vulnerability : base(+ flat bonus), multiplier.

vulnerability will consist of : applying probability, cycle to trying to apply, applying amount

and we have two main source : stats, gears

We should distribute thoes source to attributes properly to maximize dps.

it is hard to make a change with flat bonus, after some point.

Since the SP is much more than slot count,

should take gears with multiplier, then gain flat bonus by stat.

even there is a case that no gear with certain stat flat bonus.

in late game, gear with stat-related multiplier is best choice.

> Improving Stat

You should set Brutality, Elegance or Anger as your main stat.

But Brutality does not increase HR / CC base, which gear cannot, it isnt good to be a main stat.

Also it seems hero always be born with Elegance or Anger as favorite.

So maybe Elegance or Anger will your main, according to favorite.

Should remember that Anger needs brutality as side stat to increase flat damage.

Also Elegance need brutality or anger to increase flat critical damage.

Elegance is good in early game, Anger is better in middle game, just i think.

It is good to keep some SP before you open chest, if you able.

Then you can improve stat which gear require immediately, like Sorcery for Ring of Water.

> Critical / Vulnerablity

But In early game, critical and vulnerability is not essential thing.

rather make DPS unpredictable and extend hunting time.

You can progress until some point with just normal damages.

That is why I think elegance is good in early game.

But after Megacrit and as more gears you can equip, start to change.

Of course there are limits with only 2-element product,

even Megacrit gives almost 250x efficiency, 2500x with Energize (even temporarily),

and VUL is only way to smooth the enemy growth curve, virtually, since it growing with time.

> Ring of Greed

Its the only way to increase gold gain, except Token artifact.

And more gold meaning more chance to get gears.

You can buy chest after kill certain enemy, without any gold bonus :

2, 4, 8, 14, ..

You can buy chest after kill certain enemy, without any gold bonus but Greed Ring :

2 (Buy Ring), 3, 4, 7, 11, ...

therefore, it looks good to select greed ring as first gear, if you will go 4 or further.

but there is a nice ring : Ring of Water, which multiply damage by Sorcery.

I think If you cannot fill all 7 gears, Ring of Greed is better.

> Good gears

This is list of gears what are good i think.

Saying, all-round, high expectation, ...

Battle Axe : Best gear. 5~10x expected without any risk, or set up, whatever your tree is.

Babarian Helmet : 5~10x expected, if critical are not abandoned.

Berserker Armor : No risk, High potential.

(after early games)

Eye of Fire,

Ring of Water,

Sorcerer's Shoe : Also no risk, high potential. but need non-main stat or critial setup.

(in early games)

Ring of Greed : You can buy chest early.

Loser's Hat : ~10x expected, if you abandon critical.

Wnara : ~10x expected, if your MAX-MIN is low enough.

Blood Amulet : Good way to get flat damage, until you having spare SP

> Not so good gears

This is list of gears what are having better substitution or abstruse condition.

Pick it when there is no better selection, of course.

Hawk Helmet : hard condition, 100% critical chance. when it can, there are good other gears.

Balance Blade : Just 3x expectation, in spite of it is weapon.

Plate Armor : Berserker Armor will be better choice.

Blood Shield : Just 2x expectation, even in the best case.

Magnetic Boots : Energize is not good booster that much itself.

Heavyweight Boots : Hard to over 2x expectation.

> Writter's pick

Anger as Main, Favorite

Sorcery as Secondary, Favorite

Brutality as Third

Babarian Helmet : 0x MIN, 5x MAX, 2x CD

Battle Axe : 10x MAX

Eye of Fire : SSx CD

Berserker Armor : AAx MAX

Ring of Water : SSx MIN/MAX

Skull shield : 10x MIN/MAX when the monster has 1000%+ VUL

Sorcerer's Shoe : (10SS,SS) VUL on hit


Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2626957337					

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