Traits and Ancillaries: A Comprehensive Listing

Explaining The Table And Trait/ancillary Effects

Trait Name hereLevelLevel

"title here if applicable"Trait Sub-nameTrait Sub-nameEffectEffectAntiTrait if applicable*AntiTraits are the opposite of the trait in the table. They take away levels unless there is a NoGoingBack Lock on a level, which will be represented with the Hashtag # .

Ancillary Name hereancillary

pictureDescriptive NameEffect

Effects explained:

Effect NameAffects who?My descriptive definition hereAuthorityGeneralAffects how likely Armies are to Rebel; also affects how many Rebels spawn in the land; and affects who the next Heir will be once the Faction Leader diesCharmPrincessAffects Princess success in diplomatic dealings, and success in charming generalsChivalry/DreadGeneralAffects a General's Chivalry/Dread level; higher Chivalry (positive Chivalry) gives more population growth (1 point = 0.5% growth) and ally troop morale near the chivalrous general; higher Dread (negative Chivalry) gives public order (1 point = 5% public order) and lowers enemy morale near the dreadful generalCommandAdmiral, GeneralSeen as stars in-game. The more Command skill, the more morale the army has, the better chance a general has of rallying routing troops, and the greater the General's success in autoresolveFinanceMerchantAffects how much money a Merchant makes off a trade good, and the success chances of seizing the assets of a rival Merchant or preventing said seizures on themselvesInfluenceDiplomatAffects how successful a Diplomat in signing contracts with other factions/entitiesLoyaltyGeneralAffects how loyal a General is to your faction. Low-Loyalty Generals have a higher chance of defecting to Rebels, being bribed by other Factions, or being seduced by another Faction's PrincessPietyGeneral, PriestSeen as the Jesus Fish in-game. The more Piety a General has, the higher the chance of being chosen as Governer, it also increases income by reducing corruption, and increases/reduces public order depending on the religious level of the settlement.

The more Piety a Priest has, the stronger their conversion of a settlement to the Priest's religion will be, and the Priest will have a better chance of accusing a Heretic/Witch; a Heretic also has Piety, working inversely against the Priest's accusation chances.

For Catholic factions, this also affects the chances of an Inquisitor burning your Generals/Priests to death, along with the Faction Leader's Piety affecting how much the Pope likes your FactionSubterfugeAssassin, SpyAffects Agent success chancesAgentDiscountGeneralAffects Spy and Assassin costs in the governed settlement; 1 point = -5%AmbushGeneralAffects Command level when ambushing an enemy armyArtilleryGeneralAffects Command level when army is >80 siege artillery unitsAssassinationAssassinAffects success chance of an Assassin's AssassinationAttackAdmiral, GeneralAffects Command level when attacking an enemy armyBriberyDiplomatAffects how successful a Diplomat is at Bribing entities and armiesBuildingGeneralMakes construction costs cheaper; 1 point = 1%CavalryGeneralAffects Command level when army is >80 cavalryDefenceAdmiral, GeneralAffects Command level when defending against an enemy armyEngineerGeneralGives extra siege-engine-construction points when sieging an enemy settlementFarmingGeneralBoosts Farming income when a General is governing a SettlementFertilityGeneral, PrincessAffects chance for childrenGunpowderGeneralAffects Command level when army is >80 Gunpowder unitsHitpointsGeneralAffects how many times the General can be fatally hit in battle before they actually dieHealthGeneralAffects settlement healthInfantryGeneralAffects Command level when army is >80% Infantry unitsIntegrityGeneralAffects how likely the entity is to be bribed and how much it costs to bribe themLawGeneralAffects public order; 1 point = 5%LooterGeneralBoosts cash earned from conquering a settlement; 1 point = 1%MiningGeneralBoosts Mining income when a General is governing a Settlement; 1 point = 1%MoraleGeneralAffects army moraleMovementAdmiral, Assassin, Diplomat, General, Merchant, Princess, SpyAffects how far this entity can travelNavalAdmiralAffects Command level for fleet entitiesNightBattleGeneralAffects Command level during night battlesNightBattleOnGeneralEnables night battles for this generalPopularityGeneralAffects settlement public order when General is governing a city; 1 point = 5%PrivateSecurityAssassin, Diplomat, General, Merchant, Princess, Priest, SpyAffects how likely an entity is to catch an Assassin or Spy when they interact with the entity, also adds soldiers to the General's Bodyguard unit.PublicSecurityGeneralAffects how likely a General is to catch an Assassin or Spy when they interact with the General's Army or governed SettlementSabotageAssassinAffects Assassin's success chances in sabotageSiegeAttackGeneralAffects Command level when attacking during a siege, unsure if sallying out is affectedSiegeDefenceGeneralAffects Command level when defending during a siege, unsure if sallying out is affectedSightAdmiral, Assassin, Diplomat, General, Merchant, Princess, Priest, SpyAffects the distance this entity can see into the fog of warSqualorGeneralAffects Squalor, which affects public order and population growth; 1 point = -5%SurgeryGeneralRevives dead soldiers after a battleTaxGeneralBoosts tax income when General is governing a settlement; 1 point = 1%TradeGeneralBoosts trade income when General is governing a settlement; 1 point = 1%UnitDiscountGeneralAffects unit costs; 1 point = -5%UnrestGeneralAffects public order, 1 point = -5%

Quick Reference Tables (General/Governor Traits)

Good General TraitsGoodCommander 5 GoodAttacker 5 GoodDefender 5 Command +5Attack +5Defend +5

GoodAmbusher 4 GoodSiegeAttacker 4 GoodSiegeDefender 4Ambush +4SiegeAttack +4SiegeDefend +4

GoodEngineer 3 GoodInfantryGeneral 3GoodCavalryGeneral 3Engineer +60, Siege Attack +2Infantry +3Cavalry +3

GoodRiskyAttacker 3GoodRiskyDefender 3GoodArtilleryCommander 4Attack +3, Morale -1Attack +3, Morale +1Artillery +4

GoodGunpowderGeneral 4Noctophilia 3Scout 3Gunpowder +4NightBattle +3Sight +3

NightBattleCapable 1EasternWarlord 3JaguarWarlord 3Can Fight Night BattlesCommand +6, Dread +3Command +6, Dread +3

NaturalMilitarySkill 4Anger 3Intelligent 3Command +3, Trade +10, Tax +10Command +4Command +2, Dread +2, Morale -2

StrategicSkill 3TacticalSkill 3MathematicsSkill 3Command +3Ambush +4, Sight +3Engineer +30, Trade+15, SiegeAttack +2

LogisticalSkill 3AcademyTrained 2Beserker 3Morale +3, Movement +4Command +2Morale +3, Attack +3, Dread +4, Hitpoints +4

Brave * 4BattleScarred 4Energetic 3Morale +4, Authority +1Hitpoints +8, Authority +2Movement +5, Authority +2

Disciplinarian 3HorseRacer 3Gregarious 3Command +1, Authority +1, Movement +1, Law +1, Morale -2Movement +2, Cavalry +1, Authority +1Popularity +3, Morale +2

HaleAndHeart 3Pragmatic 3Hitpoints +6, Fertility +1Authority +3, Morale +2*Brave has a fifth level, but it reduces the Morale stat to +2, and only gives +1 in Authority.

Good Governor TraitsHandsome 4GoodAdministrator 3GoodFarmer 3Popularity +4, Authority +1, Command -1Trade +10, Law +3Farming +3

GoodMiner 3GoodTrader 3KindRuler * 3Mining +30Trade+30Chivalry +3, Squalor -3

GoodBuilder 3GoodTaxman 3MathematicsSkill 3Building +15, Squalor -3Tax +30, Unrest +2Engineer +30, Trade +15, SiegeAttack+2

VictorVirtue 3Prim 3DisciplinarianAuthority +3, Popularity +3, PublicSecurity -3Authority +2, Integrity +4, Law +3, Squalor -1, Unrest +3, Command -1Command +1, Authority +1, Movement +4, Law +1, Morale -2Authoritarian * 3 Epicurean 3Austere 3Law +6, Authority +2, Unrest +3Trade +10, Integrity -3Integrity +30, Tax +10, Loyalty +2

Asthetic 3InspiringSpeaker 3Gregarious 3Squalor -2, Command -3, Integrity -2Law +2Popularity +3, Morale +2

Upright 3Just ** 3HarshJustice ** 3Loyalty +4, Integrity +30, Law +6Chivalry +3, Law +3Law +6, Dread +1, Unrest +3

Miserly 3Cultured 2Tax +10, Trade +5, Squalor +3Popularity +2, Authority +1

*KindRuler and Authoritarian are mutually exclusive.

**Just and HarshJustice are mutually exclusive.

Chivalry TraitsBattleChivalry 5StrategyChivalry 5CaptorChivalry 4RandomChivalry 4Chivalry +5, Authority +5Chivalry +5, Authority +3Chivalry +4Chivalry +4, Morale +3

CrusaderHistory 3JihadHistory 3KindRuler 3CounterSpy 3Chivalry +3, Piety +3, Command vs Muslims +3Chivalry +3, Piety +3, Command vs Catholics +3Chivalry +3, Squalor -3PublicSecurity +4, Chivalry +1, Sight +1

AssassinCatcher 3Loyal 4 TourneyKnights 5ReligiousActivity 4PrivateSecurity +4, Chivalry +2, Sight +2Loyalty +4, Chivalry +3Chivalry +3, Cavalry +2, Authority +2Piety +4, Chivalry +2

Just 3ChivalryLegacy 2Chivalry +3, Law +3Chivalry +2

Dread TraitsBattleDread 5StrategyDread 5CaptorDread 4RansomDread 4Dread +5, Authority +2Dread +5, Authority +3Dread +4Dread +4, Morale -3

PopesEnforcer 2Bloodthirsty 3Anger 3HarshRuler 3Dread +2, Command vs Muslims +2Dread +3, Command -1, Morale -3Command +2, Dread +2, Morale -2Law +3, Dread +3, Squalor +2, PrivateSecurity-2

EasternWarlord 3JaguarWarlord 3SpyMaster 3AssassinMatcher 3Command +6, Dread +3Command +6, Dread +3AgentDiscount +6, PublicSecurity +2, Dread +1AgentDiscount +5, PrivateSecurity +2, Dread +3

Beserker 3Genocide 3Disloya 4Feck 4Morale +3, Attack +3, Dread +4, Hitpoints +4, Defence -3Dread +3, Looter +3Loyalty -4, Dread +4Morale +4, Dread +4, Piety -6, Loyalty -2, Authority -2

Girls 5Unjust 3HarshJustoce 3DreadLegacy 2Dread +2, Popularity -3Unrest +3, Dread +2Law +6, Dread +1, Unrest +3Dread +2

Good Marriage TraitsWifeIsCharming 3WifeIsWife 3WifeIsNoble 3Fertility +2, Popularity +2Trade +15, Tax +15Popularity +3, PublicSecurity +1

Quick Reference Tables (Agents And Admiral Traits)

Good Admiral TraitsSailor 5FamousPirate 3Naval +5Naval +2, Loyalty -3

Good Assassin/Spy TraitsNaturalSpySkill 3NaturalAssassinSkill 3ThievesGuildMember 2Subtefuge +3Subterfuge +3Subterfuge +2

ThievesGuildTrained 1AssassinsGuildMember 2HashashinsGuildMember 2Subterfuge +1Subterfuge +2Subterfuge +2

AssassinsGuildTrained 1GoodSpy 5GoddAssassin 5Subterfuge +1Subterfuge +5, Sight +5Subterfuge +5

GoodConspirator 3GoodSaboteur * 3Subterfuge +3Sabotage +3*Only applicable to Assassins, Spies can't sabatoge.

