Hot Wheels Unleashed: All Tracks Shortcuts!

Hot Wheels Unleashed: All Tracks Shortcuts!


Hot Wheels Unleashed: All Tracks Shortcuts! image 1

Heyo guys!

I was having a lot of fun on time trials so I decided to record some of the shortcuts that I've found while trying it to beat the best times!

Most of the time I will be using my main cars (such as GT-Scorcher, Solid Muscle, The Cheetah, and a few others) to show that you can do it those shortcuts with any car! No need for cheese car such as the Power Rocket, Buns of Steel or Bump Around here!

Also, knowing most of those shortcuts can be de deciding factor on a victory while playing online, so get used to them!

I rated every shortcut from EASY to Hard!

Be careful with the Hard ones though, most of them required decent time and air control and can ruin your whole race if done incorrectly (High Risk High Reward)

DISCLAIMER: Those are not ALL of the Shortcuts possible to do on every Ambience, only the one that I managed to find! Feel free to share other shortcuts that you've found on the comments below!

Basement Shortcuts:

Skatepark Shortcuts:

Garage Shortcuts:

Skyscraper Shortcut:

College Campus Shortcut:


Final Thoughts:

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I hope the videos can help you guys on your races and maybe even find more crazier shortcuts!

Good Luck and Drive Fast!

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