Ultimate Madness Project Nexus GIT GUD Guide!

1. Beginning Of Starting To GIT GUD.


-BLOODSON (Locknar)

-DEPUTIZED (Locknar)

-AAHW (Cheshyre)

-Breaking and Entering (Fleetwire)

24/7 no 25/8 even. To GIT a bit better

To maximize your progress with getting better you should become madness combat in real life. Go beat up an sheriff irl. (FOR LEGAL REASONS DON'T)

Your favorite character should be just like you fr fr. Are you a hacker from India?! Go for Deisom. DO you like fishing men. (AND WOMEN?!) Go for Sandfork. ARE YOU MENTALLY INSANE AND A SIGMA MALE EDIT CREATOR? Go for Hnak L. Wimblecock. Are you literally Jesus irl?! Idk then go for Christoff however i would still recommend Hank then.

Also Love every G03LM In the game. Especially Burger Gil if you won't. Then i will find you.

After doing all of those things. Go to the next section.

1.5. "Pause Menu Still Says That I'm A Noob!"

Show your dominace. Pause the game for 8 hours. Then come back. Strike fear into the game itself.

If you cannot leave your pc for 8 hours. Then just GIT GUD and don't pause.

Off to the next actual section.

2. Pew And Slashy Play

What Pew Pew guns should you use? Ummm... Hmm... Let me think about this. OH I KNOW! U12 TWO OF THEM! If you miss your shot it's 100% your fault and you still didn't GIT GUD.

Slashy Slashy melee you should use is def screwdriver. Why? Cuz it has funny execution.


Throwables you should use are def molotovs. Why? Because they take up your weapon slot which makes you wanna learn how to manage inventory space!!! (I don't care there are only 3 slots then.)

When you equip your arena mode character with all of these below. Head to the next section.

2.5. "What Should I Do To Get Even Better?"

To GIT GUD you should watch:

- John Wick 30

- Constructin Neutral

- Madness Project Nexus 3 Trailer

- Madness Combat 12

- Dissenter

And that's about it. After watching everything go to the next section.

3. Final Step!!!

Congrats on reaching the final step.

The ultimate thing to GIT GUD now is to find another guide. Since my original plan wasn't to make you better. BUT TO MAKE YOU WASTE YOUR TIME! Anyway umm yeah. Go find another guide. OR play on highest difficulty experiment in arena mode and slowly get better.

Next Section is begging for steam points. Open at your own risk.

Thanks For Reading :)

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