Good Diplomat TraitsGoodDiplomat 5SmoothTalker 3Secretive 3Multilingual 3Influence +5Bribery +30Influence +3, Bribery +10Influence +3

ReligiousTolerance 3BraveDiplomat 3Influence +3Influence +3, PrivateSecurity -1

Good Merchant TraitsNaturalMerchantSkill 3MerchantsGuildMember 1MerchantsGuildTrained 1GoodMerchant 5Finance +3Finance +1Finance +1Finance +5

Monopolist 3LegalDealer 2SecureMerchant 2WorldlyMerchant 2Finance +3, PrivateSecurity -1Finance +2Finance +2Finance +2

Good Princess TraitsNaturalPrincess 3GoodPrincess 4HumbleWoman 2PrettyWoman 3Charm +3Charm +4Charm +2Charm+3, Fertility +1

BraveWoman 2FaithfulWoman 3PassionateWoman 3EducatedWoman 3Charm +2, PrivateSecurity +2Charm +2, Loyalty +1Charm +2, Fertility +1Charm +2

TolerantWoman 3FertileWoman 3FairWoman 3Charm +3Fertility +3Charm +3

Good Piety SkillsNaturalPriestSkill 3NaturalInqusitorSkill 3NtaturalHereticSkill 3TheologiansGuildMember 2Piety +3Piety +6Piety +3Piety +2

TheologiansGuildTrained 1GoodDenouncer 5UnfairProsector 2StrongFaith 4Piety +1Piety +5Piety +2Piety +4

GrowingConvinction 3DivineProtection 3Purifer 3Missionary 3Piety +3Piety +2, Violence +2Piety +3, Eligibility +2, Purity +3, Violence +2Piety +3, Eligibility +2, Purity +3, Violence -2

Commander Good Traits (General)

GoodCommander12345 "the Mighty"Promising CommanderAspiring CommanderProven CommanderGreat CommanderLegendary CommanderCommand +1Command +2Command +3Command +4Command +5AntiTraits: BadCommander

GoodAttacker12345 "the Attacker"Promising AttackerConfident AttackerStrong AttackerExcellent AttackerHeroic AttackerAttack +1Attack +2Attack +3Attack +4Attack +5AntiTraits: BadAttacker

GoodDefender12345 "the Bastion"Promising DefenderConfident DefenderStrong DefenderExcellent DefenderHeroic DefenderDefence +1Defence +2Defence +3Defence +4Defence +5AntiTraits: BadDefender

GoodAmbusher1234 "the Cunning"Effective AmbusherCunning AmbusherGreat AmbusherStalks His PreyAmbush +1Ambush +2Ambush +3Ambush +4AntiTraits: BadAmbusher

GoodSiegeAttacker1234 "the Unstoppable"Wall TakerSiege ExpertSiege MasterUnstoppable in SiegeSiegeAttack +1SiegeAttack +2SiegeAttack +3SiegeAttack +4AntiTraits: BadSiegeAttacker

GoodSiegeDefender1234 "the Defender"Good at the WallsStrong at the WallsUrban ProtectorSavior of CitiesSiegeDefence +1SiegeDefence +2SiegeDefence +3SiegeDefence +4AntiTraits:BadSiegeDefender

GoodEngineer12 #3 "the Engineer"Admires TechnologyMechnically MindedEngineerEngineer +20Engineer +40, SiegeAttack+1Engineer +60, SiegeAttack+2AntiTraits: BadEngineer

GoodInfantryGeneral123 "the Infantryman"Good with InfantrySkilled with InfantryInfantry MasterInfantry +1Infantry +2Infantry +3AntiTraits: BadInfantryGeneral

GoodCavalryGeneral123 "the Horseman"Good with CavalryDangerous with CavalryGreat Cavalry CommanderCavalry +1Cavalry +2Cavalry +3AntiTraits: BadCavalryGeneral

GoodRiskyAttacker123 "the Lucky"Bold AttackerRisky AttackerSuicidal AttackerMorale +1, Attack +1Morale +2, Attack +2Attack +3--Morale -1AntiTraits: BadRiskyAttacker

GoodRiskyDefender123 "the Steadfast"Calm When OutnumberedDetermined in DefenceFears no OddsDefence +1Defence +2, Morale +1Defence +3, Morale +1AntiTraits: BadRiskyDefender

GoodArtilleryCommander1234Good with ArtilleryAdept with ArtilleryExpert with ArtilleryMasterful with ArtilleryArtillery +1Artillery +2Artillery +3Artillery +4AntiTraits: BadArtilleryCommander

GoodGunpowderCommander1234Good with GunsAdept with GunsExpert with GunsMasterful with GunsGunpowder +1Gunpowder +2Gunpowder +3Gunpowder +4AntiTraits: BadGunpowderCommander

Commander Bad Traits (General)

BadCommander1234 "the Inept"Unproven CommanderIncompetent CommanderPathetic CommanderUseless CommanderCommand -1Command -2Command -3Command -5AntiTraits: GoodCommander

BadAttacker1234 "the Foolhardy"Flawed AttackerIncompetent AttackerPathetic AttackerUsless AttackerAttack -1Attack -2Attack -3Attack -4AntiTraits: GoodAttacker

BadDefender1234Flawed DefenderIncompetent DefenderPathetic DefenderUseless DefenderDefence -1Defence -2Defence -3Defence -4AntiTraits: GoodDefender

BadAmbusher123Poor AmbusherClumsy AmbusherBrutally ObviousAmbush -1Ambush -2Ambush -3AntiTraits: GoodAmbusher

BadSiegeAttacker123Poor BesiegerPathetic BesiegerBeaten by WallsSiegeAttack -1SiegeAttack -2SiegeAttack -3AntiTraits: GoodSiegeAttacker

BadSiegeDefender123Poor at the WallsPathetic at the WallsLiability In DefenceSiegeDefence -1SiegeDefence -2SiegeDefence -3AntiTraits:GoodSiegeDefender

BadEngineer12 #3Questions TechnologyBefuddled by MachinesDistrusts Evil Machinery!SiegeAttack -1SiegeAttack -2SiegeAttack -3AntiTraits: GoodEngineer

BadInfantryCommander123Poor with InfantryInept with InfantryConfused with InfantryInfantry -1Infantry -2Infantry -3AntiTraits: GoodInfantryCommander

BadCavalryCommander123Poor with CavalryInept with CavalryShameful with CavalryCavalry -1Cavalry -2Cavalry -3AntiTraits: GoodCavalryCommander

BadRiskyAttacker123Poor Risk TakerPicks Fights PoorlyUtterly FoolhardyAttack -1Attack -2, Morale -1Attack -3, Morale -1AntiTraits: GoodRiskyAttacker

BadRiskyDefender123Poor Against NumbersBeaten by OddsDoomed DefenderDefence -1Defence -2Defence -3AntiTraits: GoodRiskyDefender

IndecisiveAttacker123 "the Unsure"Hesitant AttackerOver-Cautious AttackerIndecisive AttackerAttack -1Attack -2Attack -3AntiTraits: GoodCommander GoodAttacker

BadArtilleryCommander123Poor with ArtilleryAwful with ArtilleryDiabolical with ArtilleryArtillery -1Artillery -2Artillery -3AntiTraits: GoodArtilleryCommander

BadGunpowderCommander123Poor with GunsAwful with GunsUseless with GunsGunpowder -1Gunpowder -2Gunpowder -3AntiTraits: GoodGunpowderCommander

GloriousFool123Unlucky LeaderGlory HunterGlorious FoolCommand -1, Morale +2Command -2, Morale +4Command -4, Morale +6AntiTraits: GoodAttacker Good Defender GoodRiskyAttacker GoodRiskyDefender

Commander Other Traits (General)

Noctophobia123Spooked at NightFear of the DarkNoctophobic-PrivateSecurity +1PrivateSecurity +2NightBattle -1NightBattle -2NightBattle -3AntiTraits: Noctophilia

Noctophilia123Likes the DarkEffective at NightNocturnalNightBattle +1NightBattle +2NightBattle +3AntiTraits: Noctophobia

Scout123Adopts ScoutingAdept ScoutReconnaissance ExpertSight +1Sight +2Sight +3No AntiTraits

NightBattleCapable1Night FighterNightBattleOn +1

FactionKiller12 "the Conqueror"3 "the Great"4 "the Invincible"ConquerorGreat ConquerorLegendary ConquerorAll ConqueringAuthority +1Authority +2Authority +3Authority +4

EasternWarlord123Eastern WarlordMighty WarlordKhan's ConquerorCommand +2, Dread +1Command +4, Dread +2Command +6, Dread +3No AntiTraits

JaguarWarlord123Mighty EagleMighty JaguarGrand JaguarCommand +2, Dread +1Command +4, Dread +2Command +6, Dread +3No AntiTraits

Chivalry/Dread Traits (General)

BattleDread1234 "Field Tyrant"5 "Warlord of Terror"Winning FirstCruel and CunningMerciless MaulerField TyrantWarlord of TerrorDread +1Dread +2Dread +3Dread +4, Authority +1Dread +5, Authority +2

BattleChivalry1234 "Champion of Honour"5 "Saint of Battle"Fair FighterNoble in BattleBastion of ChivalryChampion of HonourSaint of BattleChivalry +1Chivalry +2Chivalry +3Chivalry +4, Authority +1Chivalry +5, Authority +2

StrategyDread1234 "the Malevolent"5 "the Tyrant"Mean LeaderCruel LeaderMerciless LeaderMalevolent LeaderTyranical LeaderDread +1Dread +2Dread +3, Authority +1Dread +4, Authority +2Dread +5, Authority +3AntiTraits: StrategyChivalry

StrategyChivalry1234 "the Honourable"5 "the Saint"Fair in RuleNoble in RuleChivalrous in RuleHonourable RulerSaintly RulerChivalry +1Chivalry +2Chivalry +3, Authority +1Chivalry +4, Authority +2Chivalry +5, Authority +3AntiTraits: StrategyDread

CaptorDread1234 "the Merciless"Disrespects PrisonersLacks CompassionQuite MercilessMerciless ConquerorDread +1Dread +2Dread +3Dread +4AntiTraits: CaptorChivalry

