Prisoner Mode with Counterbuild DexAgiMind


I want to start off with a few things and assumptions:

1) You are new and are frustrated from a loss. Especially those of you who try to play games at the hardest difficulty first.

- I encourage you to actually play the game ON SECRETARY mode so that you can unlock titles. Titles are the only things that keep between games whenever you do a reset. Some titles will give you stats, some gives control, some gives bonus funding, some will spawn weaker enemies more frequently. There is a Titles guide in Steam and I encourage you to try to get as many as you can especially when doing the challenges on prisoner mode as they require resets.

2) There are a bunch of great guides everywhere. I found some information to be untrue or not to my style so this is the reason why I create this guide. OK LETS START.

Creating Your Build (Virgin Builds)


Let's start with my favorites for unlocking things:

1) Ambitious Experimenter: Income +300, Control -1, Subs -8%

Very good title that I can say is like a "paper cannon" in terms of economy.

2) Cost Saving Supervisor: Edict -13%, Subs +8%

A more conservative approach but still economically sound.

3) Hardworking Tutor: Income +8%, Control +1, Fatigue recovery -12%

Don't worry about the fatigue recovery too much. That's because my guide covers the important of using beds. If you aren't using quality beds then maybe this is a bad title.


Probably good for your end of all end game builds to tackle on endless mode:

4) Management Consultant: Fatigue gain -15%, Subs +50

Since endless mode is endless waves, you want the best combat trait possible. But in regular games, I'm not a fan of this title.


Titles I never use

5) Skilled Manager: Subs +200, 1 Edict carryover

On Prisoner, you just don't have enough money to always spend. Sometimes, you might skip a spending day just to save money for a good edict. So no. (Even on Secretary, you are showered with edict points so this is not a good title at all).

6) Hardline Debater: Control +3, Riot +2

I guess this title lets you take on - control edicts for more money and you can take less of the +control edicts saving you some expense. But Riots are annoying and you can always engineer more riot chance if you needed to train or are going for the 69 riot title when you pick the right edicts. This title probably is the most conservative though. It makes level 1 the easiest since you don't get riots until you beat level 1.



Body part and Dormant Desire

Rather then talk too much here, I'm just going to tell you what you should get and why.

Sensitive part: Anus

Dormant Desire: Mouth

One of the cheapest accessories is "Double". It protect the Anus and the mouth. So just pick these and go buy a Double.

Choosing Stats

Decide on two or three things to train and stick to it. You might deviate occasionally depending on the enemy but generally two to three styles.

Many people like to say "Str + Dex" and "Mind + Agi" as good builds. But here is my opinion.

My favorite build is "Dex+ Agi+ Mind". I also like to pair this with the Defensive Halberd tree for counter attacks. Dex helps to hit while Agi helps to dodge. They both have multihit options and dodging helps with counter attacks especially when you are doing the more crazy challenges where everyone is hitting criticals. You have to flaunt alot with this build since Taunting is usually suicide.

I don't like the str stat at all. But str allows you to resist stamina dmg. It provides a minor boost to damage to other abilities but sticking to a stat usually boosts the damage itself.


With this said, some challenges require you to build differently. The unarmed challenge is easiest by going for a masochist sloot build where you just purposely lose all the time and focus mainly your endurance and energy stats. But other than that, Dex Agi Mind is what I go for. On prisoner, you really don't have much to money to spend unless you delay the heck out of your game by taking high expense control edicts. Then I guess you can build out your stat tree if you wanted. But Level 1 in dex, mind, and agi is what I go for. Most of your combat capability comes from your halberd.


Make sure you get Cleave and Multistrike.

Always Cleave when two people are next to each other. It doesn't matter what their resistance is.

Always Multistrike when you see 3 enemies or an enemy that is known for high HP. I won't describe what enemies typically have alot of HP or the traits that modify it but if you play the game enough, you should know what I'm talking about.

If two or less enemies, do not multistrike, it will just expend more fatigue. Just do a normal pierce attack and finish the other dude with a slash.


Final note:

Since you aren't going strength, you need to use Ki to attack and do damage. Once you have the counterattack percentage up from going level 2 in defensive halberd, starting using Focus and Ki together so you can counterattack and counter hard. Counters use Dex as damage calculation.

Beds And Master-bation

Don't know if master-bating is censored so I spelled it this way.

High quality Beds are VERY important to finishing the game early and not having to fiddle around wasting time on buying expensive stat edicts.

Always buy the highest quality bed possible. And always use the bed in your room. The guard beds do not get upgraded with your home bed edict. That means you will have to do some real world agility clicking to make sure you are always at 3%-9% stat boost.

Office invasion is important later on when you DO need to master-bate. You want invasion at 0% because intruders WILL invade at 1%.

In the beginning, you do not need to master-bate when your pleasure is too high. Just sleep normally. But once you start getting the "FRUSTRATED" debuff. Master-bating is essential because it drags down alot of your stats.

