Your Guide to Kaiser Roleplay [NW]

Your Guide to Kaiser Roleplay [NW]

A Gentleman's Guide To Kaiser Roleplay

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Hey there, and welcome to my christian minecraft server Kaiser Roleplay! We're a server on M&B Napoleonic Wars that focuses on roleplaying, in whatever form that could take. The server was founded in November 2017; it's currently run by Toon, who made this guide.

Our admin staff consists of, in hierarchal order:

The Kaiser, leader of the server

The Chancellor, second-hand leader

Regular Administrators (around 10 of them)

Trial Admins, recently-appointed admins

You can find our Steam grouppage on the link directly below.

In summary, this Guide's going to show you what exactly we do, as well as give some context about our community. Note that this Guide also comes along with a free book bundle, featuring some of my other excellent works:

Chapter I: What We're About

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noun: roleplay

1. the acting out or performance of a particular role.... in accordance with the perceived expectations of society with regard to a person's behavior in a particular context.


You might've seen a couple "roleplaying" servers around the Mount & Blade community. We're one of them. We at Kaiser Roleplay are, or at least try to be, very open to new kinds of thinking. We always appreciate innovation and creativity. After all, our group motto is Art of the Possible!

Our community's made up of a bunch of people that like to act out in a wide range of scenarios. We try to differentiate ourselves from some of the "battle-oriented" servers out there, although understandably we have our fair share of violent RPs. If you kill someone on the server, though, it always has to be justified.

Chances are, if you're reading this, you've gone on our server at least once. Hopefully you were on with an admin present. Oftentimes the quality of the roleplay depends on the presence of an admin, so if there's no admin, there's usually no proper roleplaying going on. However, even if there's no admin on, you're still expected to be polite and not troll.

I request you go and add some of our admins on Steam, so that you can contact them whenever the server needs an admin to get on. Just don't pester them too much!

Chapter II: The History Of Our Community

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Our community has a rich, but turbulent history. You don't have to read over this part of the Guide to understand how the server works, but if you want to learn more about our community, then read this. This information's just here for your leisure, and it encompasses a history over 2 years in the making.

Also note that this is just a brief overview of everything. I glossed over a few parts of our history. If you want to know more, or feel that my opinion here is "biased," you should go talk to other members of the community for their opinion on these events.

KRP's roleplaying community, or at least the one we know today, began to take shape with the foundation of Toonifer's Roleplay in 2015. TRP formed as a breakoff server from another roleplay server, Swords of Europe. Toon was, at the time, SoE's head admin, but in reality he was just a figurehead, with the server being under the de facto control of its former head admin, Flanch.

Trying to challenge what his perceived role as a servant, Toon (in summary) left SoE to go build a new server, Toonifer's Roleplay. Most of the SoE community went with him, although this did cause a brief period of strife and "Civil War." That's where the proper history of this community starts.



Of course, calling Toonifer's Roleplay "the Golden Age" carries a bit of bias, but in comparison to the tumultuous events this community experienced later on, TRP was relatively stable and retained that stability for over a year. Surviving the watchful reign of three head admins, Toon, Phineas Tinklebot, and Fruct, it finally succumbed to chaos following the impeachment of its fourth head admin, BaNaNa, on charges of corruption and fraudulence.


We thought that the problems that caused TRP to fall were flaws in our own system, and so then we thought, "ok, getting people more active in how we run the server should get things stable again." We were wrong. In reality, it just complicated everything.

The community left TRP behind and started a whole new server, the "Republic of Roleplayers." Toon and Phin left the community during this period. People were excited to try out a new Senate system, but it dwindled under the lax rule of the fifth head admin, Octavian, and it eventually dropped into irrelevance entirely.

At the introduction of the sixth head admin, Crunchy, the "Republic" was already in decline. It all came to a head one day when Crunchy abruptly decided to kill the server, apparently because he was "tired of the community." It was a very unusual and abrupt decision, which left the community in a state of absolute chaos.


This is where things get pretty messy. Left with no central authority, this community began tearing itself apart. People began propping up their own servers, most of which lasted barely a week. Crunchy came back to make a new server, only to leave again. In the chaos, Nicholas Prime emerged as a leader who offered stability. People began to flock to his server, Prime Roleplay.

This whole period of chaos that I call "the Crisis of the Third Century" lasted three months, and has since done irreparable damage to the integrity of this community. At the end of it all, Prime Roleplay stood out as the clear winner, which ended the Crisis.


After the Republic of Roleplayers fell, the community went like, "ok, so giving someone absolute and strict authority should bring about stability again." We were wrong. It turns out, PRP's administration was dogged by scandal, drama, and nepotism. PRIME made a hitlist for potential threats to the server and actively rooted out opposition.