CaptorChivalry1234 "the Merciful"Respects the EnemyCompassionate VictorQuite MercifulMerciful ChampionChivalry +1Chivalry +2Chivalry +3Chivalry +4AntiTraits: CaptorDread

RansomDread1234 "the Merciless"Grim CommanderCold CommanderHarsh CommanderMerciless CommanderDread +1Dread +2, Morale -1Dread +3, Morale -2Dread +4, Morale -3AntiTraits: RansomChivalry

RansomChivalry1234 "the Merciful"Noble CommanderHonourable CommanderCaring CommanderMerciful CommanderChivalry +1Chivalry +2, Morale +1Chivalry +3, Morale +2Chivalry +4, Morale +3AntiTraits: RansomDread

Religious War Traits (General)

CrusaderHistory123 "the Crusader"CrusaderGreat CrusaderGrand CrusaderChivalry +1, Piety +1, Command vs Muslim +1Chivalry +2, Piety +2, Command vs Muslim +2Chivalry +3, Piety +3, Command vs Muslim +3

JihadHistory123 "the Holy Warrior"Holy SoldierHoly DefenderHoly WarriorChivalry +1, Piety +1, Command vs Catholics +1Chivalry +2, Piety +2, Command vs Catholics +2Chivalry +3, Piety +3, Command vs Catholics +3

AdoredByPope123 "the Adored"Respected by PopeAdored by PopeExhalted by PopePiety +1, Command vs Muslim +1Piety +2, Command vs Muslim +2Piety +3, Command vs Muslim +3

PopesEnforcer12 "the ExecutionerPope's EnforcerPope's ExecutionerDread +1, Command vs Muslim +1Dread +2, Command vs Muslim +2

Fearful Of Faction Traits (General)

Fearsaztec123Nervous Near AztecsFears AztecsTerrified by Aztec WaysCommand vs Aztecs -1Command vs Aztecs -2, Morale -1Command vs Aztecs -3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Hatesaztec

Fearsbyzantium123Nervous Near BazantineFears the ByzantineTerrified of ByzantiumCommand vs Byzantium -1Command vs Byzantium -2, Morale -1Command vs Byzantium -3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Hatesbyzantium

Fearsdenmark123Uncomfortable Near DanesFears DanesTerrified by DanishCommand vs Denmark -1Command vs Denmark -2, Morale -1Command vs Denmark -3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Hatesdenmark

Fearsegypt123Edgey around EgyptiansFears the EgyptiansTerrified by EgyptiansCommand vs Egypt -1Command vs Egypt -2, Morale -1Command vs Egypt -3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Hatesegypt

Fearsengland123Edgey Around the EnglishFears the EnglishTerrified by the EnglishCommand vs England -1Command vs England -2, Morale -1Command vs England -3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Hatesengland

Fearsfrance123Wary of the FrenchFears the FrenchTerrified of the FrenchCommand vs France -1Command vs France -2, Morale -1Command vs France -3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Hatesfrance

Fearshre123Edgey around ImperialsFears the ReichTerrified by the EmpireCommand vs HRE -1Command vs HRE -2, Morale -1Command vs HRE -3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Hateshre

Fearshungary123Nervous near HungariansFears HungariansTerrified of HungariansCommand vs Hungary -1Command vs Hungary -2, Morale -1Command vs Hungary -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hateshungary

Fearsmilan123Nervous near MilaneseFears MilaneseTerrified by Milanese MightCommand vs Milan -1Command vs Milan -2, Morale -1Command vs Milan -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesmilan

Fearsmongols123Wary of MongolsFears MongolsTerrified by the MongolsCommand vs Mongols -1Command vs Mongols -2, Morale -1Command vs Mongols -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesmongols

Fearsmoors123Nervous near MoorsFears the MoorsTerrified by the MoorsCommand vs Moors -1Command vs Moors -2, Morale -1Command vs Moors -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesmoors

Fearspapal_states123Wary of the PapacyFears the PapacyTerrified of Papal ForcesCommand vs Papacy -1Command vs Papacy -2, Morale -1Command vs Papacy-3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatespapal_states

Fearspoland123Wary of PolesFears the PolesTerrified of PolesCommand vs Poland -1Command vs Poland -2, Morale -1Command vs Poland -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatespoland

Fearsportugal123Wary of PortugeseFears PortugeseTerrified of PortugeseCommand vs Portugal -1Command vs Portugal -2, Morale -1Command vs Portugal -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesportugal

Fearsslave123Wary of RebelsFears Rebelling ForcesTerrified of Rebellion--Loyalty +1-Morale -1Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesslave

Fearsrussia123Wary of RussiansFears RussiansTerrified of RussiansCommand vs Russia -1Command vs Russia -2, Morale -1Command vs Russia -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesrussia

Fearsscotland123Wary of ScotsFears ScotsTerrified of ScottishCommand vs Scotland -1Command vs Scotland -2, Morale -1Command vs Scotland -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesscotland

Fearssicily123Wary of SiciliansFears SiciliansTerrified of SiciliansCommand vs Sicily -1Command vs Sicily -2, Morale -1Command vs Sicily -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatessicily

Fearsspain123Wary of SpaniardsFears the SpanishTerrified of the SpanishCommand vs Spain -1Command vs Spain -2, Morale -1Command vs Spain -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesspain

Fearstimurids123Wary of TimuridsFears the TimuridsTerrified of the TimuridsCommand vs Timurid -1Command vs Timurid -2, Morale -1Command vs Timurid -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatestimurids

Fearsturks123Wary of the TurksFears the TurksTerrified of the TurkishCommand vs Turks -1Command vs Turks -2, Morale -1Command vs Turks -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesturks

Fearsvenice123Wary of the VenetiansFears the VenetiansTerrified of VenetiansCommand vs Venice -1Command vs Venice -2, Morale -1Command vs Venice -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesvenice

Fearful Of Religion Traits (General)

Fearscatholic123Nervous Battling CatholicsFears Catholic WarriorsTerrified of Catholic WarriorsCommand vs Catholics -1Command vs Catholics -2, Morale -1Command vs Catholics -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatescatholic

Fearsorthodox123Nervous Battling OrthodoxFears Orthodox WarriorsTerrified of Orthodox WarriorsCommand vs Orthodox -1Command vs Orthodox -2, Morale -1Command vs Orthodox -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesorthodox

Fearsislam123Wary of MuslimsFears Muslim WarriorsTerrified of IslamCommand vs Muslim -1Command vs Muslim -2, Morale -1Command vs Muslim -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatesislam

Fearsheretic123Wary of HeresyFears HereticsTerrified of Heretics---AntiTraits: Hatesheretic

Fearspagan123Wary of PagansFears PagansTerrified of Pagan WaysCommand vs Pagans -1Command vs Pagans -2, Morale -1Command vs Pagans -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Hatespagan

Hateful Of Faction Traits (General)

Hatesaztec123 #Despises Aztec WaysHates AztecLoathes Heathen AztecsCommand vs Aztecs +1Command vs Aztecs +2, Morale +1Command vs Aztecs +3AntiTraits: Fearsaztec

Hatesbyzantium123 #Dislikes the ByzantinesHates the ByzantinesLoathes all ByzantinesCommand vs Byzantium +1Command vs Byzantium +2, Morale +1Command vs Byzantium +3AntiTraits: Fearsbyzantium

Hatesdenmark123 #Dislikes the DanesHates the DanesLoathes Disgusting DanesCommand vs Denmark +1Command vs Denmark +2, Morale +1Command vs Denmark +3AntiTraits: Fearsdenmark

Hatesegypt123 #Dislikes the EgyptiansHates the EgyptiansLoathes the Evil EgyptiansCommand vs Egypt +1Command vs Egypt +2, Morale +1Command vs Egypt +3AntiTraits: Fearsegypt

Hatesengland123 #Dislikes the EnglishHates the EnglishLoathes the Evil EnglishCommand vs England +1Command vs England +2, Morale +1Command vs England +3AntiTraits: Fearsengland

Hatesfrance123 #Dislikes the FrenchHates the FrenchLoathes the French FoolsCommand vs France +1Command vs France +2, Morale +1Command vs France +3AntiTraits: Fearsfrance

Hateshre123 #Dislikes the ReichHates the ReichLoathes the EmpireCommand vs HRE +1Command vs HRE +2, Morale +1Command vs HRE +3AntiTraits: Fearshre

Hateshungary123 #Dislikes HungariansHates the HungariansLoathes the MagyarCommand vs Hungary +1Command vs Hungary +2Command vs Hungary +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearshungary

Hatesmilan123 #Dislikes MilaneseHates the MilaneseLoathes the Miserly MilaneseCommand vs Milan +1Command vs Milan +2, Morale +1Command vs Milan +3AntiTraits: Fearsmilan

Hatesmongols123 #Dislikes the MongolsHates the MongolsLoathes the Murderous MongolsCommand vs Mongols +1Command vs Mongols +2, Morale +1Command vs Mongols +3AntiTraits: Fearsmongols

Hatesmoors123 #Dislikes MoorsHates the MoorsLoathes the MoorsCommand vs Moors +1Command vs Moors +2, Morale +1Command vs Moors +3AntiTraits: Fearsmoors

Hatespapal_states123 #Dislikes the PapacyHates the PapacyLoathes the PapacyCommand vs Papacy +1Command vs Papacy +2, Morale +1Command vs Papacy+3AntiTraits: Fearspapal_states

Hatespoland123 #Dislikes the PolesHates the PolesLoathes PolandCommand vs Poland +1Command vs Poland +2, Morale +1Command vs Poland +3AntiTraits: Fearspoland

Hatesportugal123 #Dislikes PortugeseHates PortugeseLoathes PortugeseCommand vs Portugal +1Command vs Portugal +2, Morale +1Command vs Portugal +3AntiTraits: Fearsportugal

Hatesslave123 #Dislikes RebelsHates RebelsLoathes Rebelious Scum-Morale +1Loyalty +1AntiTraits: Fearsslave

Hatesrussia123 #Dislikes RussiansHates RussiansLoathes RussiansCommand vs Russia +1Command vs Russia +2Command vs Russia +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearsrussia

Hatesscotland123 #Dislikes ScotsHates ScotsLoathes Scottish ScumCommand vs Scotland +1Command vs Scotland +2Command vs Scotland +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearsscotland

Hatessicily123 #Dislikes SiciliansHates SiciliansLoathes Sicilian ScumCommand vs Sicily +1Command vs Sicily +2Command vs Sicily +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearssicily

Hatesspain123 #Dislikes the SpanishHates the SpanishLoathes the SpanishCommand vs Spain +1Command vs Spain +2Command vs Spain +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearsspain

Hatestimurids123 #Dislikes the TimuridsHates the TimuridsLoathes the Invading TimuridsCommand vs Timurid +1Command vs Timurid +2Command vs Timurid +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearstimurids

Hatesturks123 #Dislikes the TurksHates the TurksLoathes the TurkishCommand vs Turks +1Command vs Turks +2Command vs Turks +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearsturks

Hatesvenice123 #Dislikes the VenetiansHates the VenetiansLoathes the VenetiansCommand vs Venice +1Command vs Venice +2Command vs Venice +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearsvenice

Hateful Of Religion Traits (General)

Hatescatholic123Dislikes CatholicsHates CatholicsLoathes CatholicsCommand vs Catholics +1Command vs Catholics +2Command vs Catholics +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearscatholic

Hatesorthodox123Dislikes OrthodoxHates OrthodoxLoathes OrthodoxCommand vs Orthodox +1Command vs Orthodox +2Command vs Orthodox +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearsorthodox

Hatesislam123Dislikes MuslimHates MuslimsLoathes MuslimCommand vs Muslim +1Command vs Muslim +2Command vs Muslim +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearsislam

Hatesheretic123 #Dislikes HereticsHates HereticsLoathes Heretics--Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearsheretic

Hatespagan123 #Dislikes PaganHates PagansLoathes PaganismCommand vs Pagans +1Command vs Pagans +2Command vs Pagans +3, Morale -1AntiTraits: Fearspagan

Genetic Traits (General)

NaturalMilitarySkill1234Talent for CommandNatural CommanderBorn to CommandBorn ConquerorCommand +1Command +2Command +3Command +4

Inbred1 #23456 "the Idiot"A Bit OddOf Dubious LineageInbredWoefully InbredSpawn of IncestBetrothed to MotherFertility -1Fertility -2Fertility -3, Command -1, Tax -2Fertility -4, Command -1, Tax -5, Authority -1Fertility -5, Command -2, Tax -10, Authority -2Command -3, Tax -15, Authority -3

Handsome1 #234 "the Handsome"HandsomePhysically AttractiveStriking to BeholdPhysically FlawlessPopularity +1Popularity +2Popularity +3, Authority +1Popularity +4, Authority +1---Command -1AntiTraits: Ugly

Ugly1 #2345 "the Ugly"PlainA Bit RoughUglyRepulsive to BeholdCruelly Deformed-Command +1Command +1Command +1-Popularity -1Popularity -2Popularity -3, Fertility -1Popularity -4, Fertility -2Popularity -5, Fertility -3AntiTraits: Handsome

Fertile12 #3VirileFertileProlificFertility +1Fertility +2Fertility +3AntiTraits: Inbred Infertile

Infertile12 #3EffeteInfertileLame of LionFertility -1Fertility -2Fertility -3AntiTraits: Fertile

HaleAndHearty123 #HealthyIn Good HealthBastion of HealthHitpoints +2Hitpoints +4Hitpoints +6, Fertility +1AntiTraits: Hypochrondriac

Sanity Traits (General)

Superstitious123 #Silly BeliefsSuperstitiousSlave to SuperstitionPiety -1Piety -1, Morale -1Piety -2, Morale -2, Authority -1AntiTraits: Pragmatic

Pragmatic123 #Mostly RationalNo NonsenseUtterly PragmaticAuthority +1Authority +2, Morale +1Authority +3, Morale +2AntiTraits: Superstitious

Hypochrondriac123 #Feeling PoorlyDelusions of IllnessHypochondriacAttack -1, Hitpoints -2Attack -1, Hitpoints -4, Morale -1Attack -2, Hitpoints -6, Morale -2AntiTraits: HaleAndHearty Sane

TouchedByTheGods12 #3Servant of HeavenDramatic VisionsVision of ProphecyPiety +2Piety +3Piety +4AntiTraits: Sane PublicAtheism

Sane1Sane-AntiTraits: TouchedByTheGods Insane Deranged

Insane12 #3 "the Mad"DysfunctionalQuite MadUtterly InsaneAuthority -1, Morale -1Authority -2, Morale -2Authority -4, Morale -3AntiTraits: Sane

Deranged12 #3 "the Mad"Skewed ViewDerangedDangerously MadCommand -1, Authority -1, Trade -2Command -2, Authority -2, Trade -5, Morale -1, Tax -2Command -3, Authority -3, Trade -10, Morale -2, Tax -5AntiTraits: Sane

Bloodthirsty123Fine with BloodSanguinaryBloodthirstyDread +1, Command +1, Morale +1Dread +2, Command +1Dread +3-Morale -1Command -1, Morale -3AntiTraits: Sane Haemophobic

Haemophobic123Un-ManlyDisgusted by BloodFears BloodAuthority -1, Morale -1Authority -2, Morale -2Authority -3, Morale -3AntiTraits: Bloodthirsty Brave

Anger123 "the Wrathful"Easily RiledSeethes with AngerDriven by RageAuthority +1Command +1, Dread +1Command +2, Dread +2-Morale -1Morale -2

Intelligent123SmartIntelligentGeniusCommand +1, Trade +2, Tax +2Command +2, Trade +5, Tax +5Command +3, Trade +10, Tax +10

Governor Traits (General)

GoodAdministrator123 #Budding BureaucratSkilled BureaucratSuperb AdminstratorTrade +3, Law +1Trade +5, Law +2Trade +10, Law +3AntiTraits: BadAdministrator

BadAdministrator123Poor AdministratorInefficient AdministratorTotal IncompetenceTrade -3Trade -5Trade -10AntiTraits: GoodAdministrator

Xenophobia123 #Nervous of OutsidersDistrusts ForeignersTotal BigotPublicSecurity +1PublicSecurity +2PublicSecurity +3AntiTraits: Xenophilia

Xenophilia123 #Tolerant to ForeignersWelcomes OutlandersFascinated by ForeignersPublicSecurity -1PublicSecurity -2PublicSecurity -3AntiTraits: Xenophobia

Rabblerouser1 #234InstigatorAgitatorProvokerLeader of the MobPopularity +1Popularity +2Popularity +3, Authority +1Popularity +4, Authority +2--Unrest +1Unrest +2

GoodFarmer123 #Farming KnowledgeRural ExpertAgriculturalistFarming +1Farming +2Farming +3

GoodMiner12 #3Mining KnowledgeMining ExpertGeologistMining +10Mining +20Mining +30

GoodTrader12 #3Understands TradeTraderMaster TraderTrade +10Trade +20Trade +30AntiTraits: BadTrader

BadTrader12 #3Fiscally ChallengedIncompetent TraderTrading LiabilityTrade -10Trade -20Trade -30AntiTraits: GoodTrader

HarshRuler12 #3 "the Cruel"Law +1, Dread +1Law +2, Dread +2Law +3, Dread +3-Squalor +1, PrivateSecurity -1Squalor +2, PrivateSecurity -2AntiTraits: KindRuler NonAuthoritarian

KindRuler123 # "the KindReasonable RulerKind RulerBenevolent RulerChivalry +1, Squalor -1Chivalry +2, Squalor -2Chivalry +3, Squalor -3AntiTraits: HarshRuler Authoritarian

GoodBuilder12 #3 "the Builder"Active BuilderUrban PlannerGreat BuilderBuilding +5, Squalor -1Building +10, Squalor -2Building +15, Squalor -3AntiTraits: BadBuilder

BadBuilder12 #3Not ConstructiveSloppy BuilderAbhors ConstructionBuilding -5, Squalor +1Building -10, Squalor +2Building -15, Squalor +3AntiTraits: GoodBuilder

GoodTaxman123Good with TaxesThorough TaxmanCruelly Exacting TaxmanTax +10Tax +20Tax +30-Unrest +1Unrest +2AntiTraits: BadTaxman

BadTaxman123Poor with TaxesSloppy TaxmanTax FarmerTax -10Tax -20Tax -30AntiTraits: BadTaxman

Academy Traits (General)

Ignorance123 #IgnorantSady IgnorantBlissfully IgnorantAuthority -1, Trade -2, Tax -2Authority -1, Trade -5, Tax -5Authority -2, Trade -10, Tax -10AntiTraits: RhetoricSkill StrategicSkill TacticalSkill MathematicsSkill LogisticalSkill

RhetoricSkill1 #23Well SpokenStylish DebaterProne to RhetoricAuthority +1Authority +2Authority -1AntiTraits: Ignorance BoringSpeaker

StrategicSkill1 #23Promising StrategistStrategically SoundStrategistCommand +1Command +2Command +3No titlesAntiTraits: Ignorance

TacticalSkill1#23Promising TacticianTactically SoundTacticianAmbush +2, Sight +1Ambush +3, Sight +2Ambush +4, Sight +3No titlesAntiTraits: Ignorance

MathematicsSkill1 #23Talent with NumbersGood at MathMathematicianEngineer +10, Trade +5Engineer +20, Trade +10, SiegeAttack +1Engineer +30, Trade +15, SiegeAttack +2No titleAntiTraits: Ignorance

PoliticsSkill1 #23Political PromisePolitical AnimalPerfect PoliticianAuthority +1Authority +1Authority +2-Loyalty -1Loyalty -2

LogisticalSkill1 #23Understand LogisticsLogistics ExpertLogisticianMorale +1, Movement +2Morale +2, Movement +3Morale +3, Movement +4AntiTraits: Ignorance

AcademyTrained12Academy TrainedOfficer TrainingCommand +1Command +2

Agent-action Traits (General)

SpyMaster123 "the Watcher"EspionageEspionage ExpertMaster of EspionageAgentDiscount +2AgentDiscount +4, PublicSecurity +1AgentDiscount +6, PublicSecurity +2, Dread +1

CounterSpy123Counter-SpyCounter-EspionageSpycatcherPublicSecurity +2PublicSecurity +3PublicSecurity +4, Chivalry +1, Sight +1

AssassinMaster123 "the Killer"Open to MurderMixes with KillersMaster of AssassinsAgentDiscount +2, Dread +1AgentDiscount +4, Dread +2, PrivateSecurity +1AgentDiscount +5, Dread +3, PrivateSecurity +2

AssassinCatcher123SurvivorBlessed SurvivorInstinctive SurvivorPrivateSecurity +2, Chivalry +1PrivateSecurity +3, Chivalry +1PrivateSecurity +4, Chivalry +2, Sight +2

Cursed1234HexxedCursedBlightedDamnedCommand -1, Morale -1Command -2, Morale -2Command -3, Morale -3, Piety -1, Authority -1Command -4, Morale -4, Piety -3, Authority -2

StrickenSilly123WartsFlatulantBoil-riddenCommand -1, Morale -1Command -2, Morale -2, Authority -1Command -3, Morale -3, Authority -2, Piety -1,

StrickenSerious123Wracking CoughEvil IllnessStricken DownCommand -1, Morale -1Command -2, Morale -2Command -3, Morale -3, Authority -1, Piety -1,

Battle-given Traits (General)

Brave1234 # "the Brave"5 "the FearlessBraveDauntlessCourageousInspirationally BraveHas no FearMorale +1Morale +2Morale +3Morale +4, Authority +1Morale +2, Authority +2AntiTraits: Coward Haemophobic

Coward123 #4 "the CowardMorale -1Morale -2Morale -3Morale -4AntiTraits: Brave

Beserker123 # "the Bloody"Fierce in BattleCrazy in BattleBerserkerMorale +1, Attack +1, Dread +1Morale +2, Attack +2, Dread +2, Hitpoints +2Morale +3, Attack +3, Dread +4, Hitpoints +4Defence -1Defence -2Defence -3

