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About Me

my qualifications include having over 500 hours and being an active member of the community and I love helping new players mainly in the EN community .

Questions About The Game

Q: How do you build a totem while also being aware of the crew's whereabouts?

A: there are a few ways of doing this depending on how you want to go about it: face towards the crew and use thrall vision, have good game sense and check before starting to build a totem.

Q: I saw a floating bone dagger disappear in front of me, is that a glitch?

A: yes and no. it means that a thrall bone charmed past you and hit C to put his bone charm away

Q: A thrall casted cannibals without leaving blood splatter, is that legal?

A: there are no official rules against exploiting, but it is generally frowned upon and major exploits are patched quickly.

Q: When I put gunpowder into the boiler why does it take forever to sabotage

A: it halves the time to sabo for every gunpowder you add starting at 120 second so: 120s, 60s, 30s, 15s etc

Questions About The Community

Q: how do i report players

A: there is an in game reporting system tho it is slow, the best way to report is through direct reporting at https://dreadhunger.com/#contact (more details in the discord #play-reports

Should I Buy Dread Hunger, Questions.

Q: Are there English players

A: yes, it will take on average less than 5 minutes to get a English lobby

Q: is the player base toxic?

A: Generally the community (at least for en) is very friendly and tends to block toxic players from lobby's

Q: is the game noob friendly

A: this honestly depends on your lobby, a good thing to do is say your new and ask for help when you need it. if players know you're new they'll cut you a lot more slack when you slip up, i/ your thrall get your thrall mate alone and ask him for help.

Random Questions

Q: What’s better: Strawberry Milk, Chocolate Milk, or regular milk?

A: Strawberry is good but very dependent on the day chocolate is universal

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