This is where Toon (hey, that's me) returned to the community, and started a movement to call for new elections. PRIME immediately saw Toon as a threat, and ordered his banning from the server. However, immediately following the banning some members of the community were outraged, and in defiance Toon began a new server. That new server was Kaiser Roleplay.


Unfortunately, Toon's defiance completely split the community in half, and both Kaiser Roleplay and PRIME Roleplay were at each others' throats for the next month. This was an unwelcoming sight for the community, because everyone was sick of the drama. There were faults on both sides, and the situation was tense. People from both servers tried to reduce tensions, but to little avail.

Ultimately, PRP collapsed when most of its staff defected to KRP. Some are still bitter over PRP's collapse, but this community's been trying at vigourous reconciliation movements to help patch up the drama.

KRP's path these past few months haven't exactly been all rainbows and sunshine though, either. After initially opting for more democratic freedom, a brief scandal (Zakrosgate) which upset the stability of the community implored Toon to seek out a more authoritarian approach. Differing from PRIME, though, Toon prefers the term "benevolent monarchy," meaning a figure who can assert order and stability, but one who still knows his place and will never act against the freedoms of the roleplayers. In many ways, this ties back to the system of governance on Toonifer's Roleplay.

While our community's history isn't exactly pretty to look at, it's important to give it recognition, and to understand how we got to where things are now and to make sure we don't repeat the mistakes we made in the past. If you took the time to read through all of this, thank you.

Chapter III: Regular Roleplaying

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Kaiser Roleplay offers RP types in two forms: regular and irregular roleplaying. "Regular" meaning standard-issue RPs that we do all the time and have set names to them (Town RP, Kingdoms RP, Naval RP), while irregular roleplays are storyline-based events that an admin sets independently, like Vodka Wars or WWII Partisans. Since irregular RPs can take literally any shape or form, I won't be explaining them in this guide. Instead, down below are some of the regular-type RPs we do.


Town RPThis is by far the most common and popular RP you'll see on the server. You are situated in a village or town, and either roleplay as a common citizen or a guard. Citizens carry out normal civil duties like farming, drinking, and selling goods, while the guards are there to maintain the peace and keep the streets clean of dirty criminals.

Most of the time the town is relatively peaceful, although there are exceptions. Crimes such as vandalism and petty theft, if seen by or reported to a guard, can lead to your arrest. You will then be placed in jail for a certain amount of time, or be forced to pay a fine.

Note that if a guard is trying to arrest you, you can try to run away, but not fight back.


Kingdoms RPAnother popular RP, Kingdoms is where you're situated in a large map and are encouraged to form your own kingdom with other players. These many factions can then enter into diplomatic negotiations with each other, or declare war on each other. Either way, there can be only one High King, and when you play the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die.


Deathball RPKRP's national sport, invented during the days of the Republic, is Deathball. There are two teams situated on opposite ends of a playing field. On both teams, there are 4 regular players and 1 cannoneer. The admin then places a flag in the centre of the field. The objective is to capture that flag and land it on the enemy's goal pit. The sport can be quite fun, and intense.


Prison RPStandard Prison RP is where you are shipped off to a remote island prison-- where you face justice by the Warden. The Warden quickly puts you to work, doing many activities like farming and fishing, and occasionally giving you dinner break. As well, the Warden is accompanied by armed guards to ensure you don't try anything funny. However, the road to freedom waits just offshore-- can you successfully evade the guards and get a boat off the island?


Naval RPOn the High Seas, you are tasked with bringing down the enemy's fleet. The teams are usually Britain and France, although it varies (Britain somehow always wins :D). You can name your own ships, as well as set up your own captains and your own crews. Watch out for scurvy, and keep your head low out there!


Tax Evasion RPThis RP was actually initially developed as a form of punishment when people don't behave, but weirdly people seem to like it.

The admins are the tax collectors, while everyone else are the peasants. A large swarm of angry peasants have formed a mob against the harsh policies of the local tax collectors. Armed with nothing but their fists, the players must beat the tax collectors to death, while the tax collectors themselves, being the filthy entitled bourgeois pigs they are, have infantry muskets.

The objective is to literally surround and beat the admin to death before he can individually slaughter you all with his weapon. Quite a fun experience, mostly for the admin but it can be fun for the player if they indulge in it too.