VictorVirtue123 "the Conqueror"Renowned VictorFamous VictorConquering HeroAuthority +1, Popularity +1Authority +2, Popularity +2Authority +3, Popularity +3PublicSecurity -1PublicSecurity -2PublicSecurity -3

BattleScarred1234 "the Scarred"Marks of WarScarredTerribly ScarredBrutally ScarredAuthority +1, Hitpoints +2Authority +1, Hitpoints +4Authority +2, Hitpoints +6Authority +2, Hitpoints +8

Despoiler123LooterPillagerSacker of CitiesLooter +10Looter +20Looter +30

Genocide123 "the Butcher"Brutal ConquerorExterminatorButcherDread +1, Looter +10Dread +2, Looter +20Dread +3, Looter +30

Loyalty Traits (General)

Disloyal123 44Speaks of LoyaltyMixed LoyaltiesDisloyalActively DisloyalLoyalty -1Loyalty -2, Dread +1Loyalty -3, Dread +2Loyalty -4, Dread +3AntiTraits: Loyal Upright

Loyal123 #4Generally LoyalLoyalVery LoyalLoyal Beyond QuestionLoyalty +1Loyalty +2, Chivalry +1Loyalty +3, Chivalry +2Loyalty +4, Chivalry +3AntiTraits: Disloyal Corrupt

ExRebel123 "the Turncoat"RebelledRebeliousTurncoatLoyalty -1Loyalty -2Loyalty -3AntiTraits: Gregarious

ContentGeneral123Feels AppreciatedFeels RespectedFeels HonouredLoyalty +1Loyalty +3Loyalty +5AntiTraits: DiscontentGeneral

DiscontentGeneral123Feels UnappreciatedFeels DisrespectedFeels DishonouredLoyalty -1Loyalty -3Loyalty -5AntiTraits: ContentGeneral

Lifestyle-Personal Traits (General)

Feck12 #34 "the Profane"Strong LanguageFoul MouthedSpits VenomUtterly ProfaneCommand +1, Morale +1Command +1, Morale +2, Dread +1Morale +3, Dread +2Morale +4, Dread +4Piety -1Piety -2Piety -4, Loyalty -1, Authority -1Piety -6, Loyalty -2, Authority -2AntiTraits: Prim RhetoricSkill

Arse12 #34 "the Queen"UninhibitedShamefulToo Well GroomedShameless QueenAuthority -1Authority -2Authority -3, Command -1Authority -5, Command -3AntiTraits: Girls Prim

Girls12 #345 "the Womaniser"Red BloodedWomaniserAdultererLecherous FiendSexual PredatorMorale +2Morale +1-Dread +1Dread +2--Popularity -1Popularity -2Popularity -3AntiTraits: Prim, Upright, Arse

Perverted123456 "the Foul"Sexually LiberatedSexually EccentricSexually DebauchedSexually PerverseSexually CorruptDiabolically DegeneratePopularity +1------Popularity -1Popularity -2, Piety -1Popularity -3, Piety -2Popularity -4, Piety -3, Authority -1Popularity -5, Piety -4, Authority -2AntiTraits: Prim

Lewd123 # "the Lewd"CrudeLewdShamelessly LewdAuthority -1, Integrity -2Authority -2, Integrity -3Authority -3, Integrity -5AntiTraits: Prim

Prim12 #3Proper MoralsPrimHolier than ThouAuthority +1, Integrity +2, Law +1Authority +2, Integrity +2, Law +2Authority +2, Integrity +4, Law +3, Squalor -1Unrest +1Unrest +2Unrest +3, Command -1AntiTraits: Lewd Feck Perverted Girls Arse

Disciplinarian123Conscientious TrainerDrillmasterHarsh TaskmasterMorale +1, Movement +2Movement +3Command +1, Authority +1, Movement +4, Law +1-Morale -1Morale -2AntiTraits: BadDisciplinarian

BadDisciplinarian123Poor DisciplinarianEasy on the MenWay too LeniantMorale +1Morale +2Morale +4Movement -2Movement -3Movement -4, Command -1, Authority -1, Law -1AntiTraits: Disciplinarian

PublicAtheism12 #34Religious ImproperHumanistAthiestDespises ReligionPiety -2, Unrest +1Piety -4, Unrest +4Piety -6, Unrest +6Piety -8, Unrest +8AntiTraits: PublicFaith

PublicFaith12 #34 "the Pious"Religiously ProperReligiously MindedReligiously DevoutPious RulerPiety +1Piety +2Piety +3Piety +4AntiTraits: PublicAtheism

Authoritarian1 #23 "the Harsh"Firm RulerStrict RulerTotal AuthoritarianLaw +2Law +4, Authority +1Law +6, Authority +2Unrest +1Unrest +2Unrest +3AntiTraits: NonAuthoritarian

NonAuthoritarian1 #23 "the Kind"Fair RulerUnderstanding RulerLiberal LeaderUnrest -2Unrest -4Unrest -6Law -1Law -2, Authority -1Law -3, Authority -2AntiTraits: Authoritarian

Cuckold1 #234 "the Cuckold"Trouble at HomeCuckoldLaughing StockLacks ManhoodAuthority -1Authority -2Authority -3Authority -4

ForcedReligious123ConformingReverantGodfearPiety +1Piety +2Piety +3--Morale -1

Lifestyle-Hobby Traits (General)

Drink12345 #6 "the Drunkard"Social DrinkerGets MerrySteady DrinkerDrunken HeathenAlcoholicParalyticCommand +1, Popularity +1Popularity +1Popularity +1-----Command -1Command -2, Authority -1, Tax -2Command -3, Authority -2, Tax -5Command -5, Authority -5, Tax -10AntiTraits: Sobriety

Sobriety123Sensible DrinkerSoberAbhors DrinkCommand +1Command +1, PublicSecurity +1Command +1, PublicSecurity +2-Morale -1, Popularity -1Morale -2, Popularity -2AntiTraits: Drink

TourneyKnight12345Tourney EntrantFair JousterGood JousterKnight of RenownTourney ChampionChivalry +1Chivalry +1, Cavalry +1Chivalry +2, Cavalry +1Chivalry +2, Cavalry +2, Authority +1Chivalry +3, Cavalry +2, Authority +2

HorseRacer123Good RacerGreat RacerFamous RacerMovement +1Movement +1, Cavalry +1Movement +2, Cavalry +1, Authority +1

ReligiousActivity1234ReligiousDutifully ReligiousReligious ActiveDevoutly ReligiousPiety +1Piety +2Piety +3, Chivalry +1Piety +4, Chivalry +2AntiTraits: ReligiousInactivity

ReligiousInactivity12Neglects ReligionReligiously IgnorantPiety -1Piety -2AntiTraits: ReligiousActivity

Lifestyle-Economic Traits (General)

Epicurean12 #3Refined TastesExpensive TastesExotic TastesTrade +2Trade +5Trade +10Integrity -1Integrity -2Integrity -3AntiTraits: Stoic

Stoic12 #3ReservedStone FacedUtterly StoicIntegrity +10Integrity +20, Loyalty +1Integrity +30, Loyalty +2AntiTraits: Epicurean

Austere12 #3SevereAustereSeverely AustereIntegrity +10, Tax +2Integrity +20, Tax +5, Loyalty +1Integrity +30, Tax +10, Loyalty +2AntiTraits: ExpensiveTastes Aesthetic

Aesthetic12 #3An Eye for BeautyAdmirer of BeautyAesthete-Squalor -1Squalor -2Command -1Command -2, Integrity -2Command -3, Integrity -2AntiTraits: Austere

Gambling1234 "the Gambler"Enjoys a WagerGamblerProblem GamblerSlave to LuckTrade -5, Integrity -1Trade -10, Integrity -2Trade -15, Integrity -3Trade -20, Integrity -4

ExpensiveTastes12 #3ExtravagentRoyally ExtravagantWildly Extravagant-Squalor -1Squalor -2Building -5, Tax -10Building -10, Tax -20Building -15, Tax -30AntiTraits: Cheapskate Austere

Cheapskate123 #CheapTightTotal CheapskateBuliding +5, Tax +5Building +10, Tax +10Building +15, Tax +15Squalor +1Squalor +2Squalor +3AntiTraits: ExpensiveTastes Aesthetic

Lifestyle-Skill Traits

InspiringSpeaker12 #3Can Tell a TaleGreat SpeakerInspirational SpeakerLaw +1Law +1Law +2AntiTraits: BoringSpeaker

BoringSpeaker12 #3Poor SpeakerAwkward SpeakerIncredibly BoringAuthority -1Authority -1, Morale -1Authority -2, Morale -2AntiTraits: InspiringSpeaker RhetoricSkill

Gregarious123SociableGregariousEveryone's FriendPopularity +1Popularity +2, Morale +1Popularity +3, Morale +2AntiTraits: Introvert

Introvert123AloofIntrovertedTotally ClosedPopularity -1Popularity -2, Morale -1Popularity -3, Morale -2AntiTraits: Gregarious

GoodDiplomacy1234Politcally WisePolitically StrongPolitically PowerfulFirst Among FirstAuthority +1Authority +2Authority +3Authority +4AntiTraits: BadDiplomacy

BadDiplomacy123Politically PoorPolitically WeakPolitically PowerlessAuthority -1Authority -2Authority -3AntiTraits: GoodDiplomacy

Marriage Traits (General)

Divorced1Divorced-I don't think I've ever seen this used in-game.

