Beginner Thrall Guide


You will first play the Poker game when the game starts. You should always try to win since you will get the Captain's Key. The Captain's Key can open the Captain's Chest in the Captain's Room. You can find loot, inside the Chest.

If you win the poker's game, and open the Captain's Chest, you can get some good items to help you. For example, you can get Bear Trap, which you can use to backstab another player.


As a Thrall, your objective is to sabotage the expedition.

You win if:

All explorers died

The ship sinks

Thrall Message

You can send message to your Thrall teammate by pressing T, these message can be only seen by Thralls.


Pressing V will basically give you vision to all the players on the map, red players are crewmates, blue player is your teammate.


You can use an ability by holding the bone dagger, and right click to select an ability to use.

Your ability bar will slowly charge, and the more Totems you have, the faster it charge.

Currently, Thrall have 3 abilities.

Whiteout will summon a thick fog, using this can cause the explorers to accidently hit an iceberg whiling driving.

A higher level of Whiteout will make the fog last longer

Spirit Walk allows a Thrall to become invisible, and increase the speed of the Thrall for a period of time. While the first few seconds of a Spirit Walk, the Thrall will be covered by some black pixels, so it can be seen by other players. However, the Thrall will turn completely invisible, and the speed while Spirit Walking will be increased dramatically. While Spirit Walking, the player cannot take any kind of damage, and cannot fall in the water. However, the player cannot interact with anything until the ability is over. This can be used to escape, or quickly move to another place.

A higher level of Spirit Walk will allow you to Spirit Walk longer

Cannibal Attack will summon cannibals to attack your selected player, this can be used to kill an alone player, or a small group of poorly geared player. This ability cannot be used on your teammate, and after the selected player is dead, the cannibals will start to kill the nearest creatures or fight with each other.

Each level of Cannibal Attack will summon 3 cannibals


You build a Totem by pressing Q, it is the same as building a campfire. You need 1 bone + 3 wood to build 1 Totem.

The effect of the Totems cap at 10 Totems

Thrall Items


This is not necessarily a "Thrall" item, however, its an item really useful for Thrall.

Thralls are the only players that can craft Gunpowder, each coal can craft two gunpowder by the Thrall.


You can make 1 Poison by using 3 Dried Herbs, Poison can be made on a Stove. Poison can be directly consumed, or applied on consumables. For example, bones, meats, and Laudanum. It can also be applied on Syringe, Poisoned Syringe will remove its healing power, and anyone who gets injected by it will get the Poison Effect.

The Effect of the Poison will start after 1 minute when the player ate or got injected by a poisoned item. The player will instantly lose around half of his health, and throw up every couple of seconds. Everytime the player throw up, he will lose a small amount of health, until he dies. Player who lost all his health by poison will instantly die and will not be down.

The poison effect will be removed after consuming an Antidote.

Antidote can also be applied by Poison, and a Poisoned Antidote will lose its power to remove the Poison Effect.


aka Bomb, Explosive Barrel. Powderkeg can be crafted using 1 Coal Barrel and 5 Gunpowder. After left clicking it, it will explode in around 12 seconds. 1 Powderkeg will create 6 holes if thrown inside the ship, 3 holes if thrown on the deck.


This is not necessarily a "Thrall" item, however, its an item that can be used to blow up the ship. If a Thrall manage to blow up a Nitroglycerin around the ship, it will create 20 holes on the ship.


There are two ways to play a Thrall, blending in with the crew and secretly sabotaging the ship, or start building totems and killing the explorers.

It is recommended that at least one of the Thrall to start building Totems and gearing up since the first day. I also call this "Aggressive Thralls"

Aggressive Thrall:

You can try to get a kill on the first day, don't risk it though. For example, you can try to backstab the Royal Marine / Hunter for their weapon, you can always Spirit Walk away.

I don't recommend playing Blending Thrall on Approach and Expanse, since its really easy for Explorers to push to the end on the 2 day.

Best Class to Play Aggressive Thrall

Hunter = Royal Marine > Chaplain > Navigator > Doctor > Cook > Engineer > Captain

You can try to ask if your teammate is going to play Aggresive Thrall by sending these messages to your Thrall teamate:

1. Blend in with the Crew

2. Yes

3. No

Usually your teammate will understand this, basically you are asking them if they are going to Blend in with the crew. If they respond Yes, he is probably trying to tell you to blend in, if they respond No, they probably want you to build Totems.

Sometimes this might cause confusion and not work, so its better to talk with your teammate when nobody is around and ask him.

Understanding The Messages

It is important to understand what your teammate's message means


Your teammate is trying to get you to attack a player, if he calls Cannibal, he is telling you to call Cannibals. It's always better to call 2 waves of Cannibals at the same time with your teammate. Look for the player that your teammate is probably telling you to attack (Probably the an alone player)

Run / Hide

He is probably trying to tell you to Spirit Walk away, or telling you that someone is coming to kill you.

Come Here

Go to your teammate.


This is the most confusing message. Use V to check if your teammate is down, if he is, try to help him. If he is not down, check if someone is chasing him, and help him if you can (Call Cannibals, Spirit Walk there to help him, etc) If your teammate is alone and there is no danger, he is probably telling you to call Whiteout.

Blend In

He wants you to Blend in with the crew.


This is the main objective for Thrall, and there are many ways you can do this:

Blending Thrall

Poison - Apply Poison to the crew's food, this is especially easy if you are the Cook, however, you should probably run if you are the Thrall Cook. If you are not, try your best to sus the Cook.

You can use poison syringe to poison the crew, this is easier if you are the Doctor and you can't seem to get to the food.

Gunpowder - Adding Gunpowder to the Boiler will make the Boiler stop, and all the Fuel it has will be lost. There will be a delay before it takes effect, the more gunpowder you add, the slower the delay. Adding 10 gunpowder is almost instant, but it is better to add less so you are less suspicious.

Blowing up the ship - A ship will sink if the crew fail to fix the ship on time. A ship can have a max of 20 holes in it, and it will sink more quickly the more holes it have. The crew needs 1 wood and 1 nail to fix a hole.

Aggressive Thrall

If you are playing Aggressive Thrall, your goal is to build up your gear and build Totems.

Whiteout - When the crew is driving, you can call Whiteout so they will most likely hit icebergs or the shore.

Cannibal - Call Cannibal on alone players.

Throwing away materials - You can take the coals, scrap metals, and other materials and prevent the crew from getting them. You can throw them in the water, or out of the map.

You can basically just try to kill everyone


If you are alone as an Aggressive Thrall, you also need to make sure you don't die.

Human meats are the most affective food for Thralls. It will regen around 1/3 of a Thrall's warmth bar, and it regenerate the food bar the same as a cooked meat for the crew. Cooked human meats can regen around twice as much as a non-cooked human meat.

Human meat stew will regen the food bar fully for Thrall.

Even though Thrall has a human meat hunger bar, Thrall eating normal meat also regenerate the same as a normal player.

Always use V to check where the crews are, if crew(s) are coming for you, and you are not sure if you can take the fight, spirit walk away.


Sabotage the Expedition

Listen to your teammate

Easy Win

If you have any suggestion or question for the Guide, feel free to comment.


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