I'm just scratching the surface. We have a load of other regular RPs, too, and new ones are being made up all the time. Some of the regular RPs I didn't brush up on are: Vikings RP: Be a viking and attempt to raid an early Christian settlement, or be a Christian monk attempting to save your holy isle from pagan savages

Senate RP: argue and debate in a large courtroom, on the future of your nation

Murder RP: a normal ship journey turns into a murder mystery as individuals begin to disappear

Frontier RP: fully express your creativity by creating sophisticated sapper works with other players

Natives RP: attempt to colonise a mysterious world or be a native yourself and drive back the strange invaders

Chapter IV: Do's And Dont's

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Here's a couple things you should be aware about on the server. Some of these are general rules you should know, and some also include advice on what to do in a situation.

1. There Be Trolls

Obviously, there are trolls lurking about. Disappointing, but then again no server's 100% free from them. If you're one of these trolls,


Thankfully, we've noticed a decline in trollish behaviour in our community, at least in comparison to the past. Regardless, they do have a presence and it's important to note what to do when you spot one.

The common troll is everywhere. They can be lurking behind you, ready to RDM. If you notice someone trolling but the admin doesn't, make sure you tell them immediately. Many expert RPers including Sun Tzu who wrote the book The Art of RPing highly advise you not to take matters into your own hands and kill the troll yourself; it'll only cause more confusion with the admins, and the troll can lie about the circumstances in which they were killed.

If there's no admin present on the server at all, and someone's trolling, we encourage you to make a complaint about the troll in our grouppage Complaints discussion, and please take screenshots for proof as well.

2. All script-changers and sapper-modders are considered hellspawns on this server

Like, literally. "Hackers" are top enemy number one. It was probably them who burned down the Reichstag. No offence, Betty, but hackers scare the living daylights out of us.

Not all hackers are bad, of course. I've met a few who were actually quite friendly. But the risk for the server's just too high. That's why we admins have strict instructions to perma-ban anyone who uses hacks or cheatmods on the server. If you see a hacker, notify an admin immediately. If you are a hacker, please turn your cheats off when you come on the server and respect other players :P

3. We Don't Like Drama

We've dealt with a lot of drama in the past, and it's best to put it all behind. Please help this process by not starting up new drama or slandering other people.

On that subject, this server has a strict policy regarding the usage of slurs and racism. To keep things simple, just don't use slurs like the n-word or say gay in the negative term, stuff like that. We just don't mess with stuff like that, even online.

If you see someone being completely derogatory, please let the admin know. If there isn't an admin on, just take screenshots. People who use vulgar slander are completely what this community is against, and we don't want people like that on our playerbase.

Racism is never allowed on this server unless within the RP-universe-- that is, you can say racist things if it fits the RP. You should generally be aware and sensitive of what you say regardless though.

4. Grouppage Expectations

If you join our Steam grouppage, there are expectations of you that follow. Obviously, don't be rude, don't slander or spread hate or drama, and if you see someone doing things like this, report it immediately.

Also try your best not to clog up the comments section; we have a committed discussion panel, Spam Chats, just for this purpose. The comments section's only reserved for comments that have to do with the actual server/community, and out-of-topic comments are going to be deleted.

Chapter V: Get Involved!

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Of course, we're not a community that revolves completely around the server. Sometimes we throw mass multiplayer games like Civilisation V, Hearts of Iron IV, and a lot of Total War games too. Don't be isolated in this community; make friends, get to know people! You should join our Steam Grouppage if you want to take an active part in our community.

One of the biggest ways to get involved, of course, is to become an admin. If you're interested, you have to keep an eye out for when the Kaiser is permitting admin applications. These happen seldomly, so make sure you're constantly checking out the grouppage. The demand for admin is high, like through the roof, and we only accept a few at a time. Regardless, it's best to try your luck and sign up when available anyways.

Advantages of Being An Admin

Something unique about being an admin on our server compared to others on the M&B platform is that you have to take a much more active role. Admins on Kaiser Roleplay are expected to exploit their own imagination and creativity to create interesting scenarios and situations for their players, not just follow set orders and rules. We admins try our best to keep the server a unique and interesting place, even in the spectrum of roleplay servers.

Some of the advantages of being an admin include:

-You are allowed to admin openly, and exploit admin weapons and powers to enrich the Roleplaying. For example, you are allowed to use Rocket Launchers to stimulate a "Storm Event." Keep in mind that these powers have limitations, however.

-You get to participate in weekly admin meetings and introduce new ideas during said meetings

-You get an active role in the community and in determining the course that community takes

Chapter VI: Concluding Notes

Thanks for taking the time to read through this Guide. If you have any more questions concerning Kaiser Roleplay, please, come to me, or, if this guide's outdated, go to the current Kaiser. Please help make our community a better place, and remember, the most crucial and important aspect of all....

dont go to napoleonic roleplay

Remember to have fun!


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