MarriedAPrincess1Royal TiesLoyalty +3


WifeIsCharming123Wife is FairWife is CharmingWife is LovelyFertility +1Fertility +1, Popularity +1Fertility +2, Popularity +2AntiTraits: WifeisHorrid

WifeIsHorrid123Wife lacks CharmWife is UndesirableWife is a WretchFertility -1Fertility -1, Popularity -1Fertility -2, Popularity -2AntiTraits: WifeIsCharming

WifeIsFertile123Wife is FertileWife is Very FertileWife is RipeFertility +1Fertility +2Fertility +3AntiTraits: WifeIsBarren

WifeIsBarren123Wife is BarrenWife is InfertileWife is CursedFertility -1Fertility -2Fertility -3AntiTraits: WifeIsFertile

WifeIsWise123Wife is UsefulWife is SmartWife is WiseTrade +5, Tax +5Trade +10, Tax +10Trade +15, Tax +15

WifeIsNoble123Wife is AdmirableWife is NobleWife is ReveredPopularity +1Popularity +2Popularity +3, PublicSecurity +1AntiTraits: WifeIsBitch

WifeIsBitch123Wife is UnpleasantWife is NastyWise is DeplorablePopularity -1Popularity -2Popularity -3, PublicSecurity -1AntiTraits: WifeIsNoble

Personality Traits (General)

Slothful1234 "the Fat"LazyToo ComfortableSlothfulIndolent LumpMovement -1, Tax -2Movement -2, Tax -5Movement -3, Tax -10, Authority -1Movement -4, Tax -15, Authority -2AntiTraits: Energetic

Energetic1234EagerEnergeticDrivenBlessed with VigorMovement +2Movement +3Movement +4, Authority +1Movement +5, Authority +2AntiTraits: Slothful

Trusting123PrivateSecurity -1PrivateSecurity -2PrivateSecurity -3AntiTraits: Paranoia

Paranoia1234Slow to TrustOverly SuspiciousParanoidCompletely ParanoidPrivateSecurity +1PrivateSecurity +2PrivateSecurity +3PrivateSecurity +4--Command -1, Authority -1Command -2, Authority -2AntiTraits: Trusting LaxPersonalSecurity

Liar1234 "the Liar"Avoids the TruthBends the TruthLiarPathological LiarAuthority +1----Authority -1Authority -2Authority -3AntiTraits: Upright

Embezzler123Deep PocketsFraudulentEmbezzlerTaxes -10Taxes -20Taxes -30AntiTraits: Upright

DeceiverVirtue123 "the Cunning"ConvincingDeceptiveTotal DeceiverAuthority +1Authority +2Authority +3Loyalty -1Loyalty -2Loyalty -3AntiTraits: Upright

Corrupt123DubiousUnderhandedCorruptIntegrity -2, Tax -10, Law -1Integrity -4, Tax -20, Law -2, Loyalty -1Integrity -6, Tax -30, Law -3, Loyalty -2AntiTraits: Upright Loyal

Upright123 "the Honest"HonestTrustworthyUtterly ImmaculateLoyalty +1, Integrity +10, Law +2Loyalty +2, Integrity +20, Law +4Loyalty +4, Integrity +30, Law +6AntiTraits: Corrupt Embezzler Liar Disloyal

Just12 #3 "the Just"A Sense of JusticeJustServes JusticeChivalry +1, Law +1Chivalry +2, Law +2Chivalry +3, Law +3AntiTraits: Unjust HarshJustice LenientJustice

Unjust12 #3Swift to JudgeLacks JusticeUnjustUnrest +1Unrest +2, Dread +1Unrest +3, Dread +2AntiTraits: Just LenientJustice

HarshJustice1 #23Hard JusticeHarsh JusticeSevere JusticeLaw +2Law +4Law +6, Dread +1Unrest +1Unrest +2Unrest +3AntiTraits: LenientJustice Just

LenientJustice123 #Soft JudgeMerciful JudgeKind JudgeChivalry +1Chivalry +2Chivalry +1*Law -1Law -2Law -3AntiTraits: HarshJustice, Just, Unjust*Pretty sure this is meant to be Chivalry +3, but it's only +1 in the game files.

Generous12 #3GenerousOpenly GivingOverly GenerousTax -2Tax -5, Trade -2Tax -10, Trade -5AntiTraits: Miserly

Miserly12 #3 "the Mean"Mean with MoneyHoarder of WealthMiserlyTax +2Tax +5, Trade +2Tax +10, Trade +5Squalor +1Squalor +2Squalor +3AntiTraits: Generous

Cultured12CulturedVery CulturedPopularity +1Popularity +2, Authority +1

Familial Legacy Traits (General)

FathersLegacy123Proud LegacyStrong LegacyMighty LegacyAuthority +1Authority +2Authority +3

ChivalryLegacy12Chivalrous FatherLegacy of ChivalryChivalry +1Chivalry +2

DreadLegacy12Dreaded FatherLegacy of DreadDread +1Dread +2

Other Traits (General)

Factionleader1Faction LeaderCommand +1, Authority +2, PrivateSecurity +3

Factionheir1Heir ApparentCommand +1, Authority +1, PrivateSecurity +2

Exheir1Former SuccessorLoyalty -3This one seems to be a holdover from Rome Total War, when one could choose their heir.

LoyaltyStart1Loyalty Starting ValueLoyalty +5Applied automatically to all generals and family members.

IAmPope1Character Is PopeLevel +1This character is the Pope. Normally this stat is hidden.

TooOldToFight1Beyond Battle-I don't think I've seen this trait before.

Senile123Somewhat SenileSenileTotally SenileCommand -2, Authority -1Command -4, Authority -2Command -6, Authority -3

Objective1Quite Objective-AntiTraits: SubjectiveProbably an unimplemented trait?

Subjective1Quite Subjective-AntiTraits: ObjectiveAnother unimplemented trait.

ReligionStarter1General ReligionPiety +3Gives General Piety when they appear on the campaign map.

Admiral Traits

Sailor12345 "the Great"Competent SailorFine OfficerWorthy AdmiralGreat AdmiralLegendary AdmiralNaval +1Naval +2Naval +3Naval +4Naval +5AntiTraits: LandLubber

LandLubber123Poor NavigatorNo Naval NouseTotal LandLubberNaval -1Naval -2Naval -3AntiTraits: Sailor

FamousPirate123Dangerous CaptainFamous PirateNotorious PirateNaval +1Naval +2Naval +2Loyalty -1Loyalty -2Loyalty -3

Assassin/Spy Traits

NaturalSpySkill123Quietly ObservantSpying TalentNatural SpySubterfuge +1Subterfuge +2Subterfuge +3

NaturalAssassinSkill123Cold KillerTalent for MurderBorn to KillSubterfuge +1Subterfuge +2Subterfuge +3

ThievesGuildMember12Thieves' Guild ApprenticeThieves' Guild JourneymanSubterfuge +1Subterfuge +2

ThievesGuildTrained1Trained in EspionageSubterfuge +1

AssassinsGuildMember12Assassins' Guild ApprenticeAssassins' Guild JourneymanSubterfuge +1Subterfuge +2

HashashinsGuildMember12Hashashins' Guild ApprenticeHashashins' Guild JourneymanSubterfuge +1Subterfuge +2

AssassinsGuildTrained1Trained KillerSubterfuge +1

GoodSpy12345 "the Clever'InconspicuousAdept AgentSpyAdept SpyMaster SpySubterfuge +1, Sight+1Subterfuge +2, Sight +2Subterfuge +3, Sight +3Subterfuge +4, Sight +4Subterfuge +5, Sight +5AntiTraits: BadSpy

BadSpy123ConspicuousPoor SpyDevoid of SubtletySubterfuge -1Subterfuge -2Subterfuge -3AntiTraits: GoodSpy

GoodAssassin1234 "the Killer5 "the KillerSubterfuge +1Subterfuge +2Subterfuge +3Subterfuge +4Subterfuge +5AntiTraits: BadAssassin

BadAssassin123Killer on EdgeNot an AssassinNot a KillerSubterfuge -1Subterfuge -2Subterfuge -3AntiTraits: GoodAssassin

GoodConspirator123PlotterSchemerGrand ConspiratorSubterfuge +1Subterfuge +2Subterfuge +3AntiTraits: BadConspirator

BadConspirator123Poor PlotterSilly SchemesLost the PlotSubterfuge -1Subterfuge -2Subterfuge -3AntiTraits: GoodConspirator

GoodSaboteur123Successful SaboteurExpert SaboteurMaster SaboteurSabotage +1Sabotage +2Sabotage +3

BadSaboteur12Unsuccessful SaboteurInept SaboteurSabotage -1Sabotage -2

Diplomat Traits

NaturalDiplomatSkill123Diplomatic NatureNatural MediatorDiplmatic GeniusInfluence +1Influence +2Influence +3

GoodDiplomat12345Promising DiplomatGood DiplomatVery DiplomaticSuperb DiplomatMaster of DiplomacyInfluence +1Influence +2Influence +3Influence +4Influence +5AntiTraits: BadDiplomat

BadDiplomat123Awkward DiplomatPoor DiplomatUndiplomaticInfluence -1Influence -2Influence -3AntiTraits: GoodDiplomat

SmoothTalker123Stretches LoyaltiesBreaks LoyaltiesChanges LoyaltiesBribery +10Bribery +20Bribery +30

Talkative123TalkativeGossipsUtterly IndiscreetBribery +5--Influence -1Influence -2Influence -3, Bribery -5AntiTraits: Secretive

Secretive123DiscreetSecretiveImpossible to ReadInfluence +1Influence +2, Bribery +5Influence +3, Bribery +10AntiTraits: Talkative

Multilingual123BilingualMultilingualTranslatorInfluence +1Influence +2Influence +3

ReligiousTolerance123Not DogmaticRespects other ReligionsOpen to all ReligionsInfluence +1Influence +2Influence +3AntiTraits: ReligiousIntolerance

ReligiousIntolerance123Dogmatic BeliefsReligiously IntolerantWould-be-InqusitorInfluence -1Influence -2Influence -3AntiTraits: ReligiousTolerance

BraveDiplomat123CalmSword to DutyPractically DauntlessInfluence +1Influence +2Influence +3--PrivateSecurity -1AntiTraits: CowardDiplomat

CowardDiplomat123Not DogmaticRespects other ReligionsOpen to all Religions-PrivateSecurity +1PrivateSecurity +2Influence -1Influence -2Influence -3AntiTraits: BraveDiplomat

Merchant Traits

NaturalMerchantSkill123Good with MoneyNatural Born MerchantMercantile GeniusFinance +1Finance +2Finance +3

MerchantsGuildMember1Merchant's Guild ApprenticeFinance +1

MerchantsGuildTrained1Financial TrainingFinance +1

GoodMerchant1234Bean CounterBold BartererCommercial ConquerorRobber BaronFinance +1Finance +2Finance +3Finance +4AntiTraits: BadMerchant

BadMerchant123Daft DealerEasy TargetOpen PurseFinance -1Finance -2Finance -3AntiTraits: GoodMerchant

ExoticTastes123Slight IndulgenceDecandentGaudyFinance -1Finance -2Finance -2, PrivateSecurity -1

Monopolist123CapitalistMarket ControllerMonopolistFinance +1Finance +2Finance +3--PrivateSecurity +1

MerchantEnemies123A Few EnemiesSeveral EnemiesA Marked ManPrivateSecurity -1PrivateSecurity -2PrivateSecurity -4

ShadyDealer12Slightly CrookedShady DealerFinance -1Finance -2AntiTraits: ReligiousMerchant LegalDealer

LegalDealer12Legal NouseLegal ExpertFinance +1Finance +2AntiTraits: ShadyDearler

ReligiousMerchant12Quite ReligiousDogmatically ReligiousFinance -1Finance -2AntiTraits: ReligiousMerchant

SecureMerchant12Secure AssetsProtected AssetsFinance +1Finance +2

SecurityMerchant12Hires GuardsEmploys SecurityPrivateSecurity +1PrivateSecurity +2-Finance -1

ServesSelfMerchant12Loyal to CoinSelf ServingFinance -1Finance -2

WorldlyMerchant12Knowledge of CustomsGraceful TravellerFinance +1Finance +2

Princess Traits

IAmPrincess1Royal PrincessLevel +1

NaturalPrincess123Charming ConsulNatural NegotiatorBorn MediatorCharm +1Charm +2Charm +3

