Daemons of Chaos (Legendary) Guide

Introduction To The Guide

This guide is currently a work in progress, it isn't finished.

And I recommend you test things out further than my guide says, and even try new things that my current guide doesn't say to.

Helpful information that had me test stuff out, and learn more about the faction. You should check these out also. (As the guide continues there will be more info, and thus more info/resources I will leave here for you).

Colonel Damneders - Daemons of Chaos Campaign Guide on YouTube

MinMaxRex - Daemons of Chaos guide on steam

Realm Of Chaos - Introduction (First 5-10 Turns)

Important things to know before even starting the campaign: All Daemons of Chaos (Individual races, and DoC) have a Winds of Magic mechanic where they gain stats for high power reserves (mediocre stats) and receive penalties for low power reserves (crippling debuffs). These are very crippling if not noticed, and if you have played TW:WH2, this might be a surprise that you didn't know about.

Before you even move - You start at war with Nordland, Skaeling, and Black Venom. You have non-aggression pacts with Vilitch and Skarbrand.

You start in 'Doomkeep', with an army from Nordland directly in front of you (this is a much better start than what previously was, which was Nordland-occupied 'Doomkeep') this is a pushover army. And you can autoresolve and face close to no casualties.

Let's talk about building differences before you decide what Chaos god to resettle Doomkeep for. In each settlement you have the Reverence building line that grants corruption, glory, a bonus to replenishment in the province, a conditional income generation, and at level 3 hero capacity for the hero associated with the Chaos god you dedicated the settlement to. This is the building in each settlement with the most differences.

The conditional income is what I want to discuss primarily. The Reverence line, and for Slaanesh their conditional income bonus is Control 25 or more, this is by far the easiest one. And the remaining ones for the other Chaos gods are: Tzeentch - "When Winds of Magic is Temptestous." (Can take some time, but doable) Nurgle: When Growth per turn is 200 or more or 5 development points (doable), and Khorne: When an enemy lord is present (easily the worst, especially when your provinces don't have enemies nearby).

Besides that, the building differences are generally just specific things. The basic military and advanced military buildings follow the same format. Tier 2-3 Basic military building for infantry that gives you hero capacity for that race's hero. Tier 1-5 Advanced military building that grants a lot of units that also gives glory to whoever you devoted the settlement to, this is the Soul Grinder line. And a Tier 3-5 advanced military building that also grants glory and grants the non-SG monster for whoever you devoted the province to.

Ignore the advisor, Bay of Blades is a trap that will have you encounter multiple factions that have not been dealt with by Festus or Vilitch.

Some guides and google searches (namely MinMaxRex's guide for the Daemons of Chaos) will prompt you to Resettle Doomkeep for Slaanesh and recruit Marauders of Slaanesh and go straight to 'The Shifting Monolith,' this is a very viable strategy. And if you pursue this, I would recommend you do as that tells you, and construct the public order garrison building to prevent the Goblin-spamstack from going straight to Doomkeep and potentially causing you attrition (no settlement) while going to 'The Shifting Monolith.' Generally, resettling for Slaanesh is a good option. Marauders of Slaanesh are a great early game unit, their building lines are nice, and they have decent garrisons (base settlement and the public order garrison are the only differences in garrison, the defence garrison buildings will provide you one unit from each of the 4 Chaos gods).

Two more options, that I have experimented with are going either left or right. Left to the Helpsire Mountains and occupying that province, or going to the Mountains of Hel and occupying that province.

I think in terms of easiness, your best option is going to the Helpsire Mountains. Varg is an absolute pushover, and if you have the Public order building in Doomkeep, the Greenskins don't pose a serious issue. I'd recommend starting with the Monolith of Katam, this route doesn't risk the Greenskins going to Graeling Moot (the other place you would reasonably start in this province), and taking it from you.

Mountains of Hel opens you up to Kraka Drak, and by extension The Ice Court. But Aesling is an absolute pushover as well.

Your skill tree also has a lot of options as well. And before you start putting points in blindly, check where each skill tree leads. Some of your best options (in my opinion) are: Respect of the North (at level 3: +30 Relations with Warriors of Chaos, Norsca, Daemons of Chaos and Beastmen), Knowing Diplomat (at level 3: +15 Relations with all factions), the Great Sorcerer (Not exactly sure what the difference between each of the parts is, but it helps with winds of magic, and to avoid the penalties of low Winds, it helps a lot), Rotting Nourishment (+6% Casualty replenishment rate at level 3), Devious Plotting (+30% ambush success chance at level 3), Inspiring Presence (passive EXP gain, higher leadership aura effect. Not sure if anyone agrees with me, I just love passive EXP gain), Grimy Terrain (for the Nurgle Realm, so you don't spend 10 turns in Encamp stance).

And of course, the skill tree and unit rosters should be taken into account BEFORE leveling too much. You get full unit rosters through undivided, but if your favorite and most used units belong to a certain race, consider prioritizing that race. The benefits for Dedicating to one of the 4 Chaos gods are absolutely massive. If you want to make a Nurgle Soul Grinder doomstack, then you might want to go down the Nurgle glory line, and the Nurgle skill line (as there are two separate Soul Grinder skills for each lord, that total 6 points, which I would say is objectively bad as a skill, but if you are dedicated to the Doomstack, you can always go for it, if not, dedication buffs are massive enough to make up for it.

Realm Of Chaos - OH NO! It's All Going Wrong!

In this section, I'll talk about some early game dilemmas that can occur that could possibly derail your campaign or increase the amount of time it takes to reach your desired goal.

First, when going for The Shifting Monolith, the goblins at the Altar of Spawns can come to Doomkeep before you have even crossed the water to get to The Northern Wastes. This is a bad situation to be in, especially if you aren't prepared for it. If the goblins are successful in destroying/occupying your settlement, you'll start to take attrition from not having a settlement. Since this game is unpredictable, there are some solutions that may or may not work. First, build the public order building if you decide to leave for The Shifting Monolith, the extra garrison tends to not attract the greenskins. If they are still there, and their army is unbeatable, take over the nearest Norscan settlement you can, Norsca is a pushover for DoC.

Realm Of Chaos - Leading Up To The Rifts And Your First Entrance Into The Rifts. (Turns 10-25)

By now, you should have conquered at least 1 province or are in the process of taking it, or if you went to The Shifting Monolith, should have taken or besieged The Shifting Monolith.

If you went for the Helspire Mountains, you have some options for expansion. The Vanaheim Mountains are a good start, Bjornling, like Varg, are a pushover. The Mountains of Hel might not be a good option if Vilitch is heading there. Or, if you are lacking enemies since Nordland can be removed from the Bay of Blades without user action, and Skaeling can be negotiated with fairly easily, you can make your way to The Shifting Monolith.

Once you start conquering multiple provinces, consider making the 'Protection' building in all of your provinces. The value of not having Chaos armies in your unmanned provinces is immense. And can save you the headache of worrying about creating new armies and increasing your upkeep.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2961499015					

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