Once you start master-bating, just make it a habit so that you can always get well rested boosts.

When Master-bating always choose one option and stick to it. Always try to focus on the same body part so you don't add passives for all your desires. If you can help it, never orgasm. If you do orgasm, make sure you end the scene. Don't overdo it because you aren't playing a sloot build. Since I told you to pick mouth as desire, try to always do "Suck".


There's a niche reason to do so and it's probably going to be a title unlock.

Perhaps it helps with speedrunning to get that extra gold.



Edicts that get guard aggression up. Whatever.

But with enough guard aggression, the guards themselves will start appearing as enemies. And edicts that usually get guard aggression are up are tied with getting guard stats up. So you will just trap yourself to painful super mobs. So don't do it.

Starting Edicts To Buy

If your challenge doesn't have issues with accessories, and you have the heroic accessories unlocked, I like to start with the PINK earrings to get your charm growth high as soon as possible. Charms helps with flaunt and you do get hit down, you have the option to defeat people by having them master-bate to your naked body. Having high charm also lets you wear multiple accessories sooner and you get bonuses for wearing one of each type though I never bother to buy the "MISC" accessories that look like purses since they are just uber expensive.

Otherwise, start with Fort Gannon and go for Laxer Hiring Standards and/or Personal for Prison Guards for Office. Both give significant expense reductions and you want to build your economic engine on the get go. I do some of the publish info later for extra income but usually only like 3 or 4 of them.

Make sure you NEVER just buy an edict and go to sleep. On Prisoner, you are on a time limit. Go and fight the first dude then come back and sleep in your bed.

Next thing to buy would be a stat. As I like Dex, Agi, Mind, I will pick dex, agi, or mind.

Fight more.

Along the way you need to:

- Buy the DOUBLE ring to keep your mouth desire in check.

- Buy the RED Bracelet to assist with stamina management in combat builds.

- Upgrade your bed so you can get your daily stat boost.

- Upgrade our chosen halberd style. (I like defensive but some builds are better off using the offensive tree)


As you are constantly under pressure, you will need to buy Fort Ganon REPAIR KITCHEN AND MESS HALL edict. Make sure you don't do this too early. You get a bonus to subsidies as your order gets closer to zero. But you don't want to push your order too low as future riots will destroy your order in bursts (order can be recovered when dealing with the riots but you need some cushion to take that burst of loss in order when the riot happens).


Finally, I don't buy the clothes edicts. I feel it's probably more important to someone who doesnt use mind builds. With mind, your naked body is also a weapon. But without mind to keep all your desires low, then you do need strong clothes. So anyways, no I don't buy clothes.

Dealing With Level 1

You will mostly be grinding off of three mobs.

- The first room with a one or two prisoner battle.

- The second room with a two prisoner battle.

- The goblin room with goblin battles.

Do not train on thugs room right now. It's not worth it.

The "4th room" which connects all the rooms (the one after the bar) can be trained if you have leftover fatigue to grind on.

You need to try to grind to your level limit asap or as high as possible. There are a couple of rooms where NPCs block the doorway. Those are mandatory one time battles. So you will face thugs once as you unlock the hallways. But don't grind in those rooms once unlocked.


Boss battle:

So apparently, the boss battle is easier if you first deal with the henchmen separately right in that room. It's up to you if you want to do it all at once or divide and conquer.

Special Note About Transitioning To Sloot

IDEALLY, you want to stay a virgin. Do not purposely be a sloot unless you screwed up and got defeated.

If you do get defeated and start becoming slooty, the game is not over.

The great thing about DEX builds is that you can transition to blowjob handjob titjob mode. Preferably you want to get it gives you the most advantage in pleasure damage. Basically you attack normally in the first round and then when mouth and ♥♥♥♥ is high, you can keep all other desires low. Don't let yourself get ♥♥♥♥♥ and butt sexed because you are more disadvantaged here.

Titjob is important when dealing the yetis and you do need it to beat the game if you end up in the sloot mode.

To get these skills, you would have to have these skills used on you enough. Orcs do titjobs, prisoner like handjobs. Blowjobs can be collected when being gang banged and it probably will happen during some ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. If you get ♥♥♥♥♥ or ass ♥♥♥♥♥♥, it's okay. But just always try to be blowjobing. Otherwise, you will be on the disadvantage.

Special Note About Level End Rewards

Always go for the Hero guidelines.

Now if you do screw up and get slooted. Well, I'll let you decide on what's ideal. Use your brain. But if hero guidelines is an options, it's a must take.

Dealing With Level 2

In terms of purchasing edicts, it gets hazy here but keep upgrading your bed and your halberd. You will need to buy some expense edicts too. You need to get the healing thoughts edict in the mind tree for the slime boss. You will need to buy an enemy specialization edict as well but you shouldn't do it early on until you are ready to face them which I will cover below.