GoodPrincess1234Diplomatic AbilityDelicate DiplomatDiplomatic WeaponMistress of NegotiationsCharm +1Charm +2Charm +3Charm +4AntiTraits: BadPrincess

BadPrincess123Lost in ConversationNot DiplomaticRoyally OffensiveCharm -1Charm -2Charm -3AntiTraits: GoodPrincess

PretentiousWoman12PretentiousUtter SnobCharm -1Charm -2AntiTraits: HumbleWoman

HumbleWoman12HumbleRespectfulCharm +1Charm +2AntiTraits: PretentiousWoman

PrettyWoman1 #23 "the Beautiful"AttractiveHead TurnerVision of BeautyCharm +1Charm +2Charm +3, Fertility +1AntiTraits: UglyWoman[

UglyWoman1 #2 "the Gorgon"Flawed FeaturesHideousCharm -1Charm -2, Fertility -1AntiTraits: PrettyWoman

BraveWoman12Brave WomanDauntless WomanCharm +1, PrivateSecurity+1Charm +2, PrivateSecurity+2AntiTraits: TimidWoman

TimidWoman123TimidSkittishNueroticCharm -1Charm -2, PrivateSecurity +2Charm -3, PrivateSecurity +2AntiTraits: BraveWoman

DesperateWoman123 "the Man Hunter"Bruised ConfidenceInsecureDesperateCharm -1Charm -2Charm -3AntiTraits: SpiritedWoman

SpiritedWoman123 SpiritedEngagingSelf-servingCharm +1Charm +2Charm -1AntiTraits: DesperateWoman

FaithfulWoman123 ReliableFaithfulUnquestionably LoyalCharm +1Charm +2Charm +2, Loyalty +1AntiTraits: UnchasteWoman

UnchasteWoman123SuggestiveScarlet WomanBrazen HussyCharm 1Charm 2Charm -2AntiTraits: FaithfulWoman PassionateWoman

PassionateWoman123WarmPassionateInsatiableCharm +1Charm +1Charm +2, Fertility +1AntiTraits: ColdWoman UnchasteWoman

ColdWoman123PrudishColdIce QueenCharm -1Charm -1Charm -2, Fertility -1AntiTraits: PassionateWoman, UglyWoman

VapidWoman123SimplisticVapidTotal BimboCharm -1Charm -1Charm -2AntiTraits: EducatedWoman

EducatedWoman123Intelligent LadyEducatedScholarlyCharm +1Charm +1Charm +2AntiTraits: VapidWoman

BigotWoman123SnobbishIntolerantDespises ForeignersCharm -1Charm -2Charm -3AntiTraits: TolerantWoman

TolerantWoman123TolerantAcceptingIncredibly AcceptingCharm +1Charm +2Charm +3AntiTraits: BigotWoman

DykeWoman12Potentially ConfusedPrefers WomanCharm +1Charm -1, Fertility -5AntiTraits: PassionateWoman

FertileWoman123FecundFeraciousAlways RipeFertility +1Fertility +2Fertility +3AntiTraits: InfertileWoman

InfertileWoman123InfecundUnprolificSterileFertility -1Fertility -2Fertility -3AntiTraits: FertileWoman

FairWoman123Just and FairPublically LovedPeople's PrincessCharm +1Charm +2Charm +3AntiTraits: HarshWoman

HarshWoman123Hard But FairHarsh MistressCruel MistressCharm -1Charm -2Charm -3AntiTraits: FairWoman

Priest/Inquisitor/Heretic Skills (Piety)

NaturalPriestSkill123BlessedDivine ConnectionChosen OnePiety +1Piety +2Piety +3

NaturalInqusitorSkill123Intuitive InquisitorHunter of HereticsBorn InquisitorPiety +2Piety +4Piety +6

NaturalHereticSkill123New FaithNew ConvictionSpiritually RebornPiety +1Piety +2Piety +3

TheologiansGuildMember12Theologians' Guild ApprenticeTheologians' Guild JourneymanPiety +1Piety +2

TheologiansGuildTrained1Orthodox InstructionPiety +1

PriestLevel12BishopCardinalPiety +1, Level* +1Piety +1, Level +2, HeresyImmune** +1* IDK what this represents, but I assume it affects the character's model?

** Immune to becoming a heretic.

Bishop1A BishopPiety +1, Level +1Normally this trait is hidden.

Cardinal12PriestToCardinalBishopToCardinalPiety +1, Level +2, HeresyImmune+1Piety +1, Level +1, HeresyImmune+1Normally this trait is hidden.

GoodDenouncer12345 "the Inqusitor"Servant of GodEnemy of HereticsPurger of HereticsConqueror of HereticsGrand InquisitorPiety +1Piety +2Piety +3Piety +4Piety +5AntiTraits: BadDenouncer

BadDenouncer123Poor ProsecutorDubious DenouncerPathetic ProsecutorPiety -1Piety -2Piety -3AntiTraits: GoodDenouncer

FairProsecutor12Somewhat FairFair and JustPiety -1Piety -2AntiTraits: UnfairProsecutor

UnfairProsector12Somewhat UnjustUnfair and UnjustPiety +1Piety +2AntiTraits: FairProsecutor

StrongFaith1234Growing FaithStrong FaithShining FaithUnquestionable FaithPiety +1Piety +2Piety +3Piety +4AntiTraits: WaveringFaith

WaveringFaith1234Waning FaithWavering FaithDamaged FaithLost FaithPiety -1Piety -2Piety -3Piety -4AntiTraits: StrongFaith

Dogmatic123OrthodoxDogmaticUtterly DogmaticOrthodoxy* +1Orthodoxy +2Orthodoxy +3AntiTraits: OpenMinded*Affects how likely they are to become a heretic.

OpenMinded123Odd HabitsOpen-MindedQuite UnorthodoxOrthodoxy -1Orthodoxy -2Orthodoxy -3AntiTraits: Dogmatic

GrowingConvinction123Growing ConvictionStrengthened ResolveFeeling InvulnerablePiety +1Piety +2Piety +3AntiTraits: WaningConvinction

WaningConvinction123Waning ConvictionQuestioning CauseFeeling VulnerablePiety -1Piety -2Piety -3AntiTraits: GrowingConvinction

InquisitorFailure1StrikeThreePiety -15

HeresyImmunityNonCatholic1HeresyImmunityNCHeresyImmune +1

InqusitorSuccess1Three VictimsPiety -15

Priest Skills (Pope-related)

All Traits here are relevant only when a Catholic Priest becomes Cardinal and later Pope. I'm not too entirely sure what they do, but I assume they help garner votes for the Cardinals, and help make up the personality of the future Pope.

Warmonger123 "the Warmonger"AggressiveWarlikeViolentViolence +1Violence +2Violence +3AntiTraits: Peaceful

Peaceful123 "the Peaceful"PlacidPeacefulAbhors ViolenceViolence -1Violence -2Violence -3AntiTraits: WarMonger

Corrupted123 "the Corrupt"QuestionableVery QuestionableUtterly CorruptPurity -1Purity -2Purity -3AntiTraits: Righteous

Righteous123 "the Righteous"UpstandingRighteousImmaculately PurePurity +1Purity +2Purity +3AntiTraits: Corrupt

SecretlyFemale1Secretly FemalePiety +1, Purity +1Eligibility -1, Violence -1

DivineProtection123 "the Chosen"Blessedly LuckyDivine ProtectionThe Chosen OnePiety +1Piety +1, Violence +1Piety +2, Violence +2AntiTraits: Doomsayer

Doomsayer123 "the Doomsayer"MorbidForsakenDoomsayerOrthodoxy -1, Violence -1Orthodoxy -1, Violence -1Orthodoxy -2, Violence -2AntiTraits: DivineProtection

Purifier123Battler of HeresyEnemy of HeresyPurger of HeresyPiety +1, Eligibility +1, Purity +1, Violence +1Piety +2, Eligibility +1, Purity +2, Violence +1Piety +3, Eligibility +2, Purity +3, Violence +2

Missionary123 "the Missionary"MissionarySpreader of FaithBeacon of FaithPiety +1, Eligibility +1, Purity +1, Violence -1Piety +2, Eligibility +1, Purity +2, Violence -2Piety +3, Eligibility +2, Purity +3, Violence -2

Other Traits

LaxPersonalSecurity123 #UnconcernedLacks CautionNo Sense of MortalityPrivateSecurity -1PrivateSecurity -2PrivateSecurity -4AntiTraits: HighPersonalSecurity Paranoia

HighPersonalSecurity12 #3Mindful of RisksHealthy CautionMorbidly MortalPrivateSecurity +1PrivateSecurity +2PrivateSecurity +4AntiTraits: LaxPersonalSecurity

AgentPiety1AgentPietyPiety 10Gives Piety to all non-general and priest entities.

Witch Traits

NaturalWitchSkill12345Little AptitudeSome AptitudeGreat AptitudePowerful ChannelerCreature of Dark ArtsMagic +1Magic +2Magic +3Magic +4Magic +5

Wrath123AgitatedAngrySeething with RageMagic +2Magic +4Magic +6AntiTraits: Unwrath

Unwrath1No WrathGunpowder -1AntiTraits: WrathNormally this trait is hidden.

Civilian Ancillaries (General)

academic_advisorAcademic AdvisorTrade +5, Tax +5actor

ActorPopularity +1adultress

AdultressDread +1, Piety -1, Morale -1, Fertility -2adultress_foreign

Outlander AdultressDread +1, Piety -1, Morale -2, Popularity -1, Fertility -1adultress_she_man

Foreign FruitcakeDread +1, Piety -1, Morale -3, Popularity -1, Fertility -1alchemist

