How to uncap the FPS and make it higher than 30FPS.

Hello, In This Guide I Will Show You How To Make The FPS Higher Than 30FPS.

(All credits for this mod go to "AdmiralCurtiss" as that person made this mod. I am only showing you where to find it and how to use it).

(Please make sure you have the x64 Visual Studio 2019 runtime installed before attempting this. You can find the download link for it here):

Follow these instructions to install the mod:

1. Go here: and download the latest release on the page.

2. Once downloaded open the folder and place DINPUT8.dll and dgs.ini from the folder into the folder where TGAAC.exe is located.

3. Once you have done all that don't start the game just yet. Adjust the configuration in dgs.ini and set your desired FPS and save it.

4. Now run the game through Steam and you should now see that the game is running in a much higher FPS.

WARNING: This may break/not work anymore if the game gets updated so be warned.

EXTRA WARNING: This mod is obviously still a work in progress so you may encounter some issues like sensitivity issues and crashing at certain points. Keep this in mind if you use this mod and if you don't want to put up with issues like this then I suggest you don't use this mod or alternatively just wait until the mod gets updated to fix these issues at some point.

Thanks for reading this guide. If you are having problems or issues with this mod then I suggest you report these appropriately on the GitHub page above which you downloaded the mod from as the Author of this mod might be able to help you and maybe fix these issues as well.

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