You should be grinding on the first two rooms of npcs which are prisoners, nerds, and rogues. If you are using the defense halberd, ALWAYS attack the nerds first since they don't attack you when they are not angry. If they aren't attacking your stamina, then they are raising your desires which you do not want happen too much. Things that do not attack you will also not allow you to counterattack them.

Important: WHEN A RIOT HAPPENS, ALWAYS DEAL WITH IT FIRST. If you have leftover fatigue go ahead and grind a room. Otherwise, Riots are fine training as is and any fight will give you back some order.

Once you've leveled enough, make sure you buy the goblin edict. For combat runs, I like to focus on all 2nd column specializations (which is important when the orc specializations appear as they benefit going all in one tree). Now that you have the goblin edict, you can do the goblin room without annoying misses.

When you feel you are strong enough, head to the slime room. It should be blocked. You should ONLY fight this battle once. In future days, you need to learn how to quick click to run past them. Try to keep an image in your head on where the tile is so when you enter the bathroom and back, you can quick click.

The slime room is the first major challenge of the game. Multihits are key. If you need to, do a str attack since dex attacks aren't good against them and your dex is probably not high enough.

Once slimes are defeated, train some more on the first three rooms. During this time, hover your mouse over the 2nd thug edict option to see what other prereqs are needed to unlock this. Once you have the 2nd option of thug edict unlock, you can face the room after the slimes which contain thugs. With their str lowered, they wont tank your hits as easily nor will they one-hit-ko you.

Continue running back and forth past the slime room to unlock the rest of the rooms and to use your bed bonus. Don't sleep in the guard beds because you won't get stat boosts and may even get a "did not sleep well" stat nerf.

SLIME boss

Without a str build, you really can only just outlast this battle. Make sure you flaunt. Use dex and agi moves just for training but you won't be downing this boss physically on prisoner. With mind, focus on keeping all your desires low ESPECIALLY ♥♥♥♥ desire below 35 so you dont get body jizzed. The big slime will run away after 3 jizzes. Every time it jizzes, make an effort to rejuv and flaunt again to make it horny. Then just stay down and carefully use secretary and lady stances. You want to be doing secretary stances until it takes 3 energy to use, then use a lady stance to reset the cost.

Dealing With Level 3

Get the rogue 2nd slot edict asap to get some much needed control and to lower their accuracy.

Nerd blackmail isn't that big of a deal until you buy too many corruption edicts, then consider getting the 2nd option of Nerd unlocked. But you can wait on this.

The main room you are grinding is the first room. And of course any riots that appear.

The biggest dodge challenge here is the gym. Once you complete it one time, you need to be patient and learn how to dodge the gym battle as you run back and forth unlocking rooms and using your be bonus.

If you have no riots or minigames to do (which in agi/dex/mind, I only unlock the secretary minigame) then go ahead and just grind the first room.


Boss battle Alpha Lizard

When you feel your ready, you need to flaunt because Aron will hit you hard if you anger him. Unfortunately you cant really outlast aron in master-bation as he just keeps summoning lizards who will orgasm you to death. So once flaunted, you need to multihit him. If there another enemy lines up with him as a grouping, cleave them. You will need reflaunt when needed. Don't worry about the other lizards too much as they will master-bate to death or will get counterattacked when they do attack you.

If you are a sloot mode, flaunt and blowjob the heck out of aron till he is a goner.

Dealing With Level 4

Get the 2nd option for Orc immediately to negate all the doubling buffs for all the other mobs.

It's just not feasible to get all the prereqs to unlock the lizard options so you can just ignore these. Unless you are playing a very long game and buying all the +control edicts. Then sure.

As always deal with riots if they appear asap. There should be enough riots where you don't need to grind on level 4 rooms but the first room is usually what I'd grind.

The swimming pool room is just patience but should be dodgable once you unlock it.

The challenging room to dodge would be the basketball court. Stay on the bottom edge. If the monkey goes up, run across. If not, then enter and reenter the room.

Boss battle yeti.

Flaunts, cleaves, and multihits.

On a sloot build, titjob and blowjob. In this battle, he can ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ you if you dont have titjob unlocked but in the next level, you MUST have titjob available otherwise you will lose.

Dealing With Level 5

Grind, riots, minigames.

But if you are ready, then well... you know what to do. Flaunt, multihit, cleave, counterattack.

And again, sloot build, you need titjob unlocked to deal with the yeti. But make sure you go in for the easy kill with blowjobs on Gobriel.

A Sneaky Last Note

In boss battles, you can test if you can do them or not. If you fail, just exit the program and hop back in. You will be in the start of the room.

For mob battles, you would be forced to fight the battle again but RNG can spawn you weaker enemies. So you can scum through if needed. But if you just aren't strong enough or you got caught in a battle while you are on a -20% stat debuff due to being tired, then you will just have to take the defeat. But remember, you can transition to sloot mode with a dex build if you get defeated too much.


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