AlchemistHitpoints +2, Gunpowder +1apothecary

ApothecaryFertility +1, Hitpoints +4architect

ArchitectConstruction +10, Squalor -2artist

ArtistPopularity +1, Integrity -1, Squalor -1astrologer

AstrologerPiety -1, Command +1bard

BardMorale +1, Popularity +1biographer

BiographerAuthority +1brillant_inventor

Brillant InventorEngineer +20, Farming +1, Mining +20caravan_driver

Caravan DriverMovement +5, Sight+1crooked_judge

Crooked JudgeUnrest +1, Law +2doctor

DoctorFertility +1, Surgery +10eunuch

EunuchAuthority +1, PrivateSecurity+1evil_mother-in-law

Mother-in-LawAuthority -1, Morale -1foodtaster

FoodtasterPrivateSecurity +1fool_brilliant

Brilliant FoolPrivateSecurity +1, Trading +5fool_usual

FoolMorale +1harsh_judge

Harsh JudgePopularity -1herald

HeraldAuthority +1intrepid_explorer

Intrepid ExplorerMovement +3, Sight +1librarian

LibrarianPiety +1magician

MagicianMorale +1, Popularity +1magician_pagan

Pagan MagicianPiety -2master_mason

Master MasonBuilding +10master_of_assassins

Master of AssassinsPrivateSecurity +1, AgentDiscount+4mathematician

MathematicianTrade +5, Tax +5, Artillery +5money_counter

Money CounterTrade +5, Tax +10musician

MusicianMorale +1, Popularity +2nosy_mother

Nosy MotherAuthority -1, PrivateSecurity +1overseer

OverseerBuilding +1, Farming +1, Mining +1physician

PhysicianFertility +1, Surgery +10scribe_ancillary

Brilliant ScribeAuthority +1, Trade +10slaver

SlaverTrade +15soothsayer

SoothsayerMorale +2spymaster

SpymasterCommand +1, PublicSecurity +1, AgentDiscount +4tax_farmer

Tax FarmerPopularity -1, Tax +10torturer

TorturerDread +3, Authority +1, PublicSecurity +1, Unrest +1, Law +3treasurer

TreasurerTrade +5, Tax +5tutor

TutorPiety +1, Trade +5

Military Ancillaries (General)

armour_customFine ArmourHitpoints +4armour_ornate

Ornamental ArmourAuthority +1, Hitpoints -2black_stallion

Black StallionMovement +5bodyguard

BodyguardPrivateSecurity +2, Popularity -1drillmaster

DrillmasterMovement +5, Training +2knight_beserker

Notorious BeserkerCommand +1, Morale +1knight_chivalrous

Chivalrous KnightChivalry +2, Command +1knight_dread

Dread KnightDread +2, Command +1lancebearer

LancebearerCavalry +1master_smith

Master SmithUnitDiscount +2master_of_archers

Master ArcherCommand +1master_of_horse

StablemasterCavalry +1mentor

MentorCommand +1mercenary_captain

Mercenary CaptainUnitDiscount +2, Looter +10military_engineer

Military EngineerSiegeAttack +2, Engineer +50naive_knight

Naive KnightPrivateSecurity +2ordinance_master

Ordinance MasterGunpowder +1, Artillery +1pet_guardhound

Guard DogPrivateSecurity +2quartermaster

QuartermasterMovement +3, Looter +5runner

Reliable RunnerCommand +1scout

Keen ScoutAmbush +1, Sight +2shieldbearer

ShieldbearerMorale -1, Hitpoints +2siege_engineer

Siege EngineerSiegeAttack +1, Engineer +60swift_steed

Swift SteedMovement +3, Health +1swordbearer

SwordbearerPrivateSecurity +1, Hitpoints +1trusty_steed

Trusty SteedMovement +1, Cavalry +1veteran_warrior

Veteran WarriorPrivateSecurity +1, Infantry +1

Crusader/Jihadist Ancillaries (General)


Ark of the CovenantDread +2, Command +1bridle_of_constantine

Bridle of ConstatinePiety +1, PrivateSecurity +1, Hitpoints +1crown_of_thorns

Crown of ThornsPiety +2, Command +1fragment_of_the_black_stone

Fragment of the Black StonePiety +3hair_from_mohammeds_beard

Hair from Mohammed's BeardPiety +1holy_chalice

Holy ChalicePiety +1holy_grail

Holy GrailPiety +2, Hitpoints +5, Surgery +10holy_lance

Holy LancePiety +1, Command +2holy_mantle

Holy MantlePiety +2holy_prepuce

Holy PrepucePiety +1, Fertility +1holy_quran

Holy Qur'anPiety +2holy_shroud

Holy ShroudPiety +1, SiegeDefence+1, PrivateSecurity +1icon_not_made_by_hands

Icon not Made by HandsPiety +1, Health +1iron_crown_of_lombardy

Iron Crown of LombardyPiety +1, PrivateSecurity+1, Hitpoints +1key_to_holy_kaaba

Key to Holy KaabaPiety +1knight_crusaderKnight of the CrusadesPrivateSecurity +2, Violence+1knight_santiago

Knight of SantiagoChivalry +1, Command +1knight_stjohn

Hospitaller KnightChivalry +1, Command +1knight_templar

Templar KnightChivalry +1, Command +1knight teutonic

Teutonic KnightChivalry +1, Command +1lock_of_kaaba

Lock of KaabaPiety +1mohammeds_footprint

Mohammed's FootprintPiety +1seal_of_solomon

Seal of SolomonDread +1, Piety -1, Cavalry +2shard_of_the_true_cross

Shard of the True CrossPiety +2, Command +1soil_from_mohammeds_grave

Soil from Mohammed's GravePiety +1standard_of_mohammed

Standard of MohammedPiety +1, Command +1sword_of_mohammed

Sword of MohammedPiety +1, Command +2tooth_of_mohammed

Tooth of MohammedPiety +1veil_of_veronica

Veil of VeronicaPiety +1

Unique Ancillaries (General)


Albertus MagnusLaw +2aldus_manutius

Aldus ManutiusTrade +20, Squalor -2amerigo_vespucci

Amerigo VespucciMovement +3, Sight +3, Trade +10anthony_of_padua

Anthony of PaduaPiety +2, Squalor -2, Unrest +2arnold_von_winkelried

Arnold von WinkelriedMorale +2, Attack +2, Hitpoints +4bertrand_du_guesclin

Bertrand du GuesclinCommand +2, Morale +2, Commmand vs England +2, Command vs Portugal +1, Command vs Spain +1chevalier_de_bayard

Chevalier de BayardChivalry +2, Piety +2, Command +2, Sight +2donatello

DonatelloPopularity +2, Squalor -3joan_of_arc

Jeanne d'ArcPiety +2, Command +1, Morale +2, Command vs England +2john_gutenberg

John GutenbergTrade +20, Squalor -2francesco_petrarca

Francesco PetrarcaPiety +2, Popularity +2, Squalor -1francis_of_assisi

Francis of AssisiPiety +2, Squalor -2, Unrest +2geoffrey_chaucer

Geoffrey ChaucerBuilding +10, Popularity +1george_of_antioch

George of AntiochPiety +1, Command +2, Popularity +2gerard_de_ridefort

Gerard de RidefortCommand +1, Authority +1, Morale +1, Attack +2hildegard_von_bingen

Hildegard von BingenPiety +2, Authority +1, Popularity +2ibn_khaldun

Ibn KhaldunPiety +2, Authority +2, Trade +15jan_zizka

Jan ZizkaCommand +2, Authority +1, Defence +2, Engineer +50johannes_faustes

Johannes FaustesDread +2, Piety -2, Fertility +2, Hitpoints +4john_wycliffe

John WycliffePiety +2machiavelli

Niccolo MachiavelliCommand +1, Authority +1, Squalor -1, Unrest -1marco_polo

Marco PoloMovement +3, Trade +10martin_luther

Martin LutherPiety +2, Unrest -2meister_eckhart

Meister EckhartPiety +2, Authority +1michaelangelo

MichaelangeloPoplarity +2, Squalor -3niels_ebbesen

Niels EbbesenChivalry +2, Command +2, Morale +2nicolau_copernicus

Nicolau CopernicusSubterfuge +1, Sight +2paracelsus

ParacelsusHitpoints +4, Surgery +10peter_the_hermit

Peter the HermitPopularity +2, Squalor -2pierre_abelard

Pierre AbelardPiety +1, Popularity +1, Squalor -1raphael

RalphaelPopularity +2, Squalor -3roger_bacon

Roger BaconSiegeAttack +1, Gunpowder +2roger_de_moulins

Roger de MoulinsCommand +2, Authority +1simon_de_montfort

Simon de MontfortChivalry +2, Command +2, Fertility -1, Popularity +1sir_william_wallaceSir William WallaceChivalry +1, Command +1, Authority +1, Morale +2, Command vs England +3taticius

TaticiusCommand +2vasco_de_gama

Vasco de GamaMovement +3, Trade +10vlad_tepes

Vlad TepesDread +3, Command vs Muslims +3

Admiral Ancillaries

naval_gunnerGunnerNaval +2naval_navigator

Reliable NavigatorNaval +1, Movement +2, Sight+1shipwright

ShipwrightNaval +1

Assassin/Spy Ancillaries

accompliceSkilled AccompliceSubterfuge +1assassins_apprentice

Young ApprenticeAssassination +1assassins_blade

Exquisite BladeAssassination +1beguiling_bard

Beguiling BardSubterfuge +1, PrivateSecurity +1catamite

CatamiteSubterfuge +1courtesan

CourtesanSubterfuge +1dancer

DancerSubterfuge +2explosives

ExplosivesSabotage +1false_documents

False DocumentsSubterfuge +1femme_fatale

]Skilled CourtesanSubterfuge +2handgun

Prototype HandgunAssassination +1, Law +2pet_bloodhound

Tracking DogSubterfuge +2, Sight +1, PrivateSecurity +1pet_monkey

Pet MonkeySubterfuge +1pickpocket

PickpocketSubterfuge +1, Sight +1poisoner

PoisonerSubterfuge +2spyglass

SpyglassSight +2

Diplomat Ancillaries

diplomatic_escortDiplomatic EscortsSight +1, PrivateSecurity +1exotic_gifts

Exotic GiftInfluence +1foreign_dignitary

Foreign DignitaryInfluence +1translator

TranslatorInfluence +2

Merchant Ancillaries

counterfeiterCounterfeiterFinance +1merchant_clerk

Merchant ClerkFinance +1This ancillary is meant to use the scribe_ancillary picture, but no such picture exists; so it uses the warrior_squire pic in-game instead.


Trick AbacusFinance +1

Princess Ancillaries

chasity_beltChasity BeltCharm -1, Movement -2delicate_blade

Delicate BladePrivateSecurity +1faithful_servant

Faithful ServantCharm +1fine_cosmetics

Fine CosmeticsCharm +1obsessed_suitor

Obsessed SuitorCharm -1, PrivateSecurity -2royal_escort

Royal EscortPrivateSecurity+2secret_love

Secret LoveCharm -1smothering_bodyguard

Smothering BodyguardCharm -1, PrivateSecurity +3strapping_stallion

Strapping StallionMovement +2stunning_handmaiden

Stunning HandmaidenCharm -1yappy_little_dog

Yappy Little DogCharm -1

Priest/Inqusitor/Heretic Ancillaries

choir_boyChoir BoyPiety +1, Orthodox -1, Purity -1deacon

DeaconPiety +1executioner

ExecutionerPiety +1false_relic

False RelicPiety +1monk

MonkPiety +1, Purity +1nun

NunPiety +1, Violence -1paladin

PaladinPrivateSecurity +1, Purity +1, Violence +1priest

PriestPiety +1royal_seminarian

Royal SeminarianPiety +1, Orthodoxy -1swiss_guard

Swiss GuardPrivateSecurity+1witch_hunter

Witch HunterPiety +1, Orthodoxy +1zealous_disciple

Zealous DisciplePiety +1, PrivateSecurity +1

Witch Ancillaries

dark_apprenticeDark ApprenticeMagic +1, PrivateSecurity +1enchanted_broom

Enchanted BroomMagic +1, Movement +3the_lemegeton

The LemegetonMagic +2

Unused Ancillary Pictures



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