How to win every fight and get all monkey masteries


After the ravaging success of my BTDB1 guide: I have decided to share my superior knowledge on the sequel, BTDB2

Doge, Why Would I Want To Win And Get Monkey Masteries?

Its quite simple my little ♥♥♥ glob, you see when you are battling someone with monkey mastery, you immediately lose all motor control function, start hyperventilating, pass kidney stones, go into credit card debt, and more. These symptoms are exacerbated when your opponent has all 3 monkey masteries. Thus, to have the most efficient win ratio, one must obtain all monkey masteries to ensure that any strategy will cause the desired effects.


To get monkey masteries, you need exp. A ♥♥♥♥ ton. This is where rushes come in. First, you want to put down 10 4-2-0 druids, and 5 XXL engineer traps. This should prepare you to make an infinite regrow farm to stall round 2. use this chance to place down as many banana farms as possible, dont be afraid to use your opponents side of the map! After collecting enough money, send eco whites as much as you can toward your opponent. Unless they are hacking, there should be no way to defend against this strategy.

Troublesome Misbehavior

If the rushes and the epeleptic shock havent shut down your opponent, its time to kick things into high gear. Please refer to the misbehavior guide below:

1: open the linux terminal and issue the following commands:

- sudo apt get install pip package fartmonkey.iplogger.epichax

-sudo google: how to export things from photoshop

- sudo google why are my electric bills not paid yet

-sudo open apt get pip open iplog.fartmonkey.exe

2: Now that our "tool" is open you can input the username of your opponent. This should return a 42-bit unsigned interger leading to a URL containing the exact geographic coordinates of your opponent, along with a phone number.

3: call this number. Tell them their address and tell them to surrender the match or face the consequences.

4. Congratulations! You have won this bloons tower defense battles match.

Closing Statements

overall, this is a 100% foolproof guide, and your opponent is losing because of a skill issue. Goodbye


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