Karryn's Masochistic Journey

Karryn's Masochistic Journey

First Beginnings

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Welcome to your first day on the job!

I hope you will enjoy spanking alot.

I suggest that you start on a harder diffuculty first because it will be easier for us to lose.

For being able to win fights as masochist Karryn we are gonna need a lot of passives that will unlock new skills. It means that in the beginning theres gonna be little ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and you need to grind losing for a few hours to start getting these passives. I will list the passives and how to get them in the passives Section.

After starting a fresh save we will choose the following beginning choices:

For Title either Management Consultant or Cost Saving Supervisor

MC for -15% Fatigue gain

CSS for -13% edict cost

For Extra sensitive body part:

The whole body

For selecting Karryn's Dormant desire

We will choose the desire to be dominated by vulgar men for the extra masochism level

Welcome to Fort Ganon!

First of were gonna go in settings and disable feet jobs.

This is because in the second level there are gonna be nerds that will try to let Karryn give them a footjob. The footjob is purely Sadistic.

We are gonna choose the following edicts to start with:

Mind trainning 1

Healing thoughts

Lets go into the prison and start losing!

Dodge the first inmate in the first room.

In the second room theres a guy guarding the entrance to the bar

Start combat but escape from it and use the small invincebility time to enter the bar.

Were gonna go and start combat in the bar.

To start becoming masochistic we will need to lose our stamina as fast as possible.

To do this were gonna use either the weak or same attack as the inmate your attacking to deal as little damage as possible.

The weak style of the move gives you a -25% accuracy and power debuff

Because we are in the bar where the enemies are strong thugs you should be out of stamina in around 2-3 turns on even the easiest diffuculty.

This is where the fun begins.

You will lose the battle when your energy hits 0 but were want as much bad stuff to happen to karryn in this battle screen as possible so were gonna use our Healing thoughts to stay up as long as we can.

Just keep spamming Secretary Stance till its costs 4 energy and reset it with lady stance after.

Use healing thoughts when ever you can.

If you lose you will be taking to backroom of the bar where your defeat Scene will play.

Repeat this until you get the passive :

Convenient Sex Object

(To see the list of passives and how to get them refer to the passive Tab)

How To Play As A Masochist

If you dont know how desire works let me explain it quickly here:

Desire needs to be build up for karryn to be able to let sexy things happen to her.

Some passives will lower desire requirements and increase starting desire and the amount of desire you get.

You will need to have a certain ♥♥♥♥ desire before you can start having sex tho.

If you want to read more about the desires just hover over them in battle.

Mid game

After you get the get the give up skill i suggest to use that and let sexy things be done to you.

Late game

You have enough inital desires to have sex without losing to much stamina, so i suggest using flaunt skill and keep kissing until they do start using sex on you

I always just use pleasure stance 10 turns and enjoy the show.

To stay masochist and not get any sadistic passives were gonna have to do the following things

- Dont use the following sex skills as they will get you sadistic passives if you iniate them.(They can still be done to you without being sadistic except for footjob)

Vaginal Sex



Handjob - Keep cockiness low and try to not get it to 100% (youll lose cockiness by running away from a fight or losing it)

(how ever there are enough masochistic passives to collect to get the 12 more over sadistic so its not a gameover if you do)

- Disable footjobs

- to not use your basic attacks at all when you get your give up skill

- you dont want to beat prisoners with your halbert because that will eventually increase sadism.

Edicts To Buy

If you finally start building your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ maso karryn start with building up endurence.

You need endurence to get more energy.

♥♥♥♥ karryn will lose a lot of energy while ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ but in later passives there some that will refill your energy everytime someone ejaculates in you/on you.

I suggest going for the early Energy and Endurance edicts and in later floor for Stamina edicts so you still have stamina for side jobs.

You can also buy a dexterity edicts to increase damage done with handjobs

Buy the edicts for karryn's public records to get more cash and to know what masochist level you are

We also need to buy the toilet minigame on floor 2 for a masochist passive

Passive's List.

Gameplay Passives

These passives are needed to unlock skills or edicts we need

Ex-secretary gone wildYou'll get this passive eventually by losing and having 10 sexual partners

We need this passive to buy the release desire edict.

