Empress Ending Conditions


There are other guides out there that will take you from day 1 to the end of the game. But none (so far) have the actual numbers needed for that final decision of whether you'll get the "Empress" ending or the "Happy" ending. This guide will detail only this final calculation. How you get to it and meet its conditions is up to you.

Note that this guide and the calculations therein were done for Karryn's Prison v1.0.3, but I don't foresee it needing much in the way of updates.

Reaction Score Calculation

The game checks three in-game stats to determine whether you will qualify for the "Empress" ending or not. It records this in a variable called ReactionScore, which is also used elsewhere but for the purposes of this guide, we'll only talk about it in relation to the ending conditions.

The ReactionScore is determined by three of your in game stats, as well as whether you've kept any or all of your virginities intact. Those being Kiss, Vaginal and Anal.

The simple calculation is as follows:

ReactionScore = (Sloot Level * 0.4) + (The Highest of Sadism Level or Masochism Level * 8)

You also get additional points added for having lost your virginities. Kiss and Anal virginities give you 3 points each, while Vaginal gives 5 points.

Note that the calculation only takes the highest of your Sadism and Masochism levels, and ignores the other. There's an interesting condition, however, where if your Sadism and Masochism levels are equal, they're both ignored. I'm pretty sure this isn't intended, though it does make for an interesting philosophical idea of balancing the two concepts.

Final Calculation

The final calculation then checks whether your ReactionScore is Greater Than or Equal To 60. If it is, then you get the "Happy" end. Anything under 60, and you get the "Empress" end.

However, there's an additional calculation done before all of this, that checks whether you've kept all three of your virginities intact AND have your ReactionScore less than 90. If so, your ReactionScore gets reduced by a further 10 points.

This means that the highest integer score needed for the "Empress" ending is 69. Fitting.

(I say integer score because the calculations can go into decimals)

Example And Conclusion

As an example, let's go with my first attempt at getting the ending. I managed to keep my Sloot Level at 47 at the end, but had gone all in on Sadism skills and had a Sadism Level of 9, with a Masochism Level of 0. So my calculation went as follows:

ReactionScore = (47 * 0.4) + (9 * 8) = 18.8 + 72 = 90.8

As my ReactionScore was greater than 90 (by a whole 0.8), I didn't get the additional -10 for keeping my virginities intact. But that wouldn't have mattered in the end as my ReactionScore would still have been over 60.

So as you can see, while Sloot Level does factor into the decision whether you get the "Empress" ending or not, your Sadism and Masochism levels also factor heavily into it.

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