How to: Enjoy Karryn's Prison

How to: Enjoy Karryn's Prison


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This Guide Will Not Cover Those Details As It Would Be Mundane.

If you're unsure whether Karryn's Prison suits you, download the demo.

Store Page -> Scroll down a bit -> A section on the right side will say "Download Demo".

The Demo only allows you to partially complete Level 2.

Defeating the Level 2 boss will be saved, but you cannot progress beyond that. Level 2 will remain in Anarchy.

You won't have access to Level 2 Edicts.

You can transfer your Demo Save File to the full game within the instructions contained in this guide.

Defeating Level 1 gives you access to two side jobs that further extend gameplay content and time.

The game's developer on the Store Page explains what the game is and isn't.

Your Journey Begins

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There are three difficulty levels to begin the game.

Secretary Mode: Easy

Enemies are weaker and act less.

Bonus regen, accuracy and evasion.

Higher EXP growth rate.

3 Edicts are allowed per day.

Plus 2 starting Control.

Plus 1,000 starting income.

No time limit.

Lower riot and invasion chance.

Can run away from battles.

Save anywhere.

Warden Mode: Normal

Default enemy stats.

Default EXP growth rate.

2 Edicts are allowed per day.

Default time limit.

Default riot and invasion chance.

Can run away from battles

Autosave only.

Prisoner Mode: Hard

Enemies are stronger and act more often.

Lower EXP growth rate.

2 Edicts allowed on odd days.

1 Edict allowed on even days.

Minus 1 starting Control.

Lower time limit.

Higher riot and invasion chance.

Can not run away from battles.

Autosave only.

Difficulty Levels Explained

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Everyone who tries Karryn's Prison for the first time - even RPG/Tactics veterans will immediately feel the difference between the three difficulty levels. The difficulty levels are explained in-game, and they don't go into great detail on what you're about to face.


Q & A

Q: If I play in Secretary mode, does this mean I'm a weakshit, "a casual gamer," or is a person who doesn't enjoy challenges?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. This mode is by far the most balanced way you can play Karryn's Prison and take your time to enjoy the game. The game is still challenging. You can still get a game over. Income/expenses management remains. You must manage the prison, tactfully subdue enemies and figure out Karryn's build.

Q: Is it correct that I will get a casual experience?

A: In short: Yes. This mode is meant to have you enjoy Karryn's Prison to the fullest without the unbalanced penalties. Does this degrade yourself or your gamer skills? No.


Q & A

Q: Is this like any other normal mode on most games in the market?

A: Short answer: No. You're already diving into "Dark Souls" difficulty in an H-Game. Enemies are far stronger. I won't go into calculations, but I can assure you that they are far more complex than Secretary Mode. You need to be careful with your builds and plan ahead.

Q: Should I start Karryn's Prison in this mode?

A: Probably not if you're looking to understand the mechanics of this game and enjoy the ride without harsh daily penalties. Every RPG is made differently, and Karryn's Prison isn't your usual "Normal Difficulty" ride.


Q & A

Q: I'm an extremely hardcore RPG/Tactics/Management player with over x hours in y game, and I have insane achievements! Should I start with Prisoner Mode?

A: If you have never played Karryn's Prison in your life, no. Regardless of your experience level, this game is no joke; built differently. This game is not an overall casual H-Game experience. Please thoroughly learn the game and move on to this mode to complete challenges and earn rare difficult achievements.

Soft Lock And Sandbox

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In this section, you'll understand Karryn's Prison even further.

Soft Lock

If you lose, Bad Ending: 0 Order you can keep your stats or start over a fresh save. If you played on a greater difficulty, you could choose to start the game on a lower difficulty.

The game lets you choose whether you would like to keep your previous stats and passives or start fresh. It does not soft-lock[] you in any way whatsoever. Players can still complete the game with or without a fresh start.

A Linear Perspective

If you're coming from a linear perspective of Karryn's Prison as a Sandbox game, turn around and do not buy the game.

If you're coming from a broad perspective, let's take a closer look at Karryn's Prison.

Q: Can you look at Karryn's Prison from a linear perspective; Sandbox or Theme-Park?

A: No. It's a mix of both, and this isn't an MMO. You can build your character however you want and manage the prison in whatever way you'd like with positive or negative outcomes. It's still all up to you.

Q: Can you change the storyline of the game, character dialogues, environmental changes, and how Karryn reacts to situations?

Yes, and no. The storyline of defeating the game through all five levels remains the same. However, character dialogues, the map environments and Karryn's reactions can change according to the following:


Your reputation at a specific side job. There are currently four, according to the latest game version.

Karryn's Slut Level increased from Passives.

Passives that increase or decrease specific stats.

Passives that affect your relationship with certain enemies.

Tertiary Sex Levels*.

* How good you are at the following:








Vaginal Sex

Anal Sex




The above list is categorised as Tertiary, Sex Levels. If you're good enough, you can eventually use a Sexual Act to subdue opponents instead of defeating them with your weapon. The better you are at it, the more Pleasure Damage you deal towards enemies and the dialogues when acted upon yourself or when you act on foes progresses.

Damage = Stamina or Pleasure.

Specific stats determine how much damage Karryn deals, how much damage Karryn receives and how much it costs to deal it. This guide won't cover that.

Health = Stamina (Yellow Bar)

Pleasure = Pink Bar



Transfer Demo Save To Full Game Save

How to: Enjoy Karryn's Prison image 110Karryn's Prison Demo

Find your save file in folder.

Step 1: Find the Demo Game Folder

Drive -> Program Files (x86) or just Program Files -> steamapps -> common ->


Drive -> SteamLibrary -> steamapps -> common ->

Step 2: Retrieve the Save Files from the Demo Game

Find the following folders:

www -> save

Copy everything that contains in the save folder.

Step 3: Paste the Save Files from the Demo Game to the Full Game

Drive -> Program Files (x86) or just Program Files -> steamapps -> common -> Karryn's Prison -> www -> save


Drive -> SteamLibrary -> steamapps -> common -> Karryn's Prison -> www -> save

If a pop-up mentions overwriting any files, click yes to all.

Enjoy The Game

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If you'd like to start Karryn's Prison by earning specific achievements, here are guides that can help you. Otherwise, boot up the game with a new save under Secretary Mode.

Do whatever you'd like, experience as many outcomes as you'd like and please do not forget to turn on the following cheats in the settings:

The K*n*mi Code - Allows you to save any time. Be sure to save often and reload if you need to.

KeyserSoze - Access the History Log while playing as a Waitress (Side job) if you don't want to bother memorising orders or if you have a hard time remembering.

Other options in the Settings allow you to turn off certain sexual acts if you find it impossible to play if you see them.

Q: Is it still possible for me to not like the game even with all the explanations above?

A: Of course! We all have different tastes, and that's okay. It would be weird if everyone in the world were the same and unbiased perspectives are needed.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great time!


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