Convenient Sex ObjectYou'll get this passive eventually by losing and having 20 sexual partners

- Unlocks Energy Skill: Pleasure Stance.

- Unlocks Energy Skill: Give up.

Walking Talking ♥♥♥♥ SleeveYou'll get this passive eventually by losing and having 70 sexual partners

- Unlocks Energy Skill: Surrender.

One vs. AllYou'll get this passive by beating 50 inmates in total

- Unlocks Energy Skill: Flaunt

Masochism Passives

These passives are for getting your masochism level higher

I suggest you enable the shorter defeat scenes if you go for some of the total floor defeats, because the take a long time to finish.(or dont and enjoy the show)

Defeat After DefeatYou'll get this passive by losing 7 times

Masochism level up!.

Heart Shifting Towards SubmissionYou'll get this passive by losing 14 times.

Masochism level up!.

Dirty Talk Orgasm♥♥♥ from being talked down to.

Masochism level up!.

Red Spanks MarksYou'll get this passive eventually by being spanked 10 times. To get spanked your butt desire needs to be atleast 75

Masochism level up!.

Masochistic OrgasmYou'll get this passive by ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ from being masochistic.

Masochism level up!.

Purposely Runs Out of StaminaYou'll get this passive by running out of stamina 20 times

Masochism level up!.

Finger Deepthroating WenchYou'll get this passive by deep throating fingers of 25 different people.

Masochism level up!.

Discarded Shame in order to Lick Men's AssYou'll get this passive by doing a total of 9 rimjobs.

Rogues will use rimjobs on you if your mouth and ♥♥♥♥ desire is above 100

Masochism level up!.

Semen Packs are the secret to beautyYou'll get this passive by being bukkaked on your face for 40 times total.

Masochism level up!.

Getting Spanked FetishYou'll get this passive eventually by getting spanked 39 times .

Masochism level up!.

Eat Ass Naturally as She BreathesYou'll get this passive by using the rimjob sex skill 23 times

Masochism level up!.

Crumbling Knees and PrideYou'll get this passive falling down after being unsteady. this does not include running out of stamina. You need to have fallen down in battle for 10 times

Masochism level up!.

Budding Underground Submission PleasureYou'll get this passive eventually by doing the floor 5 defeat scene 6 times

Masochism level up!.

Semen UrinalYou'll get this passive in the toilet sidejob on floor 2 by playing the minigame 15 times.

Masochism level up!

Pleasure of being capturedYou'll get this passive by being tied up 7 times in the defeat scene of floor 3

Masochism level up!.

Masochistic Voluntary Pillory SlaveYou'll get this passive eventually by doing the floor 4 defeat scene 14 times

Masochism level up!.

Energy Regenartion Passives

You will get these eventually by just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ around a lot but here are they anyway:

Second Stomach for Fresh CummiesYou get this passive by drinking 150 ML of ♥♥♥ at once in battle

Energy recover is based on amount of ♥♥♥ ejaculated into mouth

Semen Thieving Chieft ♥♥♥♥♥ WardenYou get this passive by having a total of 4000 ML being cummed inside your ♥♥♥♥♥

Energy recover is based on amount of ♥♥♥ ejaculated into ♥♥♥♥♥

Free Public Semen WastebasketYou get this passive by having a total of 150 ML of ♥♥♥ at once cummed inside your ♥♥♥♥♥

Energy regen is increased based on amount of ♥♥♥ ejaculated into ♥♥♥♥♥

Semen Black HoleYou get this passive by having a total of 4000 ML being cummed inside your ass

Energy regen is increased based on amount of ♥♥♥ ejaculated into ass

Chief Warden's Anus is Shared Semen Storehouse for All InmatesYou get this passive by having a total of 150 ML of ♥♥♥ at once cummed inside your ass

Energy regen is increased based on amount of ♥♥♥ ejaculated into ass

Final Words

Thanks for reading my guide and enjoy Fort Ganon!

English is not my native language so if you see any mistakes please let me know.

Feel free to add feedback in the comments or let me know if I showed incorrect information


*Added a List of sex skills NOT to use

*Added a reason to buy stamina edicts

*Fixed typo for cockiness

*Added Picture for Mind Training Edict

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2687951765					

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