Surviving Early Rounds! (11/12)

Surviving Early Rounds! (11/12)

Step 1: Place Tack Shooter, upgrade to 2 0 3 ASAP.

(Spam Bloons right from the start of the match, Blues > Yellow > White)

Step 2: Place whatever Hero you're using, I use Gwendolin.

Step 3: Place down your Dart Gunner. (Placement varies from map to map)

Upgrade your Dart Gunner to 2 2 0.

Step 4: Get your income to 500 then stop sending bloons and wait for the 5.2k needed for your 2 3 0 Dart Gunner.

Step 5: Upgrade the Dart Gunner.

Congratulations, you can now survive early game without a problem.

Your third monkey tower can be whatever you'd like it to be, I've been using the Glue Gunner, but I think something more offensive may be needed as the Dart Gunner cannot handle Moab Class Bloons very well.

Hope this helps!

I made this guide to help people who maybe like me were getting annoyed of every game being a race to level 12 then spam win with purple camo bloons, or leads, etc.



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